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ABUNAI: Atlantean Hospital
Ugh... I knew what being groggy felt like, but this wasn't just in my head. My entire body felt groggy, heavy. Just as if my body was saying: 'What the hell did you do mate? I can't even move! Sheesh!' It was an entirely new level of groggy. Like I was still asleep, yet I was aware of it. Ridiculous, but you'd have to be in my position to believe it.
I was lying on something soft, like a bed. I frowned mentally. I thought I was dead. I can't imagine clouds felt like beds. Unless I had wings... pfft. Yeah right. Me? Wings? Get over yourself. My little toes were touching the mattress in a sort of plie I did naturally that'd make any ballerina jealous, and my calves and thighs were as laterally relaxed as always. I could feel a coarse blanket over my bare legs, which made me quirk a mental eyebrow until I moved further up my body and felt that I was wearing a stiff sort of gown, which made me frown. Hospital gowns in wherever the hell I was supposed to go after dying? So I wasn't dead. Th
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OC Interview

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 22, 2011, 6:00 PM

1) Choose one or two of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then tag three people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.

I chose my OCs Mirage and Yui from a YGO RP I'm doing with some friends.
EDIT: Oh wow... this ended up being a line over 6 pages! XD

1) What gender are you?
Mirage: Female.
Yui: Do I look like a girl?

2) What is your age?
Mirage: Not sure…
Yui: 17

3) Do you want a hug?
Mirage: …
Yui: *hugs Mirage*
Mirage: *smiles*

4) Do you have any bad habits?
Mirage: ?
Yui: *glances at Mirage* You're bit too much of a puppy, sweetheart.
Mirage: *blushes*
Yui: What do you mean, 'bad habits'?

5) What is your favorite food?
Mirage: …
Yui: Rice, I guess.

6) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Mirage: Ice cream?
Yui: *frowns curiously*

7) Are you a virgin?
Mirage: *blushes*
Yui: *grins and waggles eyebrows* Nope.

8) Have you killed anyone?
Mirage: O_O
Yui: Yes.

9) Do you hate anyone?
Mirage: No.
Yui: …no.
Mirage: *gives Yui a look*

10) Do you have any secrets?
Yui: Like what?
Mirage: Your hidden katana, maybe? How do you even hide that thing anyways? Where does it even GO?
Yui: *grins cheekily* That's a trade secret.

11) What is your favorite season?
Yui: Hmmm… Winter, probably.
Mirage: I don't have a preference.

12) Who is your best friend(s)?
Mirage: Yui.
Yui: Aw, shucks girly! *Grins and pulls Mirage into a one-armed hug* Thanks sweetheart!
Mirage: *smiles*
Yui: Well, Yuki is my 'lord', so I don't know if that qualifies as a 'friend', but I've known him forever. After that, I don't really have 'favorites', although Mirage and I are pretty close.

13) What are your hobbies?
Mirage: …
Yui: …um, do you NEED to ask?

14) What is your favorite drink?
Yui: Favorite drink? Hard to say. I drink water the most.
Mirage: Same.

15) When is your birthday?
Mirage & Yui: No idea.

16) What age did you die?
Mirage: *pales*
Yui: *looks at Mirage sadly, and pulls her in for a hug*

17) Are you nice or mean?
Mirage: I hope I'm nice…
Yui: You are. Depends on who I'm dealing with.

18) Are you social or shy?
Mirage: Um…both?
Yui: Social.

19) What do you think of your parents?
Yui: If you're talking about Sao, then he was the best father I could've asked for. Brutal, but great. *smiles fondly*
Mirage: …can't remember my mum…

20) What's your weakness?
Mirage: Weakness? I dunno…
Yui: For you, it'd be either alcohol or Cain. You're a complete lightweight. The last time you got both at once, we didn't see either of you for a day and a half. *grins cheekily*
Mirage: *turns scarlet* Well, for you, it'd be either Yuki or Atina. If either of them got hurt, you'd go beserk.
Yui: That goes for anyone babe.
Mirage: For them, the most.
Yui: Touche.

21) How long can you stay under water?
Mirage: If I drown, forever…
Yui: I wouldn't let that happen.
Mirage: Unless you killed yourself, thinking you failed at something.
Yui: *grimaces and leans away*

22) What do you do on a regular day basis?
Yui: Keep the place safe with the guys.
Mirage: Your samurai group, you mean.
Yui: Yup.
Mirage: I help look after everyone.

23) Do you love someone?
Yui: …
Mirage: *blushes and nods*
Yui: Cain, right?
Mirage: *nods*
Yui: *mutters* Lucky bastard…

24) When was the last time you wet yourself?
Yui & Mirage: …

25) What's your favorite band?
Yui: Don't have a preference, really.
Mirage: Same. Anything with a tune, really.

26) Ever worn a dress?
Yui & Mirage: …

27) Willingly?
Yui: *glares*

28) What do you consider fun in the day-time?
Yui: That's pretty specific. *Muses* I don't know what I consider 'fun', really. Training maybe?
Mirage: What about Atina?
Yui: *smirks* Oh she's fun both day AND night.
Mirage: *blushes at the mental image* I don't know what I'd call 'fun'. Maybe hanging out with everyone?
Yui: Oh, that IS fun.

29) At night?
Yui: Clean out your ears kiddo, I just told you.
Mirage: *glassy eyes*
Yui: *laughs* Oh great, now you've got her daydreaming! XD

30) Ever kissed anyone?
Yui: Yeah. Atina can be entertaining when I'm bored. XD
Mirage: *turns red* Umm…

31) ...Of the same gender?
Yui: Does CPR count?
Mirage: …no idea…

32) It's clear you're gay.
Yui & Mirage: *gives you a flat look*
Mirage: 'Gay' doesn't even apply to me. I'm female.
Yui: *murmurs* Lucky…

33) What's your favourite thing to touch?
Yui: *Dirty grin* Really want to know?
Mirage: … blushes C-Cain… I-I g-g-guess…
Yui: O_O WHOOHOO! Dirty!
Mirage: He-he j-just makes me feel s-safe, y-you know?
Yui: … *hugs*

34) Anyone love you?
Yui & Mirage: *nods*

35) What's your favorite color?
Yui:  Black.
Mirage: Blue.
Yui: Like Cain's eyes? *Grins*
Mirage: *blushes*

36) When was the last time you cried?
Mirage: *face saddens* When Cain…
Yui: …yeah, that was rough. *sympathetic hug* The last time I cried must've been either when I lost Sao or Yuki. Probably cried both times…
Mirage: *hugs*

37) Do you have a pet?
Yui: Atina.
Mirage: *laughs* I'll bet she said the same thing about you!
Yui: *dirty grin, waggles eyebrows* Really now?

38) Are you crazy?
Yui: You?
Mirage: …

39) What are you?
Yui: Human, obviously.
Mirage: Not sure…

40) What's your nickname?
Yui: My name is too short already to have a nickname. Atina's called me a 'ninja freak' before though.
Mirage: *dissolves into giggles*
Yui: *gives her a look, but smiles anyways*
Mirage: *calms down* …Mirage technically IS my nickname. I got it for the waves of heat I give off all the time.
Yui: Why do you think I'm hugging you so much?
Mirage: It's chilly?
Yui: Exactly, my portable, talking heater.
Mirage: *laughs*

41) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?
Yui: Depends on what's happening.
Mirage: Exactly.

42) If you were a superhero, you'd be...?
Mirage: Superhero? What's that?
Yui: You know, like Superman?
Mirage: Superman?
Yui: O_O

43) Favourite movie?
Yui & Mirage: Movie?

44) What is your current occupation?
Yui: Security, when I'm not someone's personal bodyguard.
Mirage: Mom.
Yui: -and a damn good one too. I've never SEEN a kid as well-behaved as that Bolton.
Mirage: *proud smile*

45) Who do you know that bugs you?
Mirage: Um…
Yui: Stupid idiots. No one I know personally.

46) What's your favorite song?
Mirage: It's easier to ask me what I don't like.
Yui: Same.

47) Do you consider yourself a warrior?
Yui: Well, I'm a samurai, if you think that counts.
Mirage: No.

48) Are you a Boy?
Yui: *Gives you a look*
Mirage: I HAVE a boy…

49) Ever think about getting married?
Yui: *blushes*
Mirage: *smiles*

50) Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?
Mirage: *turns scarlet*
Yui: *eyes go distant*

51) DBZ
Yui: *stands up, pulls a pokeball from somewhere, and chucks it at the camera, shattering the lens* Oops.
Mirage: …

~After the camera's been fixed~
52) Do you have any piercings anywhere?
Mirage & Yui: Piercings?

53) Will you tell us your worst fear?
Yui: *grim* Losing people I care about.
Mirage: Same.

54) Breaking the forth wall?
Yui: *raises an eyebrow*
Mirage: *tilts her head to the side curiously*

55) Final question. Who do you tag?
Yui & Mirage: Anyone who reads this!

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