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Belladona-Fairy Bird Brushes

Revised Bird Brushes.
© 2006 - 2021 Belladona-Stock
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what are your terms of use  ?
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I used these brushes, giving you credit and a link.  Thank you.
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Hi there, I used it here LINK
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beautiful. I love the owls :D keep up the good work
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stunning, used again here:[link]
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Stunning brushes, used them here:[link]
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LOL, thank you. ^_^
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Love the brushes! btw I used them here [link]
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Hi, i used your brush here: [link]

Thank you!:) :wave:
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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I used your wonderful bird brush on my latest picture:
Thanks! ^__^
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Ooh, gorgeous!

One question, though, if that's ok?

How do you get the different colours on the brush (like you have on the firebirds, with the mix of gold and red on one and blue and pink on the other)? I can't work it out....
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Well, I'll use that copper firebird for an example...

If it's over another image, make a new layer with regular settings so you don't do anything to the rest of the image. If it's just the brush, proceed as if I'm not the idiot I seem to be, lol... First, when you select the color, choose a very pretty orange color, almost gold, and make the lovely birdy have its own space on the image. Then take your dodge tool, set it for highlights at a flow of about 23%, and go around any areas you think should be highlighted. Make sure not to overdo it or you'll bleach out the gold color you're trying to achieve. I did that and not just once, lol. Then take your burn tool and set it for shadows at a flow of about 15% and go over the other areas that weren't highlighted, but be very gentle. Make sure you're using soft brushes so the burns and highlights will blend at the edges. Then take the brush itself and choose another color, say a pretty rusty red color. Pick a spot on the color gradient that you think compliments the gold and oranges you've made. Now set your brush for Color Burn with a flow of 35% and turn on the airbrush tool next to the flow drop menu. Line up your brush over the image carefully and paint the brush once over the image. Use a Gaussian Blur on a very low setting to smooth out some of the rougher colors. Now if you want to do what I did, add some Lens Flare accents at various strengths to the feathers on the firebird's tail, or leave it like it is if you prefer it that way.

As for the Bird of Paradise, she was a little more tricky. She used up about 3 different layers for her effects just because of the colors I chose to use.

Choose a base color for her (I used a pale teal color) and paint her on. Make a new layer with the effect set for Screen at a strength of 75%. Now switch brushes to a soft brush, like what you used for the burn and dodge tools for the firebird. Pick another color (I chose a shade of purple) and go along the edges of the wings to carefully catch the flight feathers and color them. Now flatten your image (Layers Menu at the bottom). Make another new layer and set it for Soft Light at full strength. Now choose a different color (I used pink) for the tail and color the whole thing until no blues show through. Now take your burn tool and burn the edges of the tail feathers, and the wings too if you would like. Flatten the image again and carefully use the dodge tool with a strength of 10% on the center of the tail to make the edges stand out more. Now if you like it, add lense flares or leave it like it is.

Now, you don't have to do it like I did, but that's how I got mine to look how you see them on the cover image. I hope that helps. Note me if you need more help, I'll be glad to help you out if you need it. ^_^
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Oh, thank you SO much! I will definately be giving that a try shortly! :D
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