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Oh look, a Multics-centric chapter. Sort of. Multics may be more emotionally-unstable and/or touchy-acting than she usually is on account of being 1) Recently injured in a fight with Unix 2) Rather young here. She really did mellow out / become more psychologically-stable as she aged.

Think of closed space like cyberspace - basically, an immaterial world that OS and software-tans can inhabit, but hardwares and humans can't enter. At least not usually.

Multics-tan's main defensive mechanism is creating a large labyrinth (a play on Multics' ringed security feature). She lives in the center of the aforementioned labyrinth.

Selecric isn't like the other iBM-tans in that he actually has contact with the outside world sometimes. Ergo he is less biased than the others.

DAT LEOPARD x SELECTRIC SHIP is lampshaded even more.

For more info on the Multics v. Unix rivalry, I suggest you check out chapter five of my Linux-tan comic: [link] It will explain (most) everything you need to know. (Speaking of which, I really should finish that thing.)

Questions, comments and critiques are welcomed.
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