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DDS: Leandra Reinhart .01.

Ok... so here's the "final" version of my X-Men: Evolution OC Leandra. I'm still gonna color it traditionally...

I'll post her info...

Real Name: Leandra Tora Reinhart

Real Nicknames: Lee, Lea, Leanne, T, Tor, Tory, Tiger, Lioness

[movie version]

[cartoon version]
This one...



Hair: Naturally a platinum blonde but after mutation hair turns a sandy-tan color [similar to that of a lion's fur]

Eyes: Hazel with slitted pupils.

[On lower back.]

[Both ears. Twice on each. One helix and one lobe.]

[Viper bite. Middle of bottom lip.]


Date of Birth: October 20, 1973 [series aired from 11/4/2000 - 10/25/2003]

Age: 27

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 126 lbs.

Ethnicity: Scandinavian and German

Hometown: Malibu, CA

Resides: Tombstone, AZ [before joining the X-Men] Bayville, NY [after joining the X-Men]

Occupation: Fashion designer

Codename(s): Lionhart and Tora Lynx

X-Nickname(s): Lioness, Hart, Tor, Tory, Lynx

Persuasion: Hero [she is a member of the X-Men]

Normal Attire:
[Season 1 main outfit. Black boots.]

[Season 1 alternate outfit. Season 2, season 3, and season 4 main outfit.]

[Season 2 alternate outfit. Silver/grey boots.]

[Fedora. Goes with season 2 alternate outfit. Silver/grey.]

[Season 3 and season 4 alternate outfit. Longer shorts. Red socks not pink.]

[All seasons. Solid tank top. Light brown.]

[All seasons. Work-out outfit. As is.]

Fighting Attire:
[As Tora Lynx]

[As Lionhart]

Powers and Abilities:
~Transformation: her primary mutant power is Felidae transformation, she is able to transform into all members of the Pantherinae subfamily (i.e. lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard, clouded leopard, and snow leopard) and most members of the Felinae subfamily (particularly those of the genus Lynx, Puma, Acinonyx, Caracal, and Leptailurus).

Although she is able to choose what to transform into, her emotions and surroundings play a major role in how her powers manifest. For example: if she were to be on a snow covered mountain she'd have a better chance at survival if she were a lynx, cougar, or snow leopard as opposed to being a cheetah or tiger.

Like her feline counterparts she has exquisite eyesight during the night due to the presence of a tapetum lucidum, which reflects light back inside the eyeball and gives her eyes a distinctive cat-like shine, as well as having pronounced canines. Also she has retractable claws, "cat-like reflexes" and heightened senses, particularly a keen sense of hearing and smell in addition to being highly sensitive to her surroundings along with having an incredible sense of balance.

These abilities give her an advantage when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

Moreover, being able to transform into "cats" gives her nine lives. Due to the extended lifespan her physical appearance remains frozen at the around the age of 25. She does not age as long as she has more than one life. Once she is down to her last (ninth) life she begins to age and would eventually die (permanently).

If she does "die" it takes her body twenty-four hours to return to normal. And if the cause of death was a severe injury (like a gash or a puncture wound) then it would take longer for her to return to life.

And, in addition to the nine lives, she has (much like Wolverine and Sabertooth) an accelerated healing process (although it takes her a longer time to heal than either of the two which is what allows her to die).

~Invisibility and Force Fields: a secondary set of mutant powers (developed later in the series) is the ability to become invisible and create force fields at will. Her sister has this same set of powers; the only thing is that they are much stronger.

Although there is no explanation as to how she can become invisible, there is an explanation as to why she can see. Her cat-like eyes allow enough light to reach her retina, allowing her to see while invisible and her cat-like eyes also allow her to see others that are invisible as well.

Unlike her sister, when it comes to invisibility, she is not able to render others invisible. She can only render herself invisible.

Along with being able to turn invisible she is able to produce force fields. There are two types of force fields she is able to create.

She is able to generate energy shields that block out almost every type of attack that gets directed toward her. The energy shield either completely absorbs the attack or dissipates the energy of it. Although able to block out many attacks, prolonged exposure to oncoming attacks can weaken the shield and can cause it to collapse.

Another form of shield she uses completely blocks out all attacks. This type of shield requires a great deal of concentration and can only be operated for a limited amount of time due to the amount of energy needed to produce and maintain the force field.

The shields she usually produces are in relatively simple forms such as rectangular planes, globes, or domes. If she were to generate a force field and needed it to protect others it would remain stable for several feet.

Wolverine (c) Marvel
Sabertooth (c) Marvel
X-Men (c) Marvel
Leandra (c) Me
Art (c) Me
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She's really pretty!

I wonder how she went from turning into cats to suddenly being able to form forcefields/invisibility though...

Is she magic? owo