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OS-tan Sketchbook pg. 5

A fifth installment of my "let's do random doodles of random OS-tans" series.

There's a definite theme here, it's Unixes. Don't ask how Unununium-tan and Mac System 1-tan snuck in...


IRIX-tan. Like her OS, IRIX-tan has a great love for aesthetics, 3d graphics and virtual reality. Unlike her OS, she can generate holograph-like projections.

AIX-tan, an IBM Unix. ~pwuerrer suggested a make AIX-tan look a little tougher, I hope I was able to. She's friendly toward the Linuxes and fond of Multics-sama (the Multicians claim that AIX is a Multics-like posing as a Unix, but they're a bit hyperbolic right?).

UnixWare-tan. While n old school propriety type, she appreciates the usefulness of open sourcery and practises a bit of it herself. She refused to be an apprentice to Xenix-tan (a reference to the lack of MS Xenix-derrived code in UnixWare) and strongly dislikes NT-tan and her step-sister, SCO Unix-tan.

Unununium (UUU)-tan. She represents the semi-deadish Unununium Operating Engine [link] , which was/is an ambitious project to build an entire OS from scratch. UUU-tan is a androidic young girl capable of great psionic energy despite her chronic, coma-like condition. She belongs to the Confederation of Independent OS-tans.

GECOS-tan. Multics-sama's bitterest rival, Unix-sama's early caretaker, she pretty much stirs up conflict wherever she goes. This entry sums her up pretty well: [link]

Mac System 1-tan, based on *Kattlanna's design. Feisty, rabble-rousing and free-spirited, she carries a large hammer and likes talking Newspeak (both references to the 1984-themed advert for the first Mac computer).

HP-UX-tan. I know next to nothing about HP-UX, except that it's YAU (yet another Unix) and competitive to OpenVMS. A billion points go to whoever can guess why she's dressed in WWII-themed clothing...

GNU Hurd/whatever-the-hell-the-GNU-kernel-is-tan. She's an absentminded (or just plain absent) server who harbors a slight grudge against Linux-tan for stealing her glory.

SCO© Unix© [aka OpenServer©]-tan, with a cameo by her Hordes of Lawyers©. SCO Unix-tan is Xenix-sama's daughter/professional lolcow, who enjoys filing nuisance lawsuits against Linux-tan, AIX-tan and whoever else happens to stoke her ire. She's highly paranoid and believes Linux-tan is a direct Unix descendant come to upend the old family. Adding to the lulz is a popular conspiracy that says she was actually hired by the Windows-tans to spread mistrust in the Linuces (inspired by this [link]). She got her ass kicked by Linux-tan and/or UnixWare-tan in the past, and that seems to have temporarily put a damper on her suehappiness.

You can fill-in-the-blanks as to what she's saying here. Ideas to get you started:

"if Slackware-tan calls me pretty again, I'll sue her into the STONE AGE!"
"Unix-like-- yeah, right-- Linux-tan IS one of us!"
"Ceaaassse and deeesssssist!"

Finally, VxWorks-tan. VxWorks in a Unix(-like?) OS used in a variety of embedded computers, everything from the Apache helicopter to Linksys routers to the Mars rovers. VxWorks-tan is an adventurer who enjoys space-travel and carries a giant railgun. Though it's not pictured here. ;__;
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These never get old,... on the contrary, I think there's too few of these... ^_________^

Okay, time for a quickie roundabout....

IRIX-hime: probably my favorite "true" UNIX that's not UNIX-sama herself. ^^

AIX-sama: Well she does look a little tougher looking now. But since she is oft-neglected, she doesn't seem to have much flavor as a characer [yet]. ^.^

UnixWare-sama: Oh yeah, she would definitely hate SCO-bouzu right about now. ^^;
Love the snooty, old-school appearance. ^^

UUUUUUUUUUUUUU-chan: Probably my favorite CIOST-tan, she gets nothing but unconditional love and approval from this pig! ^^b
Cool, calculating, powerful, and yet so fragile and sap-laden, it's just a perfect blend of awesome plot points. ^___^v
The revamped uniform is even better, btw. ^______^
[and who wouldn't love that cascading hair?]

GECOS-sama: lololololololol >v<
Indeed, UUUUUUUUU-chan is something of her favorite "toy" among the CIOST-tan's who are still gullible enough to listen to her (GECOS-sama's power of persuasion ensures that there's always quite a few of those). ^^'

System1-tan: Yay! Spunkness!!!!!! >v<
This commemorates the first time you've drawn I-chan, congrats! ^^v

*applaud applaud*

HP-UX-sama: Yeah, another forgettable YAU. Then again, it's not like the UNIX HQ thrives for its originality. ^^;
As for your challenge, does it have anything to do with version 11.11 being changed to something else as an homage to the World War I Armistice anniversary? ^___^

GNU Hurd-tan: Oh, have you heard? She's gonna be released next year! I swear! ^____^
I second her sentiments, poor thing. ^^;

SCO© Unix© [aka OpenServer©]-bouzu: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! >v<
Actually, bankrupty court has been stuffed with moneygrubbers, and thus illegally kind to SCO, so she's renewing her offensive of annoyingness again, now empowered by a greedy bankruptcy trustee willing to suck whatever money the company has left before high-tailing it out of there.
It might end sooner rather than later, but by GAWWWWWWWD she just doesn't quit. ^^'

VxWorks-tan: Awww, no railgun. ;___;
Wow! What a looker! Slickness incarnate! I love how you did her face and hair here! ^___^