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Sabre and Sage doodles

Left: two concept sketches of SABRE-tan, created by ~cptlfrghtr. SABRE or "Semi-Automated Business Research Environment" is an descendant of the SAGE computer system used in airline reservation systems. Likewise, SABRE-tan is SAGE-tan's daughter and a businesswoman involved in the airline industry. She's seems to have inherited her mother's hot temperament and fierce loyalty.

On the top right: a quick doodle of Tynix-tan. Tynix was the first Unix clone (?) created in 1973 at the Boston Children's Museum (which happened to be the site of the first commercial Unix installation).

Bottom right: Desmond Hume and SAGE-tan in a weird OS-tan/Lost parody. You see... the Swan Station computer was made of prop SAGE components. And an Apple ///. I don't think SAGE would like being stuck in a bunker with Desmond. Or anyone else for that matter...

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SABRE-tan is looking stylish, especially with the braids and hair ribbons, which contrast with her uniform and attitude!

Heheheh... Imagine the fool who dares call SABRE a girly-girl for wearing hair ribbons... o_o

Tynix-tan is cute, and seems like the kind and cheerful type who is better suited to dealing with little kids than Unix is!

Not familiar with Lost (and I don't think I'll ever be. Too intimidating!), but what type of person Desmond is + an asocial hothead stuck in a bunker together is a recipe for disaster, isn't it?