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Policy 34B

By Beloky
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This is just a doodle I did for my own amusement and probably to vent out the frustration sometimes i feel at my job.

Now, this doesn't really apply to everyone. Just to those out of control, really annoying, unbearable and plain obnoxious kind of people. You know, the ones that argue over five cents, lack of discounts, the amount they have to pay, why they have to show their ID's for card transactions, etc.

Also, applies to those who like to wreck up the store/retail/customer service place or items. The ones that leave trash in the most inconsiderate places, the ones that let their kids run rampant on red bull and wreck everything in sight. including too those who like to call in the clerks as if they're dogs or cats.....

Don't F$%@ing whistle at me! I'm not a dog! You can say excuse me or something like that. I'm not your slave.

I posted one of these at my art account. But I decided that this kind of stuff fits better here. And while I make new icons, maybe someone will like this.
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Ever been to the site It's a bunch of short stories and stuff where the customer was completely wrong or stupid and most of them are hilarious! You should check it out! It might brighten your day.
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I've never been there. But I'm going now. Thanks!
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I love this...50% of customers suck and are frustrating...
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yes they are...

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especially in art...