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Aprils Bad Day


if you like what I do, consider buying some comics. They’re good.

Especially the new one: Thermae Venterum
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Imagine cuddling her or her expanding while cuddling thatd be hot af imo

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At her best in stage 4. So soft, so cuddly, and so juicy.

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2 thru 3 would just love to wobble and rub her tummy and make her MOAN.... ( :-"3
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Imagine smashing her while in her inflating process, meaning more cushion for the pushin.

Underrated comment bro

The frooking roblox slime makes everything much worse
I dunno, this seems like a pretty good day to me.
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Wow, its in the macabre and horror section.
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Inflation is a pretty scary concept, to be fair.
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I like the second one, would be enough for me
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Is this fat or inflation? Good tho
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Early April Fool. ;)
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love the last pose and the view of her cleevage combined with how disoriented she looks XD
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At least there will be some people who will take care of her~
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Hopefully her coworkers have enough strength to roll her to the hospital

Excellent work like always ^^
someone call the forklift. lol wonderful sequence. :)
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Hey this is a redux from a sequence you did a couple years ago right? That's pretty rad
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One girls bad day is another pervs good day 
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Haha, very well said. 
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