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Five Zeldas

[The Legend of Zelda series] 35th anniv!
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You did a great job for the tribute. I love all these Zelda's. You have a gr8 style

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I really like the text at the top. Clever use of shadows there to get the letters. ^^

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Your pics are Special Cute :heart:

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I absolutely love your style and those muted colors <33

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just epic! As the games!

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That font you used for the text at the top there is really creative, I like it

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Zelda will always be cute no matter what version she is.:D

Very nice poses of her.

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More like Legend of ZeldaS.
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Happy anniversary to the most awesome game series ever!

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I love them all!!

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Very beautiful! :aww:

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So many years and so many great games 😊

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