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A dozen, a gross, and a score,
Plues three times the square root of four,
Divided by seven,
Plues five times eleven,
Is nine squared, and not a bit more
Dozen = 12
Gross = 144
Score = 20

12+144+20 = 176
176+3(2) = 182
182/7 = 26
26 + 5(11) = 81
81 = 9^2
© 2011 - 2021 Bellairs
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Lol. Ok. I'm going to have to go do math now, to make sure this is right. Very clever. Especially in making me go do math.

This is pure genius and I love it! :iconhearteyesplz:
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This just made my day.  I'm gonna memorize it for those time when I need to sound really smart.

(I think you might have misspelled "plus," though.)
4LOVEofLuna's avatar
very very clever!
Ryokkusei's avatar
this made me smile thx a lot xD
ShadowPhoenix-916's avatar
I think this is so cute :iconilavplz: (even though I'm not a math fan O.o). Lurrrve it!
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This is the first time math made me smile.
Thanks for writing this!
Bellairs's avatar
Then this will be the second:
graphite-master's avatar
Do you imagine how long it took him to write it?
Bellairs's avatar
I have no idea...some people actually have lots of time on their hands, and this is what they do.
rabidmouseofhorror11's avatar
Very clever! All I know is thirteen digits of pi... XD

( 3.141592653589)
Bellairs's avatar
Oh, I'm posting one for pi soon. Just watch.
Kublakhan27's avatar
Deepest limerick ever :P
JuciVegeSC's avatar
… but a REAL limerick is supposed to have a city or place as the last word of the first line and to be about something that's funny in a much lower way. If you wanna go with the rules of the art. Maths are awesome though. I like this!
JWA2277's avatar
On my way to Sidney , I found the mathematics here pretty. Needless to say on a cloudless day even algebra, square roots, and trigonometry sound good in Sidney bay.

{MEH, labored the last bit!}
Bellairs's avatar
Really? Wow, I gotta check that out.
Kau95's avatar
... Now I wanna go back to school.... Wait, what did I just say? o.o
Bellairs's avatar
Depends on your school I guess.
QyJx's avatar
Clever and fun. This poem is everything it aims to be. :)
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