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The Oracle (Captain Buggy x Reader)
__________________ was bored like she was very single day. She was an oracle in a remote village about ten miles from Orange Town. She’s lived there hidden away from everyone and everything since she was about ten, when the Elders found out she was an oracle. She spent the last fifteen years honing her skill and became the island’s oracle. What this meant was that people came from far and wide to ask her questions. The main ones were about love, money, and revenge. She didn’t mind her job, she was good at it but there were a few cons of being an oracle. First and foremost, she was NOT to leave the temple that was deep in a cave. Second, she had to keep her visits with people short, it took a lot out of her to predict things. So human interaction of any kind so limited that she couldn’t form any bonds with anyone. Third, if there was a pirate attack, she was to flee inside the cave and stay hide. That’s it. Other than that, no one really cared about her aft
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 40 14
Second Chance (Slave!Child!Reader)
    Whitebeard never was one for blood in children. It never looked right to him. Children were suppose to remain innocent and free of blood spill, not be the reason for it. This child was practically bathed in blood. Her clothes were stained a dark burgundy color, and her skin color could barely be seen. Her h/l h/c hair looked dry and was caked in the substance. Her bangs covered her eyes, and in her small hands was a gigantic sword. It was clearly bigger, and weighed a lot more than her. But around her ankles, wrists, and neck were shackles. Heavy shackles.
    Thatch and Marco stared at the fallen people. These were guards, well-trained guards for a noble, maybe even a royal family.  And this tiny little girl slaughtered all of them. They were both ready to attack or defend, just in case this child decided to go for Pops. But her face looked impassive, and her body looked absolutely exhausted. She looked too skinny and too frail. It was a mystery to th
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 313 26
Erstwhile (Whitebeardxreader)
In the beginning the sleeping arrangement was very uncomfortable. You didn't know if he was going to turn in his sleep and crush you or if he forgot you were sleeping on him and you would drop to the ground if he got up but it just weirdly worked out.
Over the years you've gotten use to moving when he moved in his sleep, waking up at the smallest noise just in case his breathing became irregular and even getting a little lesson about the medical machines in your shared room to make sure they were working to keep whitebeard at his top.
You bit your lip, his health is slowly getting worse even though he refuses to admit it, and when talking to the nurses about it they couldn't keep eye contact with you.
You waited for the nurses to settle him down, and check the I.V. Bags next to the bed before nodding to their captain and bowing to you before they left leaving you and the giant man alone in the semi-lit room.
You watched him as he stretched on to the bed, cracking his back and making hi
:iconalittleheartbreak:ALittleHeartbreak 85 7
I Love You by kyoukorpse I Love You :iconkyoukorpse:kyoukorpse 766 48
Keeping Company Luffy x Sick!Reader
*Ugh, of all the days to get sick why today?* Was the only thing you could think of as you stay in your room of the Thousand Sunny with a terrible cold. Today was the worst day to have it though.
Yesterday, crew docked on a summer island that's going to have a fireworks festival tonight. You were the most excited to go, with the exception of Luffy, but with your rotten luck you wound up getting sick. In order to try to still go you plan to hide in the girl's room to recover until it's time to go to the festival.
You chug down half your glass of orange juice before you lay yourself down on your bed. However, just when you're about to take a nap to help recover your door loudly slams open.
"Hey (y/n), wanna play outside?!"
You softly groan at your captain and best friend's loud voice before you sit up with a smile to hide your pain. "Sorry, I'm about to take a nap."
Luffy widens his eyes at how your voice sounded like it just went through a blender. "Are you ok? You sound wei
:iconmorianna19:morianna19 53 15
Undertale - Consequences - 4 of 4 (END) by TC-96
Mature content
Undertale - Consequences - 4 of 4 (END) :icontc-96:TC-96 2,013 868
We Love You by kyoukorpse We Love You :iconkyoukorpse:kyoukorpse 528 24
Germany x Reader - Overburdened
    Light streamed through the open blinds as you blinked your eyes open. The spot beside you was cold, meaning Ludwig was already gone for quite some time. Taking a step out of bed, you sighed as you put your feet down on the ground. A loud bark grabbed your attention and you glanced at the floor near your feet.
    "Good morning Berlitz." You chuckled, leaning down and placing a kiss on the dog's head. "Where's Ludwig? Or Gilbert?" The dog barked again. "Did Ludwig take Blackie and Aster out for a run? Or is he working out with Feliciano and Kiku again? And I'm guessing you have no clue about where Gilbert is." You asked. The dog gave another bark and you laughed, standing up and walking towards your closet. "Alright I'm going to take a shower." You grabbed a blazer, dress pants and a dress shirt. Today was the World Conference which was being hosted by your one and only, Germany. 
    After finishing your shower and getting dressed, you entere
:iconfrozencrystalrose:FrozenCrystalRose 401 97
.:Steven Universe: Mama Fusion by Sonicsis .:Steven Universe: Mama Fusion :iconsonicsis:Sonicsis 240 42 RAM and UT AUs: The Judge Vision by keary RAM and UT AUs: The Judge Vision :iconkeary:keary 121 18 Mort Protection Squad by shadowpiratemonkey7 Mort Protection Squad :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 387 31 Undertale Reset - Branch 01 - Chap 01 Page 22 by oennarts Undertale Reset - Branch 01 - Chap 01 Page 22 :iconoennarts:oennarts 330 21
Mature content
Zoro x Pregnant!Reader :iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 64 8
[Dead!Ace x Pregnant!Reader x Onesided!Luffy]
:: P r o m i s e ::
He had promised Ace to protect his only child.
It was hard to believe, honestly.
[Name] had been pregnant during the entire war, with Ace's child. His brother's kid.
It was a wonder why she didn't show up to the battlefield, with her fighting alongside the Whitebeard Pirates—but at that moment when it was revealed to him that she was with child, it all clicked in his head.
And it hurt.
He knew he never had a chance with her from the start; she never gave him that same smile she gave Ace, the way her eyes sparkled just for him and the teasing that went between the two of them. He already knew that having these feelings for your brother's significant other was so wrong, and it made him feel like garbage whenever his heart would flutter just at the sight of her. Yet he had always asked himself what Ace had that he didn't.
Was it that Ace was just hot to her? Did she like him because of his body?
The answer was already no. Because she wasn't that sha
:iconcasey10rok:Casey10rok 193 45
Raindrops 08 - Page 27 by YoukaiYume Raindrops 08 - Page 27 :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 449 50
Mature content
Too Close a Call part 1 :iconbloodthornreaper:Bloodthornreaper 5 0



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