Agent8 and Agent3
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Agent8 and Agent3 [Splatoon2] Octo Expansion
--- Agent8 and Agent3(2)
--- Off the Hook Octo
--- OCTO-ber Fest
Twitter I forbid reposting my art without the source.
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Comments (23)
oOsleepyboiOo's avatar
This is my 
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oOsleepyboiOo's avatar
... fav piece of yours
oof clicked enter too early
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Leurona's avatar
Leurona|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the way you drew their hair! (tentacles, I guess?)
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firelorddarkskull's avatar
firelorddarkskull|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your Agents 8 and 3 look awesome! Superb artwork!!
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ninpeachlover's avatar
ninpeachlover|Hobbyist Digital Artist
very nice
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OddAmythest's avatar
OddAmythest|Hobbyist Digital Artist
is it only me or the back of the heads of agent 3 makes 3
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solitonmedic's avatar
solitonmedic|Hobbyist Artist
Kinda maybe
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AngelScribs's avatar
AngelScribs|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god this is perfect O_O
i love how they form the 8 with their hands <3
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MutouYuugiAiboufan's avatar
MutouYuugiAiboufan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like how their fingers are making an eight. Even having the girl and boy inklings in the background is a great touch. The design for the boy one is my favorite. Nice work.
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sunflowergirl15's avatar
It's quite poetic: one fights for personal liberty and the other fights to protect their home.
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icemimchi's avatar
icemimchi|Student General Artist
Really cool!!!!! Kitty love [f2u] [icon] 
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amities's avatar
amities|Student General Artist
This composition is very creative and definitely keeps me mesmerized! Fantastic piece!
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FriskGaster's avatar
FriskGaster|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh, this is so cool!!
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MidnaXLink16's avatar
MidnaXLink16|Hobbyist General Artist
That's so cool!
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BerrySplash's avatar
BerrySplash|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The octoling boys are so cute :squee:
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SunbeamStone's avatar
SunbeamStone|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww now I wanted both boy and girl to be in the game together just for that 8 hand XD
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MangsFox's avatar
MangsFox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely beautiful
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soulSmith1's avatar
soulSmith1|Student General Artist
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Legendarylankman's avatar
Legendarylankman|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely fantastic composition, it is pleasing to behold. Welldone.
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scintron90's avatar
Never missed a beat.

This one's really good
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topkeku's avatar
topkeku|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Majestic as always!
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AlicesArtStudio's avatar
AlicesArtStudio|Hobbyist General Artist
Omg this is awesome!!! 
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