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Flying Dergs

By Bellumsaur
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I wanted to make some Secret of NIMH references beyond the title of the end credits song but God, I haven't watched that movie in a long time...

Anyway, this was just something I got to work right after the last drawing I uploaded, and I knew I wanted to focus on dragons for this one. But I didn't want to draw just one on the ground, no, I wanted to draw one in flight, so I looked at references for exactly what I wanted. For the background, I had decided on setting this in the Massif Central, a mountainous region in France that was once home to volcanic activity, which was certainly a unique place to base one's drawing. The idea for this dragon's design was something halfway between a fire/lava dragon and an earth/forest dragon, given the volcanic roots of the region's geography, being able to breathe fire while also having the benefits of dragons adapted to the mountains and the forests. The clouds I added on primarily due to the weird weather we've been getting here for the past week, with the rain, wind, and even a thunderstorm brushing past our town a couple days ago.

Yeah, Spring's here in full force, baby.
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Nice use of greens and reds.
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Thank you.