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BotW Zelda

Zelda [Zelda: Breath of the Wild]
--- Open your eyes
--- Megane BotW Zelda
Tumblr Twitter I forbid reposting my art without the source.
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damn this looks amazing!

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Yo bellhenge , solid work.
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Absolutely gorgeous!
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Amazing work. Love what you do :3
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Gosh, breath taking!
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This is beautiful.
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your art has got stolen
BOTW Zelda by meowpower03
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Honestly, Zelda’s character development in the game is stunning. From how she starts off reluctant....hateful, even, at the last second, she managed to awaken her power with love. She is the the most humane Zelda in my opinion. And your art displays all her emotions. Well done.
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Love how your painting looks :D
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An art style that's yours alone and it's amazing really^^ Would love to see some action scenes from you one day. Not now but one day~
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This is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! Her facial expression and the way her hair is flowing really fits. While I'm still playing at the moment, Breath of the Wild's Zelda is my favourite out of all her incarnations. Especially with how strong she is as well as her humanity.
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BotW Zelda is by far the most adorable version of this lovable princess. She has a cute little nose, big blue eyes and braided hair. What's not to love?
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Well, this is the version of Zelda from Breath of the Wild.
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This. Is. Perfect.
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You drew her so so beautiful <3
The lighting is so gorgeous, her facial expression is so her lol This is so good!
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I loved this version of her so much, mainly for her smarts and humanity, but I also liked how she actually has some fat on her. unlike many other versions of her and female characters in general 
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So, am I the only one who thinks this is her best incarnation so far? Granted, I like her Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors incarnations but this one...feels more human. 
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This is absolutely gorgeous, I especially love the lighting.
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your art is stolen. 

Evidence:  BOTW Zelda by meowpower03  and possibly more.
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