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Paya [Zelda: Breath of the Wild]
--- Paya(3)
--- Open your eyes
--- BotW Zelda
Tumblr Twitter I forbid reposting my art without the source.
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Cutest Waifu-Candidate of Breath of the Wild ;) :XD:
BigBuxArt's avatar
Love the soft color pallet brings the style all together. Lovely technique wish i could see how you made it.
Zwirrlicht's avatar
ivyfrosttt's avatar
Paya is so adorable <3 
MajorasMasks's avatar
One of my favourite characters in the game, she is so funny!  ^^
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
She is just so pretty!! :D
pedroalves93's avatar
I love the colours, its cute and so welcoming...
Samwise495's avatar
Paya is cute, and we all know she has a crush on Link and she's really shy about it :)
groko-kaiser's avatar
Ahhhh you drew her so cuuute! I love your brushes!
Tetraelia's avatar
Awe Paya is such a cutie
SirArceon's avatar
I bet that birthmark isn't anywhere embarrassing.  She's probably just shy about it, like everything else...
vladnorris's avatar
The game actually tells you...and it IS very embarrassing
Split-Heart's avatar
My favourite character of the game! >U < <3 <3 <3
moosterbrendan's avatar
thirdheir brought me here.
ClaireDe-Luna's avatar
Magnificient use of colors
JapanZelda's avatar
She's lovely! Nice job!
Viride's avatar
Absolutely beautiful :heart: :faint:
Arkatox's avatar
Yay! I love when people draw BotW characters. :D
Paya: 1 of thee latest ninja waifus in a Nintendo game, that is along with Kagero, whose love of darkness even impressed owain himself
garyfboss's avatar
Freaking lovely, just ... wonderful.  I love it to death. Kudos!
crynal's avatar
She's adorable both in your art and in game! Reading her Diary is amusing too.
Darkest-Matter's avatar
You know what would be awesome? If you were to also make more art of various chatacters from the game, especially Purah. She is just so adorable, and I would love to see her and a few others made in your style!
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