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To Tell Time- Luffy x Reader
It was dinnertime on the Merry Go, and it was just as noisy as usual. Dinner seemed to be dragging on longer than usual.
"(Y/N)-chwan~!" Sanji called from the sink. He was elbow-deep in dirty dishes, and barely had enough room to fit more.
"Yeah, Sanji?" I replied, trying to ignore Chopper's screeches in my ear. Luffy was trying to take his cotton candy. It felt like a daycare way more than it should on a pirate ship.
"Can you tell me what time it is? I'm a little preoccupied over here~!" He craned his neck to give me one of his smiles.
"Sure!" I said, without thinking. I had forgotten about my inability to tell time. And the sun had set already, so I couldn't use it as a reference. Sanji mistook my silence for confusion.
"The clock's in that corner, (Y/N)-chwan~!"
"O-okay. No problem..." I said, trying to sound casual. I didn't know how to read a clock. Over time, I had come to realize that I was probably the only one on the ship who couldn't read a clock, besides Luffy and the figure
:iconaquamarine-9:aquamarine-9 19 2
Second Chance Part 2 (Slave!Child!Reader)
Second Part
   It wasn’t everyday that a bloody child walked aboard the Whitebeard ship. So, saying everyone was surprised, would be an understatement. It didn’t help with the fact that said child carried a huge sword.     
    “So, who’s this?” Vista asked as he bent over Y/n. Y/n simply stared up at him, and hid slightly behind Marco.
    “Aww, she likes Marco.” He laughed. Marco sighed and Thatch laughed. Whitebeard smiled at his sons and daughter. She was going to fit right in. Although, Whitebeard knew she wasn’t a regular human. He couldn’t tell what kind of human she was though because of all the blood.
    “Marco, Thatch,” He called out to his sons.
    “Yeah?” Thatch answered as he looked at Whitebeard. Y/n right next to him.
    “Why don’t you take here down to Allie and have her get clean
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 230 33
Red Hair (Kid x Child!Reader)
    When someone says Kid Pirates, they think of the brutal, merciless, and murderous crew and their captain that had noticeable fire red hair. Never would they think of the crew having a child on board, unless for ransom, but never by free will. It was illogical, impossible, and unimaginable. Well, the Kid Pirates and their captain f*** logic, f*** the impossible, and do the unimaginable. For they had a little a h/c haired child on their ship, that was part of the crew, and had a bounty that put most of the other crew members to shame. She was only 8 and the world knew her as Red Demon Y/n, but they knew her as Little Y/n. 
    Kid himself doesn't even know how she got involved. All he knew was one day Killer and Heat came back to the ship, and walking behind them was a little girl. She was very short, and very dirty. Her hands had various cuts on them, and gashed could be seen going up her to her elbow. She had what looked like some grease on her
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 410 52
Komorebi (Yagi Toshinori)

(Yagi Toshinori x F!Reader)
Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees
Sometimes our day can be as bad as a day can get 
but the moment we catch a glimpse of this one special person,
 it brightens up in an instant.

There weren't many disadvantages being the world's smartest animal's sidekick. Actually there weren't any if you overlooked the fact that Nezu wasn't just the world's smartest animal but also the principal of one of Japans most renowned schools, Yuuei Highschool. Because of this it often happened that you had to deal with annoying requests and interviews in Nezu's stead or paperwork in general. 
This time when he called you into his office wasn't any different. 
"I have unfortunately no time to handle this, [Name]-san,
:iconnikaryu:NikaRyu 130 22
I'll Protect You - Midoriya Izuku x Reader
[ The series of events in this fanfiction may contain slight spoilers for non-readers/watchers! Also, the events in this fanfiction have been mixed around to work as accordingly. Enjoy! ] 
Italic - Past!
No Filter - Present! 

[ f/n ] [ l/n ]

Class: 1-A
Quirk: Chameleon - Has the ability like a Chameleon! Super flexible in tight spots, climb walls and can blend in with her surroundings
Limit: You can camouflage with anything within the span of 30 minutes
Weakness: Large bodies of water
You were never that type of kid to be considered a hero when you grow older. In fact, you were probably just an ordinary civilian if you blended in rather well. But even though, it seemed like you had a weak quirk, that didn’t stop you from trying to be someone. As you were growing up, you remember a kid from your neighborhood who was completely quirkless. Someone that rea
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 49 3
Luffy X Sister!reader X Strawhats
It was amazing just how one girl could evoke so many different feelings and emotions towards different people.
"Luffy! Get back here!"
"What in the world is going on?" Usopp asked his reindeer partner in crime as the two witness a rare occasion of sibling fight. Little did they know that it was what Luffy feared most.
Currently, you were hunting down Luffy for damaging the map that you had spent hours and hours to draw. Precise measurements and every single island located. Not an easy task you must admit. Yet, it was so easy for Luffy to damage it. How? Luffy plus hot tea. Yeah, not a great combo.
Luffy was on all fours on the mast, leaping here and there in order to avoid his furious older sister. Just as Luffy stretched his arm to grabbed hold of  Nami's tree, you snapped your fingers, a force flinging you so fast, it was as if you telep
:iconxx-neko-pierrot-xx:Xx-Neko-Pierrot-xX 217 32
Love Me Back (Kaminari Denki x Reader)
"Please, (y/n)!!! I promise it'll be fun!"
"My answer is the same as the last twenty times you asked me." Turning around, you fixed the begging blonde following you with a deadpan expression. "No, I have to study."
"(Y/N)!!!" Flopping on the floor, Kaminari whined your name, reaching out and grabbing your ankles. "PLEASE!!!"
"No!" You continued walking, dragging the electric boy across the floor for a few paces before he finally let go, face pressed flat against the dirty surface. With a backward glance, you sighed and left him behind, returning your attention to the book in your hands.
It was a few minutes before anyone noticed Kaminari still lying face-down where you left him, Kirishima's and Sero's pitying laughter accompanying their footsteps. Of course, they both already knew the reason for their friend's melancholy.
"It's useless, man. This is (y/n) we're talking about," Kirishima chuckled, rolling the limp Kaminari onto his back.
"She's so independent and emotionless, she
:iconlordsister:LordSister 48 25
Unusual Errands (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)
Warning: Strong language because it is Bakugou after all.
"Huh? Idiot! I'm not fucking doing that," Bakugou yelled at you through his phone, getting a few offended looks from passersby.
"Please, Katsuki! It's really important! I don't know what I'll do if you don't," you whined back, a pained groan following your pleading words. Bakugou could hear the rustle of blankets through the phone as you re-adjusted your nest. "It'll only be this one time! Please! This is my time of need! And you're my boyfriend!"
"And? That doesn't mean I have to get you shit when you're on your period. Can't you do that yourself?" Bad move, he realized a second too late.
"...Huh??? Katsuki, do you want to die? I ask you to do one little favor as a good boyfriend and that's your answer? Hmm?" Your voice had gone low, angry, and Bakugou ran a hand through his hair for forgetting how sensitive you were during your period. Before he could say something to soothe you, your sniffles reac
:iconlordsister:LordSister 128 23
Aizawa x Reader |Sauveur| [5]
The trio of All Might, Present Mic and Midnight was quite a sight to see walking into a hospital. Rather, one of them striding quickly, the other two jogging to keep up. They were on the hunt for Eraserhead, who had disappeared from the crime scene hours earlier.
It was almost precisely 48 hours after you had been kidnapped.
You had been rescued, but unfortunately, that was only half the battle. According to what the nurses had told them, you weren’t fairing well.
“(Name). What a pretty name. I’m sure she’s very lovely, too. It’s no wonder Aizawa was in such a rush to find her.”
“You mean aside from the fact that they’re life partners??” Midnight cast a glare at Mic, who just shrugged and chuckled nervously.
“I mean, what can I say? I’m no married man!”
“She is extremely important to Aizawa, that much is certain.” All Might concluded in front of them, “Which is why it is imperative that we are the
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 93 15
Bleeding Out [Shota Aizawa x Reader]
Hero Name: Painless
Quirk: Painless - the ability to suppress/numb physical pain, which she can also do with other people by touching them
Hero Outfit
Based off of a prompt I found somewhere on Pinterest.
    “Aizawa, would you just calm down–”
    “I’m perfectly calm,” he retorted. “I’m not the one who was shot in the stomach five times in a row.”
    “I can barely feel it, it just tingles a bit,” [Name] reassured her coworker/boyfriend, while also trying to hide the fact that the tingling was slowly becoming more prominent as she struggled to keep her Quirk activated.
    Aizawa glared at her. “[Name], you are bleeding out in the middle of the sidewalk at one in the morning. Just because you can’t feel pain doesn’t mean you ca
:iconepodynothanato:EpodynoThanato 18 1
BNHA - Pregnancy Reactions - Headcannon - 1
Shouta Aizawa-
-Seems like he doesn’t want kids but is actually super hyped to be a dad.
Was super worried but wasn’t showing it when he thought his significant other was just sick.
-If significant other was a hero, he was already protective of them, but after finding out their pregnant he’s even more protective of them.
-Originally frozen in shock upon hearing the news and took a few minutes to actually process everything.
-When baby comes along he’s already used to getting so little sleep that he isn’t too bothered by being woken up by a crying baby in the middle of the night.
-Will definitely be harsher on his students though the first couple months.
-Feels bad about working both as a teacher and hero at the same time and ends up taking more time off from hero work to raise baby and show his significant other how much he loves them.
All Might / Yagi Toshinori
-Super worried about significant others safety because he’s a huge target to villains and
:iconwinibie:Winibie 101 15
In His Arms (Aizawa Shota x Reader)
Today is finally the day. After three years of training and testing, the time has finally come. It's time for you to start working as a pro hero. Soon you'll be working at the notorious Endeavor agency as a sidekick of one of the most popular heroes. While packing the last of your belongings, your eyes examine your now barren bedroom. All of your hero posters are gone. 
Your closet is vacant. 
Your bed is barren.
You smiled as the reality of the situation finally was setting in.
And it was all bittersweet.
One part of you misses the days at U.A. Even though the tests were terrible, learning to perfect your quirk and befriending different people were memories you held dear to your heart. 
But the other part of you was ecstatic! You'll finally be able to fight some of biggest villains and help people in need. You'll be able to make [Hero Name] a household name.
You squealed in excitement at the thought of working with the
:iconlost-in-paradise666:lost-in-paradise666 32 0
..:: Love Yourself ::..
Toshinori Yagi (All Might) X Reader
    You and Toshinori had been together for quite some time now, the insanity of recent events unfolding around you, but never separating the two of you despite the wrath it brought. Recently, the country had learned of his state and identity as All Might, causing a great shock to many people all around. Even so, the support from close friends and you kept his worry from boiling over, all ending well despite the circumstances that had unfolded before him. He was so incredibly grateful for you always sticking by his side through it all, and that thought did nothing but fill him with endless joy.
    Even with your constant reassurance though, Toshinori still had a sliver of doubt about himself with you, constantly wondering about how you fell in love with him, and thinking about how he was so lucky to have that happen. Currently standing in your house, he looked himself up and down in your hall mirror, shirtless
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 151 14
Attack on Titan (Protective!Eren x Reader)
Your eyes wandered the classroom and landed on the clock again, despite you doing your best to try and focus on the lesson. You were in your last year as a trainee which meant training became more intense and, of course, the classes became much harder. Instructor Shadis was stuffing knowledge down your throats and sometimes it became very easy to block out as you found a comfortable way of sitting with your chin resting on your palm. You glanced over at your good friend, Eren, sitting on the chair to your right and he seemed to be in the same situation, hardly listening, yet drawing mini titans on his notebook, not failing to copiously add bloody details and an even smaller version of himself standing triumphantly. Typical Eren. 
You glanced back at the clock again, let out a small sigh - and immediately wished you could take it back, because as soon as you did, Instructor Shadis turned around from his place at the chalkboard at the head of the classroom.
"Cadet (L/n)? Did you say
:iconwinter-summer:winter-summer 273 40
Turkey Day Rivalry(Titan!ErenxReader)
“So, why are we stuck doing this again?” Connie asked as the group of teens made their way through the fields to the forest. “Because we’re at the bottom of the food chain.” You replied, cracking your knuckles and taking delight in watching Connie squirm in discomfort. “Haha, very funny.” Jean grumbled with his arms crossed. You simply tilted your head, a look of confusion on your face. Armin opened his mouth to come to your rescue, but Eren held his arm out. “Let her figure it out.” You ran the scene through your head, finally understanding. Everyone knew when it sunk in, because you half-heartedly punched Jean in the shoulder.  “We’ve got ourselves a comedian over here.” Ymir stated with little enthusiasm.
“What do we have to do?” Christa asked. Nine heads turned to stare at the blond strategist. “We have to get the food Harvest Day-“ “Well that should be easy, let’s go!
:iconladyvixen911:LadyVixen911 152 35
Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 143 by GashibokA Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 143 :icongashiboka:GashibokA 282 285



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