Greatest Treasure

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Alexis was a skilled theif and loved jewels.  She did not meet a single museum or bank that kept from claiming her prizes.  Her home was filled with jewels of all sizes and of all known fmailies, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, gold, silver, platinum etc...  But despite her wonderful collection, it still wasn't enough.  Alexis desired more and more and went to the ends of the Earth to sate her compulsion.

One day, Alexis uncovered a map inside one of the crystalline vases she stole from a museum.  The map had very specific direction to a tomb buried deep in the sands of the Sahara Desert, within was rumored to be a chamber filled with treasures that mankind has yet to fathome.  This tempation was too great.  The next morning, Alexis was on a plane and ready to seek out her prize.

The map was authentic, the directions were perfect and Alexis quickly uncovered the lost tomb.  The coordinates for the tomb were deemed false, so it remained intact and untarnished even after thousands of years.  She dug her way into the vast sands of the desert, after many laborious hours, she finally uncovered the steps that lead into the tombs' entrance.  Alexis worked faster and harder until she finally found the door.  It took her a few moments before she could decipher the proper method to unsealing the door, but after she was successful, she ran in with much glee and lust in her eyes.

The tomb was beyond words.  Treasures of such beauty and rarity flooded the ancient room.  This single chamber put her entire collection to shame.  Without hesitation, Alexis began putting as much as she could into her satchel, knwoing full well it'd take her half a lifetime to clean out the chamber, but this did not phase her in the least.

Days went by and Alexis had only begun to clear out half the chamber.  Her time in the desert heat and all her hours spent digging and lifting and carrying had caused her to lose weight rapidly, no one would ever suspect Alexis of being a theif, but only a model.  She was wearing a long pair of cargo pants and they hund off her waist.  Her shirt was a half shirt and it too was mainy sizes to large for her delicate frame.  She wore heavy works boots, a bandana and wokers gloves.  She was very aware of what she'd need in order to get was she wanted.

After digging though the piles of fogotten treasure, Alexis came accross an interesting gilded lamp.  It looked valuable, but not so much as any of the other treasures that surrounded it.  Curious, Alexis began to study, trying to understand why it was sealed in the chamber.  She gently rubbed the sides, trying find an inscription, but found nothing.  Suddenly the lamp started to glow and from it, came a deity known as a genie!

Alexis was in shock.  She could neither move or speak.  After a moment of staring at the strange figure before her, Alexis finally got the courage to speak.

"You...  are..."

"Yes."  The genie nodded.  "I am a genie and this is my lamp.  This makes you my master."

"Master?  So I get...  three wishes, right?"

"This correct."  The genie again nodded, both times shimmers flowered from his body.

The genie did not look old, but he did not look either.  He was tall, he had raven hair and golden eyes.  His skin was very pale and seemed to be a shade of faint green, she could see partially through his body.  He wore a long red robe with gold trim and had a single sword at his side.

Alexis began to think of how she should use her wishes.  She sat in the chamber and began to think long and hard.  The genie said not a word, he just stood and eyes his new master carefully.

"I got it!"  Alexis stood up and smiled.  "I wish for ALL the treasure in this chamber to be in my apartment, right now!"

The genie snapped his fingers.  "It has been done."

The chmaber quickly emptied of the remaining treasure, the room was very sad looking now.  It was large and hollow, her breath echoed from the cavernous walls.

"Now...  I wish for the gift of teleportation!"  Alexis smiled, knowing this would allow her to steal more treasures later on without detection and it'd make her traveling much easier.

"It has been done."  The genie again snapped his fingers.

Alexis felt no different, but when she thought of appearing on the other side of the room, she was there in a flash!  She was now truly, the greatest theif in the world!

"What is your final wish, my master?"  The genie stood expressionless and watched as his master jumped from one spot in the room to another.

Alexis stopped and tried to think of how her final wish should be spent.  She had all her treasure home, she had the perfect means of transportation and she was already blessed with a perfect body and youth, what else could she possible need?

"Okay, I know what to wish for!"  Alexis approached the genie.  "I wish for the absolutely perfect and most invaluable treasure and I want it to never leave me, I wish I had the perfect treasure and that we are inseperable!  I want to most valued thing on this planet and I want it with me forver!"

"It has been done."  The genie snapped his fingers a third time and stood back a few steps.

Alexis looked around the room.  "Well, where is it?"

"You'll see soon enough."

"Well, I'm waiting?  I want to know--"  Alexis was cut off by a sudden pressure in her abdomen.  It was just below her navel.  The pressure wasn't painful, but it was noticeable.

She gently put a hand to where the pressure was and felt it.  As she pressed in on it, the pressure built and pressed her fingers back out.

"What...  What did you do to me?"

"What you wished for master.  The most invaluable thing known to mankind."

"What?  Why am I--"  Again her voice was cut off.  The pressure built a third time and now her belly was beginning to show signs of where the pressure was building.

Alexis looked down at her body.  Her pants were no longer hanging for her waist, they fit her normally and then became snug quickly.

"I have no time for your tricks!  Hurry this up!"

"Very well, master."  The genie snapped his fingers and stepped back further.

Suddenly, Alexis felt great pain in her belly.  Her pants were growing tighter by the second, she tried to unsnap the button, her belly pressed into it so tight she could get her fingers to pry it apart.  Alexis began to moan in pain, until finally the button snapped off and her belly lurched out from its prison.  It was a great relief, but her belly kept growing.

As she grew, she felt her clothes shrink around her.  Her belly bloated and ballooned outward further and seemed to be doing so at a greater pace.  The once model theif now looked as though she swallowed a basketball.  

Suddenly her pain increased and her growth sped up.  Her belly was getting rounder and tighter, her flesh was stretching to its limits and she felt like she's tear open.  Her stomach was expanding to the point where it looked like Alexis swallowed a watermelon and still she grew!

Her half shirt was beginning to crawl upward toward her chest, her belly was exposed entirely and looked like the belly of a woman 7 motns pregnant with twins.

"What did you do to me?!  I look pregnant!!"

"But master, that was your wish."

"WHAT?!"  Alexis began to lean backward to adjust to her expanding middle.

"The most valuable thing on Earth is life itself.  And you wished for it to be with you forever.  I thought you'd be pleased, especially since I made sure you were carrying quadruplets."

"I am...  WHAT?!"

There was no denying it.  Alexis continued to grow and lurch out in every direction.  Her belly was ceaseless.  The growth finally slowed down and stopped.  When it did, Alexis was full term with quadruplets.  She was huge!  She could barely stand.

Alexis sat down and rubbed all over her belly, or at least, as much of her belly as she could.  Suddenly, something moved under her flesh, like a mouse under a blanket.

"See?  And they are healthy.  Now that I have done what you asked, I will return to my lamp and await my new master."  The genie disappeared back into the lamp and Alexis was alone.  Sort of.

Alexis sat alone in the cave for a few minutes.  Each time one of her children moved, her entire belly would move along with it.  At times, all four would move and it was cause great discomfort to her.

Alexis used her new ability of teleportation to return to her home.  She sat surrounded by her treasures, she rubbed her acheing sides.  The life within continued to move and stretch.  Her belly was round and seemed impossibly large.  Her flesh remained flawless, though her navel was now an outtie.  Her skin was taut and shiny, each movement was clearly seen through her skin.  It was then, Alexis had an epiphany.

"I should've asked for a new car!"

--The End   
Just another idea I had. Basically how we should all be careful of what we say and how we say it. Interpretation differs from person to person.
© 2010 - 2020 BellyBabe22
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Wait if she's permanently pregnant then it means she can't die, can she?
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Slight inconsistency; why wish for a new car when she already wished for the ability to teleport?
R-U-Cool-Yet's avatar
I keep coming back to this story :P love the idea behind it so much! 
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I love this story!
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that sucks that's she'll be pregnant for the rest of her life

Alexis: why are you smiling then

me: *tries to look innocent* what smile?
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I Luv where dis story had a message or two about Greed & Be Careful what U wished bcuz U jus' mite get it & then some! Fantastic storyteling on this 1!
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Times like this is where alexis should of thought of the saying "becareful what you wished for".
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I freaking love this story you must make more pregnant forever story's and I have a ide for a part 2 for this story and i am going to write it myself but can you give me some back ground info about Alexis and the genie like how tall they are and what the genis name is and how he looks like ? because that is weary importand in my story
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wicked bad belly expansions
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Forever pregnant is Cool!
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Awsome story i hope that there is going to be a part 2 and by the way is Alexis going to be pregnant for the rest of her life ?
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Yup. She wnated the greatest treasure and herself to be inseperable. Sorry, no part 2 though...
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This is why you should be careful what you wish for. Genies tend to stab ya in the back if you aren't careful.
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lol Yeah! We all learned that from watching the Fairly Odd Parents, right? :D
Bakuto-Masaki's avatar
True. But at least that one wasn't perverted.*thinks* I think.*
BellyBabe22's avatar
lol Perversion is a frame of mind everyone goes through! Don't deny it, only accept it's existence! :D
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I know. That is why certain anime characters exist I guess.
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:XD: That's a hot one!
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First time i actually like this and read this O_O!....
its short and to the point ^ ^!...
thank you so much for taking your time making this wonderful short story ^ ^!
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Lol! Very interesting and very humourous! She shouldn't have gone gun-ho on ALL her wishes so quickly. Funnily enough she didn't try the trick of "I'll wish for more wishes" cliche... shame...
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