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On All Hallow's Eve, a night to remember the dead that have long since passed and to honor the spirits that surround us, many traditions pass on through each generation.  On this night, we delve into the magic that lingers in the air.  Tonight we receive our trick or a treat...

Costumes and candy filled the streets of the small town.  Children laughed and skipped about, excitedly talking to their friends and classmates, while the adults watch with envy at the joy the youth are experiencing.  But for those of us in-between youth and adulthood, the night is full of mischief and delight!

At the edge of town stands a tall, decaying building.  The building was fraught with mystery and legend!  Some say that building was haunted by the spirit of a serial killer, others say and mad scientist conducted vile experiments in his lab, hidden behind the walls, while others contend that a witch lives in the house to this day!  Fear overpowered curiosity keeping the gossips and spies at bay, but tonight the idea of seeing an actual witch was too good to pass up.

Vicky was the 'leader' of her group.  Out of high school and on the verge of college, she and her friends wanted to make their last free Halloween a night to remember for years to come.  Vicky, Kim and Grace all quietly walked up the steps to the enigmatic house.  They weren't wearing costumes but they were completely covered in black.  The door was shut, each window boarded up.  Carefully they peeked into the crooked slots in between the boards of the windows.  Inside they saw a great living area with large books shelves on the walls, each shelf was crammed full of large and strange books.  In the center of the room was a grand fire place with the warm glow of a fire lighting the room.  In front of the fire in an old rocking chair was a young woman.  She was shrouded in a black veil, reading a book, a small bowl of candy next to her on the coffee table.  Seeing that there was nothing spectacular inside, the girls backed away from the window carefully.

But as they stepped away, dry twigs snapped under their feet.  Inside the woman heard there was someone outside her home.  She closed her book, grabbed the bowl and made her way to the door.  The girls were ready to run when the front door creaked open.  They were frozen, unsure of what was about to happen.  Through the glowing doorway the face of a lovely young woman appeared, she was wearing a witch's costume.  She smiled and brushed the veil out of her face. The girls all breathed a sigh of relief and approached the friendly woman.

"You're the first people to come to my house in years!"  She smiled wider and held out the bowl of treats.  "I guess my house does look deserted or even haunted, but I assure you, I am NOT a ghost!

The girls all laughed and graciously took a single piece of the bizarre candy from the bowl.  The woman thanks them for stopping by and gently shut the door.  Together, the three girls returned to the center of town still looking for something interesting to do.  But all their fellow classmates had already left their tiny, boring town.  In fact the town was so small everyone knew everyone else on a first name basis so sneaking alcohol was never going to happen.  Feeling like their night was over, the three friends said goodnight and went back to their homes.  Not even their parents were in town, everyone would could get out that night did.

Vicky sighed as she watched "Rosemary's Baby" for the second time that night.  She was laying on her bed, bored, trying to stay up as last as she could hoping someone would call with a plan.  She flopped over on her side and felt the weird candy still in her pocket.  She took it out and looked at it.  It was a blue piece of hard candy.  She didn't know what to think of it since it didn't have any writing on the wrapper.  Unafraid of the urban legends surrounding dangerous Halloween candy she popped the sweet treat in her mouth and resumed watching her movie.  To her surprise the candy was very sweet and full of flavor.  Vicky was more focused on the candy than the movie.

Soon a new sensation overwhelmed her attention.  Her belly began to feel tight and full.  She laid on her back and unbuttoned her jeans.  Her belly popped through seeking more room.  She rubbed her belly as if she could soothe the bizarre sensation within.  She pulled her black hoodie down over her body again.  A few minutes passed and another wave of fullness entered her belly.  She looked down to see that there was a small bump under her baggy hoodie.  She rubbed her belly over the fabric again, she was confused but not panicking.  The candy was not completely dissolved so she turned her attention back to the movie.  As the movie continued the odd feeling in her belly intensified.  Vicky rubbed her belly again but was surprised at how soon her hand met her belly.  Looking down she saw there was a very large bulge that was once her taut belly starting to peek out from the bottom of her less, baggy hoodie.  She tried to sit up but her belly made it very difficult.

Forcing herself upright, Vicky swung her legs over the side of her bed and used all her strength to stand up.  As she did, gravity forced her belly to pop out more, her belly peeked out further from her shrinking hoodie.  Vicky walked over to her full-length mirror and rubbed her belly feeling how large and heavy it as starting to feel.  She turned to her side and lifted up her shirt and hoodie, exposing her protruding belly.  Vicky saw that her belly was quit large, at least 6 months along in a typical pregnancy.  She rubbed her belly with a shaking hand.  From beneath her fingertips, Vicky felt her belly slowly swell more.  She rested her hand on the front of her belly, just above her navel.  In the navel she watched as her belly stretched outward at least three inches.  Scared, Vicky quickly pulled her hoodie back down over her belly, except now her hoodie only covered the top half of her belly.

Panic was setting in.  Vicky went into her personal bathroom and threw off her hoodie and shirt.  She just stared at her growing abdomen in horror and awe.  She leaned over her sink and stared at her face in the mirror.  Was she dreaming?  Or was something else at play.  Vicky shivered at the sudden feeling of the cold, metal faucet now touching the underside of her belly.  She looked down to her belly swelling again, this time she swelled in all directions; outward, upward and at both her sides.  She rubbed her growing mass of flesh again.  What could she do?

Yet another new feeling caught her off guard.  There was something moving beneath her flesh.  She took her hands away and looked down in time to see a small bump moving from one side of her belly to the other.  Whatever was inside of her, was alive!  Vicky grabbed her belly again in fear, as her hands met flesh the creature inside began moving more often and moving with more strength.  Overwhelmed with fear, Vicky sat on her bathroom floor and felt the creature inside of her stretch and bulge out in all directions, all night long.

Meanwhile at Kim's house, she was in her bedroom watching "Friday the 13th".  She was also bored and hoping for her phone to ring with excitement on the other end.  Bored Kim started yelling at the movie and ignorant camper's.  Why not?  She had no one else to talk to.  After about 20 straight minutes of babbling, Kim felt her throat get dry.  She paused the movie, grabbed a 2 liter of soda and returned to her room.  As she sat down she felt her piece of candy in her pocket.  She took it out and examined it.  Her piece was red and like Vicky's, no writing on the wrapper.  What the hell, it was Halloween, strange candy always surfaced.  She popped the candy in her mouth and discovered it was Sour!  Too sour!  She quickly guzzled down some soda, swallowing the candy like a pill in the process.  She wiped her lip, tossed the wrapper and got comfortable on her bed.  Kim took a big gulp of soda, pressed play and continued her commentary.  Every few minutes she'd take another gulp of the soda, unaware of how much she was drinking as the movie progressed.  The movie was an hour in and Kim was still thirsty, seeing giant lake in he middle of the camp didn't help either.  She paused the movie, saw her soda was gone and went downstairs for more.  There was a gallon of purified water in the fridge, since she drank so much soda, water was a much better alternative.

Kim returned to her room and ended up chugging the full of gallon of water while the movie finished up.  She let out a little belch and leaned back on her bed.  It was then she noticed the round protrusion of her belly from beneath her black t-shirt!  She had no idea she had drank so much in so little time.  She lifted her shirt and poked at her belly, the liquid inside sloshed around with each point of contact.  She decided to unbutton her jeans, her belly plopped out on her lap with a slosh.  She stood up and couldn't understand how she could be so bloated and not feel uncomfortable.  She rubbed her bloated middle more and decided she should sleep with her bathroom light on tonight.  She'd be up every minutes anyway...

Finally at Grace's house she too was watching a horror movie.  "Alien".  Grace was easily bored, feeling so right now, she decided she should take a quick shower and go to bed.  She threw her clothes to the ground and heard a clunk on the floor.  She checked her pants pocket and found her piece of candy.  This was green and like the others, no writing on the wrapper.  She popped the candy into her mouth as she stepped into her shower, it was a bitter flavor but she ate it anyway.  As she showered she heard the muffled noises of the movie playing the next room, she didn't bother to pause it.  

Grace just stood in her shower and relaxed, there was few things in the world as relaxing as a warm shower.  As she ran the soapy wash cloth over her chest she felt an odd bump in between her breasts.  She rubbed it with her two fingers then felt the bump push back!  She dropped the washcloth and looked down to see something trying to force its way out her body, through her chest.  She couldn't scream, her voice was gone, all she could do was watch as the bump stretch out her skin further and further until finally it burst free!

What Grace saw sticking out of her chest that night appeared to be an alien.  Her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell back in her shower, unconscious in the warm water.

A few hours later she awoke with a mild headache in her shower, the water still running.  With a start she looked at her chest to see it was fine!  Everything was still intact...

What it a dream?  Or something else?

At any rate, Grace wrapped up in a towel and called Vicky.  She just wouldn't believe the night she was having...

-The End

Decided to do a bigger story with more characters. Hope you like it.

© 2012 - 2020 BellyBabe22
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Very good, and quite... Stimulating... The only thing I'll pick on is how the descriptions for what happened to each girl got quite short and didn't seem very inspired. Of course, the fact that you went for that approach, which worked until you got to girl three, is itself quite impressive. 
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great story BB
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Nice. A story with multiple aspects, done very well.
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very interesting. I like how you had different things happen with each girl