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Unsent Letter to My beloved, Lord Dreadful
My dearly beloved,
Days have only passed and I still feel the lingering sting of your recent passing. The once vibrant halls of our manor now loom in inescapable dreariness that I cannot explain. Even with the servants going on about their daily tasks, I cannot but feel the hollowness of this place I can no longer call home. Without you to fill my days with unceasing happiness, to feel your lips against my body, I cannot but succumb to my sorrow. Yearning and desiring without a drop of hope to lift me back to my former self.
I spend the hours of the day distracting my heart with teaching music to my students and reading in solitude within the library. But somehow I cannot help but think of you and how strange! Once I thought I saw you standing in the dark by the doorway calling me to come to you. I thought myself mad to suddenly be a victim of such illusions but not once did it occur, in the dead of night you are more alive.
Oh my darling does death bring such sorrow that you wish to s
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 10 2
Lucy Westenra
Beautiful young lady of ashen skin, hast thou awaken?
The crescent moon illuminates your crimson eyes of dark.
The night sings in a hymn of your union with the shadows.
My dear Lucy who hath drank Dracula's blood, do you see a new age
Of a world wrought by fear of our unnatural bodies,
the sharpness of our fangs and our thirst for blood?
They cower at the unknown, unbeknownst to them the monsters
That already lie in the very crevice of their tainted souls!
So my dear, rise from your coffin! The feast begins tonight!
Let thou not be struck by the rallies of ignorant men
For they fear what they do not know, and curse your true state.
Allow your deepest desires to possess you, to turn you into
The woman you've always wanted to be. Allow the sweet melodies
of darkness lead you to the truth. And strike down!
Strike down, I plead you, their false norms against us
And write with purpose your own tale in their blood
And the blood of those who dare oppose us!
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 8 3
     My dear child born during the coldest winter, let me tell you a tale of terrible woe wrought by hate and fear. For this is a sad story that questions our beliefs in what we believed to be good and bad, of the right and wrong, of the monster that we fear and the monsters that already walk among us disguised as man.
     We begin deep in the cemetery of a forgotten and nameless crypt. There lie a tomb that houses an unearthly creature whom prowls at night and feasts on children. Terrible as it may sound, the town’s fears rallies its frightened inhabitants into a mob of pistols and stakes, believing this to be the work of a demon known as the vampyre.
    Once a lonely lady ostracized and exiled for her infidelity, the once meek and mannered immigrant slaved embraced the promises of the nocturnal and resurrected into a new woman of unbridled power and overt sexuality. Fear was her aura and in her free bearings woke at the last remnants of
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 12 9
Soft, weightless paper inked
With words that bear spirit,
Weighed with different realms;
Different stories spring forth,
Thousands and millions of
Undiscovered tales. Waiting to be read.
That woody smell of bliss
Coupled with the workings
Of an imagined scene,
We lose ourselves in tales
Of real, of magic, of fantasy, and of life.
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 22 11
Criminal at 9
Run, child, run.
There is nowhere to go.
No sanctuary. No home.
It's a target for a raid.
No choice but to flee.
But there is no place safe
for a child not more than nine.
Too poor for school.
Too poor for health care.
Too poor to eat.
Too poor to dream of a better tomorrow.
They are coming, dear child. Run.
The rich can only wait
Until headlines show
Your blurred face, lying
face flat on the ground,
And for a second exclaim their
Useless pity, sitting and drinking
their expensive tea and eating away
Without a care. Proud of their money.
Feeling lucky they're child is
Studying among the elite,
Safe and sound.
Run as far as your little legs
can carry you. They would come
And find you anyways. No one
can escape the prized force
Of a delusional president.
Martial Law at repeat,
It's target; children.
You'll soon be a statistic.
Just run even when there is
No hope. God bless you.
God bless this country
Where children are branded
As criminals. And not the
Plunderers, and thieves
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 14 14
Boycott Wednesdays
Incompetent and bourgeois dogs
I refuse your ideologies.
Your doctorate degree is but
a sham and you don't deserve
that tenured status, privileged rats.
Body-shaming, student-denying, butt-hurt
and lazy ramblers, get off your
high horse of self-worship.
Come down and just teach.
We didn't pay hundreds of thousands
to hear you rant nor compare
your lives to our own.
When we expect enlightenment,
we are met with uneducated
and unconstrained whines.
We teach our own lessons.
We listen to lifeless lectures.
The only redeeming professor
of the day replaced.
Just teach. We paid you.
                       --Sincerely, the students.
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 3 6
Drowned in fast-paced gratification
Contemplation of the arts decay
Into avoidable non-existence.
Media has made us wanton,
Searching endlessly through
Seas of content, only to end up
The mind has become dormant.
Enrichment and enlightenment
In pages of unopened books
Wait to be read and understood.
Lying with the rest of its
Brethren, dust fills the edges
Wondering when will humans
See and use their intellectual
We’ve advanced so much
And learnt so little.
We let ourselves be
Distracted with illusions
We could outsmart.
But we choose to close
Our eyes, and let the gods
And their green mistresses
Dictate the unending cycle
Of inescapable consumerism.
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 9 9
Queen of Beasts
Soaring thousands of feet above the ground, the goddess of the sky and winds sing as the doom-driven dragon soul slices the air with wings four times her size, beating against the current, announcing a grand entry into earth’s atmosphere.
No human eye can comprehend the fleeting figure that darts and spins without effort beneath the sun. One can only gaze in wonder while deep in thought on how nature could give birth to such a terrifying yet magnificent beast.
Unfathomable power and unrelenting prowess. Fire and ice. Wind and Earth. Order and Chaos. Elements of the universe are her miraculous yet deadly weapons of humility and destruction. She summons the might of her dragonkin, becoming one with them, becoming both father and mother to these sacred beasts. Protecting them with all her might, caring and loving. Human and Dragon, the hybridity of one sole being out of billions is a mystery so wonderful, praise be to the divine. A gift sent from the heavens, she is both joyous and
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 11 16
Souls on Fire
Harbingers of destruction,
Beware their unlimited wrath
Rising and threatening the gods.
Spirits of the volcanoes, hear me.
Awaken and purge the earth
With lava and force fear upon
Our wretched enemies.
Dragons of old, guardians of nature,
Protect your sanctuary!
Fly and set havoc on blinded men!
Charge in fire and smoke!
Freeze their deadly machines!
Summon the wrath of the sea
And let them be swallowed in regret!
Let no evil be left unturned
For man cannot live in himself alone.
And with selfishness and greed,
Forewarns a fate of doom.
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 13 7
My Bloody Valentine
What are the chances that nature arrives
The same morning as Valentine's?
With crimson shades floating around,
Blooming roses smiling beneath the sun,
And lucky souls profess their love,
In my eyes I see nothing but red.
Lots of it.
In the morning of Cupid's quest,
The moon forewarns the end of a cycle.
And the vicious shudder in the womb
Forces one to reel in pain.
At the dawn of St. Valentine's
The surge of womanhood prowls
painfully into a pool of crimson.
What are the chances that on the day
of love, come every female's bane?
To bleed and see red on the day of romance.
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 8 7
For years I let you consume my heart,
Sacrificing my soul ever so willingly
Just to feel alive in false hope.
It is not enough, I want more...
Take my body, own my soul
And never give back what was once mine.
Turn me into your whore, dear one
The world has turned its back
To insane women who fell deeply
Into the arms of devils in disguise.
Such fools we are, we don't deny.
Slaves to lust, begging to feel alive
Knowing well that we are dead inside.
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 5 1
Dance of Life and Death
The melody of opposing forces joining in unison, hand in hand is but a sublime grandeur of divine grace.
The essence of life tirelessly creating and guiding living beings upon the Earth's surface sways with her fertile hips, waving her helping hands to create winds that lift the currents, and flipping her emerald hair to shower seeds on soil to birth trees that long for the heavens. Every step was an earthquake of love and protection and she watches like a mother to her babe, giving her soul fully into the course of time.
She gives birth and over time, Death emerges to take what is due.
A shadowy being taking the form of a human. He has no face. Only a hollow and oozing mouth that opens and closes subtlety, the only show of expression. And his bony hands extend from the tattered sleeves of black smoke, carrying the ever so dreadful scythe of doom. All living things are destined to meet their last. And Death carries the heavy burden of sorrow and malice; God's creation he is an inescapa
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 6 0
Chapter 1 - Cassandra (NC: Tell-Tale Hearts)
I was only playing in the rain by the river. I was supposed to be safe less not even think of my coming demise. The waters were calm, kissed by drops from the gloomy sky. Nothing could have spoiled the innocent play of two girls throwing stones and watching the fish go against the current. But it changed. I somehow got caught in that current and almost lost my future...
An endless sea of blue shrouded me in a cold embrace. I looked up, swallowing water as I desperately tried to swim up into the surface and breathe. But instead of going up, I was descending slowly as I hear the thundering clouds and the heavy splatter of rain. My lungs burned for oxygen and my heart struggled to continue beating. I saw my old friend's face before I fell in the river and she knew I couldn't swim. I no longer saw her then. I was drowning. It took so long for me to die in the cold, frigid waters of Blackwater river. The chances of me living went dire, my life was its end. I breathed my last, succumbing
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 6 0
The Black Mirror
Veiled under beneath black velvet
The cursed mirror dwells in dust
Isolated and thrown among antiques
It whispers loudly at night
Forcing the decrepit house into
A bone-chilling shudder.
Morning and night, the mirror
beckons for me to see;
to see the horror I
buried long ago.
Dragging me down into
Unparalleled anxiety,
Devouring my dreams,
Morphing them into nightmares.
That blasted mirror!
Why can’t it leave me be?
I dare not go into the room
Of ghostly memories chanting
curses and spells,
reminding me of a sin
of uncharted vanity.
I fear the spirit in the mirror
Mocking me, calling me a hag!
Oh! But I could hear it scream now!
Curse the thing!
I cannot live in its mercy!
The mirror grimaces at my defeat.
I pull the velvet covers
And a shriek stuns the lonely room
As the grotesque female grins
Her skin wrinkled and grey
Her eyes sunken and red
Her body a candidate for decay
Her teeth gone, her nails chipped
And I screamed in horror
Spiteful of the ghastly being
That was my refle
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 17 10
The strength of the waves
Demand respect
Swim in ignorance
And you will be swallowed
The mysterious waters of Earth
Lures the heart to admire
God's brilliant creation
Stay at the shore and swoon
Watch the sunrise or sunset
And fall prey to the grace
Of the infinite universe
Listen to the wild and untamed
song of the currents
Feel the hot or cold sand
tickle your feet
Embrace nature's gift of tranquility
Where none can compare
The beauty the almighty bestowed for Adam and Eve...
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 5 3
A Gothic Summer
Forty-one degrees in Celsius and counting. A cold shower would suffice for only a few minutes until droplets of beads of sweat runs down my skin. Not even the thinnest of fabrics can save me nor the jet black umbrella from the damaging rays of the sun. Global warming mocks the atmosphere, the myth the hypocritical president refuses to acknowledge. Monsoon season has come but not as a saving grace but the country’s bane with storm and floods.
Dust and smog. This is our environment. Student, teacher, construction worker, janitor… Everyone is under the mercy of this intense heat mixed with all kinds of filth in the air. Getting up even before the sun rises and coming home before midnight strikes only to repeat the cycle, such is the state of the average. But the golden bunch lay under cool air in their isolated cities of towering modernity while the masses live in their slums with a fan or nothing to bear the same weather. It’s more fun here, they say. Fun for the govern
:iconbelladonna-morte:Belladonna-Morte 5 3

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