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By Bellefast
This was shot by Mr Michael Helms st the Fetish Photobox last year. I didn't even know he was taking this picture.
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Jaylayson's avatar
Beautiful photo
temptresskitty's avatar
For not knowing this was being taken, it looks amazing. I love the beauty of it and the lighting is pretty much perfection.
bittercup84's avatar
<--------- jealous
Firpo's avatar
Love the pose and the model!
lukeator's avatar
The shadows framing your face are excellent. Makes you look like a classical sculpture. :+fav:
catching a model off guard is often a good way to get a great shot. so long as she is aware it exist
batman5452's avatar
beautiful colors and pose!!!!
Lainedy's avatar
I loved this the first time I see it. Red is definetly your color, and the "essence" of the picture is like a fight between the sweet angel looks and the sexy vampiress.

Beautiful picture
lostmind247's avatar
I absolutly LOVE your hair!!! i have redhair also but i wish mine was that red! is it natural?

Gimmie meh cookie. -3-

Pain is just fear leaving the body.
oh, btw, im only 17 but my other divart is


You can see some pictures there. <3
wow. You are a VERY beautiful red head. I am also a red head. <3 VERY VERY beautiful. <33 you inspire me so much. <3
karikatu's avatar
woow beautiful.. what colr is your hair orange or red?
mtnman62's avatar
Spectacular and beautiful.
Of-Remembrance's avatar
Dare I say you have an almost holy beauty? Yes, I shall say just that.

werock36123's avatar
love the lighting and all of you! :D
BeastWorx's avatar
absolutely stunning...
Keylowna's avatar
Wow, very lovely, love the light and the hair. Beautiful shot.

Best wishes, Jack - Keylowna pinup art
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This deviation has been featured here [link]
Its a new article all about the team behind photoshoots, featuring models, clothing designers, makeup artists and more. This article was all about the model!
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Kitten x
OSTEC's avatar
Stunningly beautiful shot, I love the fact that it was not set up and as someone else said, your hair is wonderful-so rich in colour.
crescentsi's avatar
You certainly are female perfection :-)
stargirlphotography's avatar
I think you're officially the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. No joke.

damn you =P hehe
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