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Keep that hair short

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Okay. I tried to imagine, how Clementine will look, when she`ll grow up. I took her style and facial features, and turned it to a grown young woman. I left her hair and hat... aaand.. the same face, yup. So, meet an adult and freaking tough Clementine!
Photoshop cs6
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Jan 1, 4501, 12:00:00 AM
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This is what Clementine should of looked like and how the Final Season should of been. :(
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Are you Planning to draw Louis any time soon?

This is just a question, not a reguest.
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No. If you noticed - i have no interest to TWD anymore XD
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This is...I can'T...HoW....So..AmaZiNg...CleM...
.......You are a very good artist person who does good art
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I always thought Clem would look somewhat like this lol. Please please make another but with Clem and Aj in the final season❤️
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Love this.

And that title. Good stuff.
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I love Clem from the walking dead game they give me sooo many feels with Kenny poor poor Kenny
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Better than the actual game's older look... the direction they're going
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Clem the badass right on man!
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this is beautiful!! I was wondering if you sell prints?? your art is amazing!
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Sure! Also i`m taking a commissions! :D
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that's good to know! once I'm not a broke loser (LOL) I'll have to take you up on that! :D
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 Hi i just wanted to say thank you for ur work. it kinda sucks how you make such amazing art for no money. for all the hours you put into your work and dedication your art should be in a gallery. Thanks again bro
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awwww thank you for your kind and thankful words. I'm glad that you appreciated it🙏😇
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no prob dude. kinda bothered me that the only comments u got were "make this character" and "next time can u draw <>" instead of just thanking u. 🙏 <3
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Clem would be badass JS
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I literally cried on this
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Oh my gosh, you've made her so beautiful and grown up, you are a hero. Thank you, will be saving it to favorites... if I remember how or if I can do that here.
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Absolutely beautiful. Bravo.
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Super nice epic, just perfect.
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Can you Draw the face of Waylon Park?
P.S i love you draws
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And who will pay me for my time, energy and quality? You? Don`t you think i`ll do this just for your "Thanks" and "I love your drawings"? I`ll die from starving if i`ll start to do a work for free just for smart people like you, during a days and weeks without a rest. You think it`s easy? Why everyone think everything is free in this world? It`s the same if you`ll ask a doctor to make a very serious operation just for free. It`s not a hobby, it`s a profession.
Want me to draw what you want - pay the money and i`ll do what you want. It`s easy. Thanks for compliments and attention :)
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