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Hey, I just wondered.  Mainly digital artist, but also everybody else.   Every painting I see on here I wonder whether it was done in Painter, Photoshop, Gimp, or whatever.  Also what type of input device you use, Wacom or other.   Not too many people are gonna see this but if you do, would you consider posting your software, and pass this journal on if you agree?
Thanks folks, I hope you all don't think I'm griping, it's just another way for us all to learn from each other.
     This week my pc went up.   A Toshiba Satellite I've had for 4 or so years now.  Won't do anything but light the on/off key.  From the message boards it seems this is common on old Toshibas.  Something about the cpu fan.  I'm pretty savvy working on computers so I took it apart and cleaned out the old fan.  Still no boot.   The dvd drive stopped working a while ago, so I decided on not repairing the darned thing.  
     That left me with a dilemma.  The other computer I have is a MacBook Pro, which i bought last year to use exclusively for my other artistic  The Mac is great for  recording, not having to jump through a bunch of hoops to get musical equipment talking to it with usb or firewire.  For my tastes it sucks for everything else.  For home computing...and painting it's always been a PC.  My software of choice, Corel Painter v.X won't even load onto my Mac.  OSX 10.8 told me "sorry, you need to buy Painter XI".   
     Well, I got a new HP Pavilion on order.   Until it gets here I decided to finally get cozy with Gimp and try to do something with it on the Mac (with the little tiny 13 inch screen.  Really Apple, that is a good idea?  The only time I'm ever getting another 13" is if it's a pad.  My new HP will be back t 17.3").   
    I'm done trying to turn a Mac into a PC.  Using both, I like the Mac for much I don't consider it a real computer, but a mobile recording studio.  For the same reason (not a real computer) gimme a PC with all it's flaws any day.   Also, the HP costs a third of the Mac (I still can't believe I paid as much as I did for a small laptop), and has similar hardware performance.  One footnote, the new HP will having Win8.  That I'm not looking forward to.  My old Toshiba had Vista and I paid to upgrade to 7.   Microsoft should have offered that upgrade for free!