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She Stole His... Helmet .:Maggie:. by BellaRayne She Stole His... Helmet .:Maggie:. :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 5 5 AT: Jerissa Newton by BellaRayne AT: Jerissa Newton :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 3 5
Movieverse Timeline: Leandra Reinhart
Pre-First Class
Born October 21, 1952 to Ivan Reinhart and Janna Dahl.Younger twin sister to Melanya Reinhart.
X-Men: First Class - 1962
Is a child (10) growing up in California
X-Men: Days of Future Past - 1973 (AU)
Is living and working in CaliforniaEnds with Logan being pulled from the water (by Mystique as Stryker) and the steel being removed from his bodyRecovers and he goes off to War (cue Origins) 
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - 1973-1979 (AU)
21 years old, living in California (1973).Was at a bar that was holding a Support The Troops benefit for those fighting in the Vietnam War.Meets Logan and Victor, both of whom were on brief leave and gonna be heading back out soon.Whirlwind romance with Logan leading to marriage.Disappointed when Logan still leaves for deployment but lives with the prospect of seeing him again.Styker shows up at her door to deliver the news
:iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 3 0
AT: Song Amaranth by BellaRayne AT: Song Amaranth :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 4 10 TFS: Hall of Fame 2014 - Valerie Rose by BellaRayne TFS: Hall of Fame 2014 - Valerie Rose :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 5 10
MCU Timeline: Valencia Irvine - Phase Three
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (2016) - 1 year post-AoU - 2016
First appearance.Post-Lagos incident.Walks into Wanda's room as she watches the news and tries to get to no blame herself.Tries to reassure her that it was an accidentTells her on some of the incidents that happened when she was an X-Man in trainingSecond appearance.Doesn't want to sign the Sakovia Accords.Yes to accountability, no to government control. Doesn't like the idea of all the "red tape."Steve uses her "the safest hands are our own" argument.Tony's like, really?Fears of what it might mean for the X-Men and mutants."They start trying to control my actions, who's to say they're not going to want to control what Xavier's team does?"Third appearance.Gets a concussion while fighting Winter Soldier.More reason for Tony to be mad.Isn't at the airport fight in GermanyBut she called while he was recruiting Peter.Tires to convince Tony to HELP Cap as opposed to FIGHTING with him after they leaveIs not Team Iron Ma
:iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 4 0
MCU Timeline: Valencia Irvine - Phase Two
IRON MAN 3 (2013) - 6 months post-Avengers - December 2012
First appearance.Is in her office when Tony shows up at her window following an anxiety attack. This is where they start spending time together, couple potential.Second appearance.Causes some tension between Tony & Pepper as he opens up to her about his anxiety (shared experience) but won't talk to Pepper.Third appearance.Is briefly seen after Tony ends up in Tennessee.Fourth appearance.Is seen along side her father performing surgery on Tony as Pepper and Rhodey look on.Is waiting in Tony's car as he stops by the remains of his home.
Tony and Pepper break things off, they realize that they're better as friends.
AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015) - 3 years post-Avengers - 2015
First appearance.Is with the Avengers as they raid the Hydra facility. Now has proper gloves and boots that work with her powers to allow energy blasts and flight (hardly uses this as she still mainly teleports places).Laughs a
:iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 5 0
MCU Timeline: Valencia Irvine - Phase One

Born November 11, 1978 in Los Angeles, California to Scottish-American surgeon, Malcolm Irvine, and Spanish lawyer, Adora Moreno.Was raised in Santa Barbara, California.Mutant powers manifested when she turned 12, mostly at night.For the longest time her parents thought she would be sleep walking as she could be found all over the house most mornings.But sometimes she would show up out of nowhere when they would turn around.Like turning to pick up a mug off the end table and she'd be right next to them on the couch."She was NOT there a second ago."They really started to notice that something was off when she'd end up at a relative's house.Her daytime travels freaked her out more than anyone else.She'd imagine being somewhere and she'd actually end up there (the beach, the park, her parent's offices, etc.)She'd usually freak out so much and focus so hard on HOME that she'd end up there.Her travels would leave her very tired.At 13 was enrolled in the Xavier In
:iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 5 25
AT: Linnea by BellaRayne AT: Linnea :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 5 4 DDS: I Will Come Back For You by BellaRayne DDS: I Will Come Back For You :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 5 4 DDS: An Evening Out by BellaRayne DDS: An Evening Out :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 7 6
100: Making History - VRS
03. Making History
Calais, Maine
September 2009

Valerie Silverthorne was in awe as she stood in the hallway, leaning against the wall outside of her college classroom after she had hung up her phone.
Ten to twenty minutes.
They were going to be given ten to twenty minutes for their match at the next show. She was still surprised that they had even invited her back! Whether it was Stefanie "Xena" Costas that had put in the good word or whether it was Excalibur, Super Dragon, or any of the other guys that did it, all Valerie knew was that she'd be at the next PWG show going one-on-one with Xena. Their time limit was still undetermined as she was told other matches on the card still had to be worked out and would get more priority but for now it was looking like they'd be getting anywhere from ten to twenty minutes for their match.
After a few more minutes Valerie slipped back into her biology class and into the seat next to Christie, the youngest of the four Silverthorne
:iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 0 0
TFS: She's Still a Bitch by BellaRayne TFS: She's Still a Bitch :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 5 1 TFS: She's Actually Sweet by BellaRayne TFS: She's Actually Sweet :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 5 1 DDS: Don't Screw Up by BellaRayne DDS: Don't Screw Up :iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 7 3
100: Complicated - VRS
02. Complicated
Eastport, Maine
Saturday - August 15, 2009

It was almost noon when Valerie Silverthorne pulled up the driveway of her family home on Moose Island, her near eleven hour drive from Philadelphia to Eastport finally over. With little more than two hours of sleep keeping her sane, the 5'6" woman wanted nothing more than to get to her room and catch some Zs but considering her birthday was already half over she was intent on making the most of what was left of it.
The day of Valerie's twenty-first birthday was finally beginning to wind down as her elder siblings escorted her to the island's local bar while their parents and youngest sister returned home after a family outing to the "mainland" (or rather the "Maine-land") that included a family dinner and the purchase of a baby ferret as a birthday present. After ensuring that his sisters' drinks made it to them safely Cole Silverthorne returned to the bar to hang out with his band mates and girlfriend, leaving
:iconbellarayne:BellaRayne 0 0
Completely random things I love! WWE, X-Men, Harry Potter, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

And a few other random things...


Mighty Morphin' Poke'Rangers by Oniwanbashu Mighty Morphin' Poke'Rangers :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 433 72 Aesthetic Custom: BellaRayne by nightmareantagonist Aesthetic Custom: BellaRayne :iconnightmareantagonist:nightmareantagonist 7 3 Outfits // Molly Set by SS-Trashboat Outfits // Molly Set :iconss-trashboat:SS-Trashboat 4 4 Outfits // Debby Set by SS-Trashboat Outfits // Debby Set :iconss-trashboat:SS-Trashboat 6 4 Art Trade // Melanya by SS-Trashboat Art Trade // Melanya :iconss-trashboat:SS-Trashboat 4 3 YCH // Carlos and Rocio by SS-Trashboat YCH // Carlos and Rocio :iconss-trashboat:SS-Trashboat 5 5 Outfits // Valerie Set by SS-Trashboat Outfits // Valerie Set :iconss-trashboat:SS-Trashboat 5 4 Outfits // Roxy Set by SS-Trashboat Outfits // Roxy Set :iconss-trashboat:SS-Trashboat 3 3 .:All-American Girl:. by SS-Trashboat .:All-American Girl:. :iconss-trashboat:SS-Trashboat 9 5 commission 4 megaelekid947 by hikariangelove commission 4 megaelekid947 :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 161 13 Sword Way by eraserplains Sword Way :iconeraserplains:eraserplains 32 3 Th'Oreal, cause you're worth it by ShamsArts Th'Oreal, cause you're worth it :iconshamsarts:ShamsArts 806 243 Loki Drawing Process Thingy by ShamsArts Loki Drawing Process Thingy :iconshamsarts:ShamsArts 126 31 Prince Loki :Edit: by Gothicpug Prince Loki :Edit: :icongothicpug:Gothicpug 6 3 Prince Loki by Gothicpug Prince Loki :icongothicpug:Gothicpug 9 17 Weather Witch with white hair by Gothicpug Weather Witch with white hair :icongothicpug:Gothicpug 36 47



Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Greta. Southern California. Professional wrestling. :love: Guys with long hair. :heart: It takes time to find a muse. Cloudy days. An OC for just about every single show/book/movie/etc. I love.

Hufflepuff House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud

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If you wanna know more just ask! :ahoy:

:iconpowerrangerplz: <-- Epic --> :iconrookstudyplz:

:iconharrypotterplz: FTW!

Favorite genre of music: Alternative
Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter (#2 is my absolute favorite).

Journal History

General Update and Such

Sun Nov 13, 2016, 3:22 PM
So, uh, yeah. Hello all.

All it as good as can be on my end. Nothing to report.

Except one thing.

I know my art submissions have been very spotty as of late what with school taking up a lot of my time, but now all of my art is on an indefinite hiatus. A while ago my sister asked if she could take that computer and use it for work since it still uses and older version of Windows that might be more compatible with her work programs. Since she dropped by this weekend she decided to take it back home with her.

While I did manage to save almost every file I needed to, including my art files... I don't have anywhere to draw. My current computer itself is more of a work computer and I don't want to download GIMP or anything else onto it, so I don't know when I'll be able to work on my art again.

Sorry to anyone I owe digital art to, I hope you won't mind if it ends up as a traditional piece instead before I figure out how to do digital again.

  • Watching: NOVELAS!!!!!


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