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Bet you didn't know Spike could do this

Spike got pez!

My Little Pony is property of Hasbro

UPDATE: Thanks to EQD for the feature! Happy Spike Day everypony.
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Wow! That's a first! Thanks, it's really cool!
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And it seems someone did a dub of this one before mine…

Hopefully, you like both. :)
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So that's why you can't light up. You were congested... :XD:
sweetymimy22's avatar
uhm dont get it :/
chunkysalsa123's avatar
What?  Huh?  Gahahahahahahahaha!  That was great :-)
ChaosDrgon's avatar
The fact that there will undoubtedly eventually be a Spike pez dispenser makes this even funnier.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was Brilliant. I never thought of it that way.
schneelocke's avatar
*snrk* Brilliant.
I did NOT see that coming, well done. :D
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Well that's almost as fun as comparing him to a cheap lighter.
tyruvelp's avatar
i think it was a zippo lighter - they are usually not cheep 
Sturmlion1's avatar
OK, but still he is more than just a lighter!
tyruvelp's avatar
this is true (it still made me lol - then i saw this on EqD Spike the Lighter by SilverSlinger  - lol )
Sturmlion1's avatar
And apparently he is a lighter then.
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Hail Spike! The Pez dispenser!
lollipopflower's avatar
Some one should make that!
BohepansTheZeroth's avatar
Funny and yet adorable. Aw, Spike. XD
pingapandago10's avatar
Pez dispenser much? :iconmlpspikeplz: = a pez dispenser
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