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OS-tan Sketchbook pg. 5

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A fifth installment of my "let's do random doodles of random OS-tans" series.

There's a definite theme here, it's Unixes. Don't ask how Unununium-tan and Mac System 1-tan snuck in...


IRIX-tan. Like her OS, IRIX-tan has a great love for aesthetics, 3d graphics and virtual reality. Unlike her OS, she can generate holograph-like projections.

AIX-tan, an IBM Unix. ~pwuerrer suggested a make AIX-tan look a little tougher, I hope I was able to. She's friendly toward the Linuxes and fond of Multics-sama (the Multicians claim that AIX is a Multics-like posing as a Unix, but they're a bit hyperbolic right?).

UnixWare-tan. While n old school propriety type, she appreciates the usefulness of open sourcery and practises a bit of it herself. She refused to be an apprentice to Xenix-tan (a reference to the lack of MS Xenix-derrived code in UnixWare) and strongly dislikes NT-tan and her step-sister, SCO Unix-tan.

Unununium (UUU)-tan. She represents the semi-deadish Unununium Operating Engine [link] , which was/is an ambitious project to build an entire OS from scratch. UUU-tan is a androidic young girl capable of great psionic energy despite her chronic, coma-like condition. She belongs to the Confederation of Independent OS-tans.

GECOS-tan. Multics-sama's bitterest rival, Unix-sama's early caretaker, she pretty much stirs up conflict wherever she goes. This entry sums her up pretty well: [link]

Mac System 1-tan, based on *Kattlanna's design. Feisty, rabble-rousing and free-spirited, she carries a large hammer and likes talking Newspeak (both references to the 1984-themed advert for the first Mac computer).

HP-UX-tan. I know next to nothing about HP-UX, except that it's YAU (yet another Unix) and competitive to OpenVMS. A billion points go to whoever can guess why she's dressed in WWII-themed clothing...

GNU Hurd/whatever-the-hell-the-GNU-kernel-is-tan. She's an absentminded (or just plain absent) server who harbors a slight grudge against Linux-tan for stealing her glory.

SCO© Unix© [aka OpenServer©]-tan, with a cameo by her Hordes of Lawyers©. SCO Unix-tan is Xenix-sama's daughter/professional lolcow, who enjoys filing nuisance lawsuits against Linux-tan, AIX-tan and whoever else happens to stoke her ire. She's highly paranoid and believes Linux-tan is a direct Unix descendant come to upend the old family. Adding to the lulz is a popular conspiracy that says she was actually hired by the Windows-tans to spread mistrust in the Linuces (inspired by this [link]). She got her ass kicked by Linux-tan and/or UnixWare-tan in the past, and that seems to have temporarily put a damper on her suehappiness.

You can fill-in-the-blanks as to what she's saying here. Ideas to get you started:

"if Slackware-tan calls me pretty again, I'll sue her into the STONE AGE!"
"Unix-like-- yeah, right-- Linux-tan IS one of us!"
"Ceaaassse and deeesssssist!"

Finally, VxWorks-tan. VxWorks in a Unix(-like?) OS used in a variety of embedded computers, everything from the Apache helicopter to Linksys routers to the Mars rovers. VxWorks-tan is an adventurer who enjoys space-travel and carries a giant railgun. Though it's not pictured here. ;__;
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
These never get old,... on the contrary, I think there's too few of these... ^_________^

Okay, time for a quickie roundabout....

IRIX-hime: probably my favorite "true" UNIX that's not UNIX-sama herself. ^^

AIX-sama: Well she does look a little tougher looking now. But since she is oft-neglected, she doesn't seem to have much flavor as a characer [yet]. ^.^

UnixWare-sama: Oh yeah, she would definitely hate SCO-bouzu right about now. ^^;
Love the snooty, old-school appearance. ^^

UUUUUUUUUUUUUU-chan: Probably my favorite CIOST-tan, she gets nothing but unconditional love and approval from this pig! ^^b
Cool, calculating, powerful, and yet so fragile and sap-laden, it's just a perfect blend of awesome plot points. ^___^v
The revamped uniform is even better, btw. ^______^
[and who wouldn't love that cascading hair?]

GECOS-sama: lololololololol >v<
Indeed, UUUUUUUUU-chan is something of her favorite "toy" among the CIOST-tan's who are still gullible enough to listen to her (GECOS-sama's power of persuasion ensures that there's always quite a few of those). ^^'

System1-tan: Yay! Spunkness!!!!!! >v<
This commemorates the first time you've drawn I-chan, congrats! ^^v

*applaud applaud*

HP-UX-sama: Yeah, another forgettable YAU. Then again, it's not like the UNIX HQ thrives for its originality. ^^;
As for your challenge, does it have anything to do with version 11.11 being changed to something else as an homage to the World War I Armistice anniversary? ^___^

GNU Hurd-tan: Oh, have you heard? She's gonna be released next year! I swear! ^____^
I second her sentiments, poor thing. ^^;

SCO© Unix© [aka OpenServer©]-bouzu: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! >v<
Actually, bankrupty court has been stuffed with moneygrubbers, and thus illegally kind to SCO, so she's renewing her offensive of annoyingness again, now empowered by a greedy bankruptcy trustee willing to suck whatever money the company has left before high-tailing it out of there.
It might end sooner rather than later, but by GAWWWWWWWD she just doesn't quit. ^^'

VxWorks-tan: Awww, no railgun. ;___;
Wow! What a looker! Slickness incarnate! I love how you did her face and hair here! ^___^
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
@IRIX-tan: Really? I didn't know she was your favourite! (I suppose Mac OSX Leopard/Snow Leopard-tan is my favourite Unix-decendant... by association with my current favourite OS)

@AIX: She's a BFF of Linux-sama, if that helps. ^^;

@UUU-chan: OpenVMS-sama will be my favourite CIOST-tan forever, but yes, I do love UUU-chan's story (sad as it may be)....

@GECOS-tan: Hmm, UUU-chan would be the second OS-tan human weapon that GECOS-tan has come into possession of, no? >.>

At least my OpenVMS-sama will probably never listen to GECOS-tan. Hmph! (I imagine VMS-sama would be rather sympathetic to Multics-sama, and therefor, UNsympathetic to GECOS-tan.)

@MacSystem1-tan: You forgot that old PCDOS/Mac System 1-tan comic I did! This is the second drawing of her I've done. :B

@HP-UX-tan: yes, it does have to do with HP-UX's version name change. This Unices: if you've seen one, you've seen em all. Well, except for the OSXes. And even they look rather generic under a BASH shell...

@GNU Hurd-tan: That poor lolcow. :<

@SCO© Unix©-tan©: Oh noes, is she at it again?! (Fun fact: I imagine this drawing would illustrate her reaction to the Unix/Linux ship). xD

@VxWorks-tan: I couldn't fit one into the picture! ;__;
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well technically speaking, that's just pure-blood UNIX. [not including UNIX-sama herself. A more favored Unix would be FreeBSD-sama, although I just consider her a BSD-tan. ^^'

Oh yeaaaaaaah... technically-speaking, UNIX-sama was kind of like a living bioweapon herself. Course it backfired on GECOS-sama terribly. ^^;

Ah yes, I did forget about that drawing. Although honestly, you have drawn probably like +1000 to date, so hard to keep track... ^____^;

And since I did guess right on HP-UX-tan, can I have my present now?

*opens maw, awaiting delicious food*

*cries at lack of squished railgun* ;___;
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, I've always considered the BSD-tans to be pureblooded Unices (even though it's technically not true, IRL)...

Somehow, Multics-sama vs. GECOS-tan reminds me of Jacob vs. Man in Black on Lost. Man in Black (that would be GECOS-tan) could not kill/attack Jacob (that would be Multics-sama) directly, nor could he FORCE another person to do so. So Man in Black convinced Ben (Unix-sama, in this analogy) that Jacob didn't love or care about him and this, coupled with one final rebuke by Jacob, was enough to send Ben into a berserk attack mode against Jacob. Course, Jacob was killed while Multics-sama was just badly injured, but in both cases an unsuspecting (and rather powerless) pawn was used to topple a wildly powerful leader.

(Lost: I watch too much of it.)

Um... I don't have food for you, but I can pile 1000 drawings on you!

*drops twenty sketchbooks on small pig*
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
*small pig goes SPLAT*

You're evil..... _._
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There are a number of things I could say about HP-UX, but few if any of them are positive. I like her uniform, though. It's cute!

Now where's Solaris? Aaugh!
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
I happen to recall you mentioning HP-UX in one of your literature pieces (I think it was the gun one)-- what is the deal with it? Wikipedia has lots of info on it, but doesn't mention its weaknesses.

And yeah, some of my favourite OS-tans are characterizations of OSes I don't even really like.

Solaris-tan will have to be included in Unix-tans of the World: Part II (it's a 200-part series! Dayum, those Unices reproduce like rabbits).

Er... have some OpenVMS-tan as a consolation prize: [link] [link] [link]
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Yay, OpenVMS!

About HP-UX, I'll send you a note.
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
I know, right? I hope she's suitably kickass (like the OS itself ^^).

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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! More OS-tan sketch goodness! :D

I especially like IRIX-tan's new design- one of the most catching, and striking OS-tan designs ever. Very elegant and futuristic!

AIX-tan looks tougher than in her previous depiction, but retains the classy charm from it.

The monocle makes UnixWare-tan look more distinguished, and I like her dress! She looks to be the snooty type though, or maybe that's just because she's right by SCO-tan?

BWAHAHAHA! No page of old-school Unixes is complete without SCO-tan!

Poor UUU-chan! She doesn't have to be a living weapon, as there are a lot of Independent OS-tans who oppose the idea of her being used only as such! But considering how GECOS-tan is one of the most influential Independent OS-tans... no wonder why they don't band together often!

Mac System 1-tan looks adorable and feisty! Her appearance as a nonconformist and odd-one-out seem very appropriate! :D

HP-UX-tan looks great! Haven't seen her drawn in a long time, and I like her new appearance, though I don't get the reference. No points for meeeeee. :(
IIRC, in your early concept design, you listed her as an inventor type, and that could be something to make her stand out from the others.

HURD-tan's facial expression sums up her predicament in life: Nearly 20 years old and STILL hasn't reached version 1.0, and she's right next to SCO-tan!

That begs the question... Aside from Slackware-tan (for obvious reasons), is there ANYBODY who likes SCO-tan? I know she has a lot of enemies, including: Linux-tan, A/UX-tan (because A/UX is derived from SCO code, and A/UX can never become open-sourced without Apple getting into legal problems), AIX-tan, Red Hat-tan, Unix Ware-tan...

VxWorks-tan looks cute, confident, and sassy! Her life as a space traveler wielding a giant gun sounds AWESOME! :D
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mugenketsubanHobbyist Digital Artist
"New design"? Is the old one available anywhere?
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
@IRIX-tan: thanks, I'm pretty pleased with her too. :D

@UnixWare-tan: I don't really think she'd be snooty-- self-confident and very prim, for sure, but far more down-to-earth than her step-sister.

@UUU-chan: don't be so sure about GECOS-tan's standing in the CIOST-- to be honest, I always thought she'd be like the crazy old hag of the group. After all, she's not very powerful or technically advanced and retains only a small foothold of territory...

VMS-sama would have more say over what happens to UUU-chan; luckily for UUU-chan, VMS-sama rather likes her and would use her as a weapon under the more dire of circumstances. -.-

@HP UX: See: WWI Armistice anniversary being refferenced in HP UX's version name [link]
Wow, you have a good memory! Even I forgot about my early idea that she'd be an inventor. @@;

@HURD-tan: definitely the indecisive, procrastinatory and shy type-- enough so that Linux-tan effectively "usurped" her position

@SCO-tan: Hehe, I don't know if even Slackware-tan would like her (if she did, it'd probably be an act to make her uncomfortable ^^;). The upscale/professional Windows-tans would undoubtedly like her (because she opposes their #1 enemy, the Linuxes), but you'd be hard-pressed to find any friendlies in the Unix family. ^^;

I didn't know that A/UX was derived from SCO code! Does that make her a relative to Xenix-tan? O.o
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh. UnixWare-tan is certainly dressed to impress, and isn't very cheerful, so it's easy to get wrong first impressions about her.

I thought GECOS-tan was one of the most influential CIOST members! Ahahaha! How the times change, and how she seems to have lost relevance to her comrades! However she has a lot of wisdom, tactical skills and is a master at manipulating others.

Luckily, VMS-sama, the leader doesn't support exploiting UUU-chan!

It's been mentioned that most of the members are either neutral/ambivalent/indifferent or opposed to exploitation, the only ones I know of being in favor are Tiny OS-tan, Sky OS-tan, GECOS-tan, and Argante-tan.

Poor HURD-tan. She's so notorious for procrastination, I had wondered which would come first: "Duke Nukem Forever" being released, or HURD reaching 1.0, and DNF got canceled altogether this May. Go for it, HURD-tan! Make it to 1.0!

The fact that Slackware-tan the Unix fangirl might not like SCO-tan really says something! You make a point about the professional Windows-tans liking her... even though the newer generations of Windows-tans are unaware of the ties that their oldest relatives, and SCO-tan technically have to the old MS-IBM Family!

I'm not sure whether A/UX-tan is a blood relative of Xenix-tan though. They probably are. They've probably never met though. It's also not a good sign when A/UX-tan, one of the most easy-going Unices ever, dislikes SCO-tan!
BellaCielo's avatar
BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
That's true.

Considering that GECOS is a very passe system (it was even relatively technologically-backward in the 60s and 70s @@), I have a hard time considering that GECOS-tan would have a lot of influence in the group-- but as you noted, she is an amazingly skillful character-assasin and a very slick talker.

I forgot that Tiny OS-tan and SkyOS-tan were in favour of UUU-chan being used as a weapon! To be honest, though, I quite forgot about the characters themselves. ^^;

HURD-tan is like a really bad waitress-- she takes forever to serve your food, and by then another waitress has come. Only it's Linux-tan. xD

It is rather ironic that the Windowses would like SCO Unix-tan without realizing her familial connection to Xenix-tan! I think they'd treat her more like family than the Unices would.

I guess that would make SCO Unix and A/UX-tan, like, half-or-full sisters? @@;
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AIX-tan definitely looks a bit tougher now.
IRIX-tan also looks nice ^^
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay, I'm glad I got your :iconsealofapprovalplz: :)
cptlfrghtr's avatar
System One-tan double plus good draw.

Once again you've brought more OS's to my attention: UUU-tan and HP-UX-tan.....
BellaCielo's avatar
BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm double plus happy :iconhurrahplz:

It's always fun finding out about new OSes... BTW, are you familiar with TUNIS and XINU? ^.^
cptlfrghtr's avatar
My English teacher made us write a paper in Newspeak >>

Yes it is, I wish I got HP-UX-tan's design :p. No, but isn't XINU the evil Scientology Alien?
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
I think my English teacher would kill me if I tried to write in Newspeak, though I'd probably be an improvement for me. xD

Eh, something about a version name change to pay homage to the WWI armistice (read about it under release history) [link] It's a good excuse to make her design different from the other Unices... it's always nice to be a little random, ya know?

Isn't XINU the evil Scientology Alien?

One would think; actually, it's something much scarier...



I'm going to draw a -tan of it, be on the lookout.
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Hey I heartily approve, she looks good in uniform.



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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
She's a Unix clone with a twist-- XINU-tan can ylno kaeps drawkcab. >:3
cptlfrghtr's avatar
Nice, those UNIX clones sure are a quirky bunch.
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
And TUNIS-tan could almost be a Unix-sama body double, except is quite a bit taller...
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