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Momo// Refference

his is Momo, our new Foxfan and character x3, we liked her a lot, so we decided to keep her!!
She's a Foxfan (one of our original Species)

To learn more about Foxfan, you can go here:FoxFan Species Guide (Closed Species) + F.A.Q by Belliko-art

...::::Bullet; Pink These are some facts we discovered about MomoBullet; Pink ::::...
Bullet; Pink Name: Momo
Bullet; Pink Age: Ageless
Bullet; Pink Birthday: September 21
Bullet; Pink Gender: Female
Bullet; Pink Species: Foxfan
Bullet; Pink Size: As a small rabbit 

Bullet; Pink Likes:_________:pencil:

:heart: To be with Bell and Reiko :meow: aww :heart:
:heart: She likes to smell flowers and plants
:heart: She likes to eat sweet and citrus fruits
:heart: She also likes soy milk (?)
:heart: She likes to go out, either walking, wallet and in the car
:heart: She likes the warm places
:heart: She enjoy hiding things she likes behind the cushions or in small corner, we ended finding this things by chance
:heart: She likes to drink aromatic teas with milk
:heart: She likes to eat fish and chicken

Bullet; Pink Dislikes:_________:pencil:
Skull and Crossbones She doesn’t like to stay alone
Skull and Crossbones She doesn’t like bright places or being direct the sunligh
Skull and Crossbones She hate arachnids
Skull and Crossbones She likes to play with strangers, but she doesn’t enjoy them to hold her
Skull and Crossbones She hates when someone tries to pull her fantail, if you pull hard she can get upset
Skull and Crossbones She doesn’t like red meat or seafood

Bullet; Pink Character:_________:pencil:

Momo is very quiet and obedient with us, and she’s friendly with strangers but it take time to her to trust them enough to let them touch her. She’s a noble creature and helps us to protect the fans on the chest.

Bullet; Pink skills:_________:pencil:

Rose -can make some flowers bloom (like peach trees or small plants) bloom
Rose -She’s able to recognize different types of plant like fruits, aromatic, medicinal an even the dangerous ones
Rose -We’ve discovered that when she feels threatened or persecuted Momo wave her open fan to appear bigger than she is, she also bows and ruffles her back, even angry looks very pretty :meow:
Rose -Momo is playful and usually likes to socialize with other animals 

..::Bullet; Pink Fan Arts for Momo (Thank you so much! ;w;/ ) Bullet; Pink ::..

AT: Display by ReynikiMomo by Kristten Momo by xWhiteDreamsxFoxfan Momo by onigiryStuffMomo - Commission by Fucal

:heart:Thank you everyone for your support comments and favs!:hug:
Foxfan (Closed Species) by :iconbelliko-art:
Art (c) :iconbelliko-art:
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Wait…if she’s ageless, then how come it’s known exactly when she was born? I’m pretty confused on this…if we know when she was born, then she has an age; making her ageless would make no sense. Maybe “ageless” in her case means we don’t know how old she is?

Honorary-Clown's avatar
I know this is late but I LOVE HER SO MUCH
140qr's avatar
What is the tail made off?
Belliko-art's avatar
It's a wood and paper handfan ^^
140qr's avatar
space---kitten's avatar
paper i believe. 
bell told me i could use it for a common myo so i think it's paper ^^
140qr's avatar
Oh thanks for telling!
140qr's avatar
ლ(  ω  ლ)
Inky-Rain's avatar
Adorable! Would you mind if I drew something of her for you? <3
Belliko-art's avatar
aww we're glad you like her design! We love Fanarts! Feel free to draw Momo x3 
XxPopcornMCxX's avatar
What kind of tail does she have?
Belliko-art's avatar
She has a wood fan according to the guide ^^
XxPopcornMCxX's avatar
Ahh Alright, sorry!
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Soooooo charming!  Blush   :faint:   > faint by cuteness overdose!
Belliko-art's avatar
Thank you so much!! :heart: ;w; we're glad you like Momo
TanukiTagawa's avatar
 You're welcome,my dear! Asuna Cute Gesture Icon   You did a great work with this character!:nod: 
EyLinney's avatar
nomnomnonmnonmno *pics momo and run away*
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