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     This week my pc went up.   A Toshiba Satellite I've had for 4 or so years now.  Won't do anything but light the on/off key.  From the message boards it seems this is common on old Toshibas.  Something about the cpu fan.  I'm pretty savvy working on computers so I took it apart and cleaned out the old fan.  Still no boot.   The dvd drive stopped working a while ago, so I decided on not repairing the darned thing.  
     That left me with a dilemma.  The other computer I have is a MacBook Pro, which i bought last year to use exclusively for my other artistic  The Mac is great for  recording, not having to jump through a bunch of hoops to get musical equipment talking to it with usb or firewire.  For my tastes it sucks for everything else.  For home computing...and painting it's always been a PC.  My software of choice, Corel Painter v.X won't even load onto my Mac.  OSX 10.8 told me "sorry, you need to buy Painter XI".   
     Well, I got a new HP Pavilion on order.   Until it gets here I decided to finally get cozy with Gimp and try to do something with it on the Mac (with the little tiny 13 inch screen.  Really Apple, that is a good idea?  The only time I'm ever getting another 13" is if it's a pad.  My new HP will be back t 17.3").   
    I'm done trying to turn a Mac into a PC.  Using both, I like the Mac for much I don't consider it a real computer, but a mobile recording studio.  For the same reason (not a real computer) gimme a PC with all it's flaws any day.   Also, the HP costs a third of the Mac (I still can't believe I paid as much as I did for a small laptop), and has similar hardware performance.  One footnote, the new HP will having Win8.  That I'm not looking forward to.  My old Toshiba had Vista and I paid to upgrade to 7.   Microsoft should have offered that upgrade for free!