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Fuji + Registry Form

Hi!! Let me introduce to Fuji the Foxfan, the Mount Fujii foxfan, He's a very old foxfan, we don't know what his exact age is, but believe us... he's old ;w; 
Fuji is very quiet, and patient, even when he seems to hate when people pets him or treat him as a pet, he tends to keep calm
He's a mascot foxfan x3 yes we will be owning him, but as a mascot of foxfans, he will probably help foxfans in future, hopefully, you'll see more of this foxfan soon!



You can also fill a Registry form like this using the file ^^ Please keep in mind this is only for official foxfans, and it's optional as well, you don't have to fill it if you don't want to, but it will be of help in future. Instead of the registry form  you can use your reference 

Here is the basic/blue scroll file:
Registryformbluebase by Belliko-art

If you want an editable version, please send us a note here or to the group, we will send you the .psd file so that you can personalize the form as much as you like.

Fuji © :iconbelliko-art:

Art, design Ⓒ :iconbelliko-art:

Foxfans are a Closed Species from :iconbelliko-art:
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I just discovered fox fans and they are so adorable ;;;; Especially this one, my heart weeps at how gorgeous it is! ;o; 
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What are 'elements?' Sorry to ask, but I can't find anything on it. 
StrayTheMushroomKid's avatar
Belliko has said that -at least for now- they don't mean anything. It's just something you might like to come up with and add for them. Much like a horoscope for humans I believe ^v^
Autumnanimalz's avatar
Oooooh. Thank you! ^^
StrayTheMushroomKid's avatar
No problem at all! ^u^
Autumnanimalz's avatar
Oh, by the way, do you know when Belliko will post again, by chance? It seems they are busy, and I completely respect that, though I am kinda worried if they are ok or not ^^'
StrayTheMushroomKid's avatar
They will post again as soon a possible I'm sure! -it might take some time tho; since the Valentines day contest just ended and the visual master list is being developed...
I know only that Reiko has had some trouble this year, but Bell said it's going better for her now. I believe she will get through her troubles. I'm a bit worried for Bell tho, she must have a lot of stuff going on now. She most definitely tries her best.=They are ok; just having some stuff going on, like most people do sometimes ^u^
Autumnanimalz's avatar
Ah, I'm glad they're alright! Thank you for telling me ^^
StrayTheMushroomKid's avatar
No problem! There's a new DTA up right now btw~ ^u^
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Does Fuji, Ronin or Momo represent any sexual/romantic orientation? ^__^
This might seem a weird question(sorry about that), but I'm looking for single foxfans who "fall in between" on the hetero/homo -spectrum for the Fanlentine's contest and I didn't see you listing their preference in partner in their bio! ^o^
SpizFeral's avatar
hi! can i ask- does the element actually mean anything on the ref? like does it mean a foxfan can summon that element or something? I couldnt find anything about it so just wondering if giving my foxfan an element meant something or it has to be something based on how they look? ;v;
Belliko-art's avatar
Yes, the elements have a reason to be there, foxfans have small powers over nature, and when you choose one means that your creature is more akin to that element, we hope to extend this explanation soon ^^ You're more than free to pick the element you prefer for your foxfan
SpizFeral's avatar
ahh ok thank you so much! this helps alot :D
Riboo's avatar
ah what a bae!
Belliko-art's avatar
We're glad you like it!
Weredigo's avatar
Belliko-art's avatar
Thank you so much! x3
Shadow-Patch's avatar
When you say official, do you mean guest auction/Foxfans made by you, or is MYO allowed to?
Belliko-art's avatar
MYO foxfans are also official, so yes x3
Shadow-Patch's avatar
EyLinney's avatar
*picks the foxfan and ran away*
Belliko-art's avatar
OMG D: Fuji is going to get mad... haha we're glad you like him x3
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