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Blue Jay Gryphon//Auction//CLOSED

By Belliko-art
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Star! Auction Rules Star!
::::::: READ BEFORE YOU BID :::::::::
We're selling two Gryphons, one inspired in Blue jays (this) and the other one inspired in a Falcon Falcon Gryphon /Auction//CLOSED by Belliko-art
We're NOT using this as a base for Gryphons in future, and we're not doing customs right now

Star!Auction RULES:
--Starting bid : $18.00 USD
--Minnimum bid increase: $1.00 USD
-- Please state your bid in the bid comment
-- Way to pay PAYPAL only ( You must be able to pay when the aution ends)
-- Think before you bid, "auction bids can not be backed out"

Star!Adoption RULES:
-- Name it :) (Smile) (we can add the name to the refference)
-- You may alter the design.
-- You may choose the gender.
-- You may NOT re-sell the design (however if you really have to, let us know)
-- Do not claim as your own work
-- You may add accesories
-- Enjoy c:

Winner Bid: SB by :iconnephilimadopts: ( The-Black-Cats-Tale)
SB: 18 USD
1st AB: 60 USD (includes a customizable, like this Happy Easter  customizable by Belliko-art
2nd AB: 70 USD (includes a baby form without background Sample ->Baby dragon/ Adoptable  Extra by Belliko-art and the customizable too)
3rd AB: You can buy the pair of gryphons, this and Falcon Gryphon /Auction//CLOSED by Belliko-art for 120 USD, and you'll get the customizables, and the baby form of both
New Owners: The-Black-Cats-Tale and MrMasacris

Thanks everybody for your support! Hug

This auction ends on May 10 at 20:00 hrs NST
If  you win the auction, you'll get the separate version of the main picture from the refference and the refference

Art and Design (c) :iconbelliko-art:
Thank you so much!! Heart
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love this cutie ;u;
Belliko-art's avatar
thank you!! x3 It was a challenge to design gryphons, but it was really fun!
DragonVampriss's avatar
I think any mixed creature/breed design is hard to always looks awkward XD but you did an awesome job! :la:
Belliko-art's avatar
Yes, they're hard D: I love winged cratures, but wings are very tedious to draw for me... xD... so much feathers ;m;
Thank you!! x3
DragonVampriss's avatar
yeah they are...too many feathers to keep track of xD
and you're very welcome ^u^
NephilimAdopts's avatar
Oh my god this design is amazing <3 i would love to adopt him i wish i had the money TAT
Belliko-art's avatar
Wow, thank you so much!! :hug: ssdfhjs and thank you for bidding! ;w;
NephilimAdopts's avatar
can you set it on ym main account?  devThe-Black-Cats-Tale:
 cause i'm more online there^^
Belliko-art's avatar
yes, of course!
NephilimAdopts's avatar
thanks so much x3 i hope i get him x3 his design is simply awesome x3
Belliko-art's avatar
we're so glad you like his design!! x3
Also, I made a mistake, this auction ends on  may 10, not 9...I hope you understand but if you have any inconvenience, please, let us know
TheBlackCatsTale's avatar
i have no problem with that ^^ i just jope i have a chance on getting him x3 he would fit perfectly to my other griffon :3
Belliko-art's avatar
aaw ok!! and thank you for understanding! there is only one day left! :)
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:iconcakemegustaplz: Bid here  please, and Thank you! Heart :
NephilimAdopts's avatar
nevermind i try my luck! SB!!
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Thank you so much for bidding! you have won the auction, I'll note you!
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