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[The Legend of Zelda] Process Video
Tumblr I forbid reposting my art without the source.
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May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce!!!!

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A tale as old as time...
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Ganon was a pig at first before he disguise as a human being. Great art.
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Generally these classic games are considered to take place later in the timeline. Ganon generally becomes more demon-like as time goes on, in the Zelda series.

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yay for the triumph forks!
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Hooray! We have defeated the lemon king canon!
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I really like this. It reminds me of Zelda NES.. great job!
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The execution of the palette and positioning of the characters is a creative display of the entire tone of the game: you must find the pieces of the Triforce to defeat Ganon and save Zelda.  In addition, your handling of this piece provides the viewer with a modern, painterly view of the game's original art style.
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I love this, how it boils down to everything that makes the series. Link. Zelda. Ganon. Triforce. 
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Why are Link's eyes red?
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The design is so simple yet I see lots of details in this piece. I like how Ganon is trying to grab the triforce pieces. I like how you have done Zelda's dress. Nice work.
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The one that started it all :happycry: Literally tearing up...such a brilliant series..
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Love it! Always nice to see some love for the older games.
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Yeah! Alright! Victory!! Suck It Ganon!! XP
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Very prodigious. :D
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Beautiful. Great job.
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This is stunningly beautiful. Using the waterfall from the start screen was a nice touch.
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The good old classic!
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OMG! So amazing!! :love:
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