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OS-tan Sketchbook pg. 4

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More pages from my imaginary OS-tan artbook. :lol:

Clockwise from centre:

-OS/2 Warp-tan. She's a half-sister to the Windows-tans and was supposed to be THE flagship MS OS, but was separated from her family after IBM and Microsoft broke up collaborations in the late 80s. She now fosters a deep hatred for Microsoft and the Windows-tans (mostly NT-tan, who more or less "replaced" her). She secretly yearns for reunion with her old family and wishes she had never been driven to a life on the fringe.

(Heh-- Boulevard of Broken Dreams just began playing on the radio. I hate Greenday, but it's such an appropriate song for OS/2-tan :P)

She also has prehensile hair that she uses as extra appendages (symbolizing OS/2's multitasking abilities) and enjoys dressing in Star Trek-themed attire.

-RISC-tan. Representing the Acorn RISC OS, RISC-tan is a very prim and proper Englishwoman, who just happens to be physically indestructible (think, like Claire Bennet from Heroes). While her body can regenerate from any sort of injury, her ego is very fragile (see image).

-Windows NT-tan... because somebody needed to be sticking a sword through RISC-tan.

-eComStation-tan. OS/2-tan's little sister, eCS-tan is carefree, playful and athletic but perhaps a bit awkward.

-Tandy TRS 80-tan. Based off of the Radioshack-sold microcomputer, TRS 80-tan is a very old fashioned and puritanical type. Likes throwing books at people and preaching.

-QNX Neutrino-tan. Based off a little-known version of Unix, QNX Neutrino-tan is a mad scientist.

-Mac OSX Leopard-tan and Windows 2.0-tan. Er... this is my computer at the moment, cause I got Windows 2.0 successfully running under an emulator. Woot!

-Multics-sama, stripped down to ring zero (over 9,000 points go to whoever gets that reference). I was trying to figure out what Multics-sama would wear on a trip to the beach or the bath; I realized she would be one of the few characters in OS-tandom that would never, NEVER, be caught wearing anything resembling a swimsuit (or anything else skimpy for that matter). So here she is, in a modestish swimming dress.

-Emacs-kun in the background. Wearing an old-timey bathing suit. He's here mostly for lulz, but also because he's very pretty. I like drawing pretty things.

Pencils, HUGE stock paper
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh this is simply golden. ^________^

Leopard-sama + 2.0-chan: I'd have to concur with Leopard-sama. KAWAII~!!! ...with an extra "wai". ^___^
Even as a sketch, 2.0-chan's hair is just so fluidly define, and she has a face that could melt stone. ^^

OS/2-sama: SEX-EH!!! >v<
Course you're no stranger to drawing sexy OS/2-tans,... [link]
This is the first time I've seen you draw her in full battle pose, it is VERY cool. ^____^
Funny how if memory serves, it was SleepyD's idea to make her hair prehensile. ^^

QNX-sama: GAH!!!!!! KEWT!!!!
She looks so cute and mischievous here! Must be the combination of combed down hair, puppy eyes and Bella Grin™. ^___^

TRSDOS-chan: Also quite the cute little zealot, though not as much as neo QNX-chan. ^__^
No sign of those ginormous books she wields as projectile weapons. ^-^
But she'd be very happy to hear the Colonel's comment about the Radio Shack employee saying she was in stock a few weeks ago, lol. ^^

eCS-chan: Cuteness incarnate!!!!!!!! And definitely as notably athletic as with your old picture of eCOS-tan (I think I mentioned once before the two girls are eerily similar in many ways). ^^
Quick sort-of correction: she's actually OS/2-sama's SELF-PROCLAIMED little sister, and just follows her idol around much in the same way as FreeVMS-chan does with Shark Lady. However, I did leave that fact a bit open-ended in case a future sappy story COULD prove that she really IS OS/2-tan's biological little sister, or maybe even a daughter! ^^'

[and if that were to happen, OS/2-tan's character would change almost overnight, as she'd finally stop living in the past and be a little more mindful of her own little family she has now]

RISC-tan: Aw, this picture is PURR-FECT! >v<
Yeah, I had hoped to show her indestructibility in some way, but surprise surprise never happened. So thankfully youc ame right in and fixed that. Thank you so much! ^___^

One of the most annoying things for OS/2-tan is that this is usually enough to paralyze RISC-chan in a fight, so her indestructibility is pretty much useless. ^^'
[and I guess there'd be more than one "just fight naked!" jokes tossed around from time to time as a result... ^^; ]
On the other hand, she's a mean markswoman and a superb writer, and certainly has been a loyal and caring companion to OS/2-tan for almost 2 decades now.

Multics-sama: Well in THOSE days, she might as well be naked. LE GASP! She's showing SOME ARM!! how scandalous! >v<

*coveres eyes before they burn any further*

She still has a broken wing, so I'm guessing this is pre-Rebirth Multics-sama. ^__^
Zero Ring bathing suit is nicely gorgeous (and somewhat.... see through...? *nose bleeds* ), and again you're having too much fun with the hair nowadays cause it came out downright majestic (despite the fact that here it's composed mainly of zipzag-like strokes). Smug face and smile is for the lolz. ^^

And speaking of lolz, EMACS-kun is filled to the brim with it. Between this and Vi-kun being something of a fawning magnet, these Editor-kuns just seem incapable of leading boring lives. ^__^

Masterful work as always! ^^
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
OS/2-tan: Doesn't that qualify more as a drunken OS/2-tan? But yeah, I've really taken an appreciation to her... I wonder why. :lol:

QNX and TRSDOS-tan: bout time I got around to drawing them. ;___;

eCS-chan: Really? I just assumed it was common knowledge that she was OS/2-tan's biological sister. Now that I think about it, I do remember you once mentioning that she could be OS/2-tan's daughter. I can't imagine an un-vengeful and crazed OS/2-tan, though! @@;

RISC-tan: yey!!! I was able to properly showcase RICS-tan's indestructabiliiiiityyyyyy!! :boogie:
And oh, I BET there would be "just fight naked" jokes tossed around. The pervs! It's not enough that she's talented and caring and a good markswoman and writer? ;___;

Multics-sama: the fabric work and shading and hair here was a ton of fun to draw! I tried to make her hair look extra shiny and wet-like. Yep, this was probably set in the "prime" of her life... back when her Multicians could afford to build her gigantic palaces with freakishly huge bathing/pool rooms. ^^;

Emacs-kun: oh yes, those editor-kuns live the life. xD I want to make a QED-kun [link]) -- he'd be an especially interesting character, as he worked for many of the classical-era OS-tans (including CTSS-tan, Multics-sama, GECOS-tan and the Unices).
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
fufu... remember that eons ago I proposed a scene of OS/2-sama, 95-tan and others playing a peaceful game of cards while residing in a much larger Binteji Renmei. This of course was meant to be 30 years later. ^^'

Yeah t'd take a while, but eventually OS/2-sama would mellow out. ^-^

The pervs! It's not enough that she's talented and caring and a good markswoman and writer? ;___;

Course not. If anything, that stuff just gets in the way. We want nekkid pics! >v<

[j/k] ^^;

Yep, this was probably set in the "prime" of her life... back when her Multicians could afford to build her gigantic palaces with freakishly huge bathing/pool rooms. ^^;

Yeesh, that reminds me of a gaudy mention where the swimming "pool" was the size and depth of a small lake. It was so large, it had it own island and you could even ride a waterbike over it! So yeah, if they did the same no wonder Multics-sama's fortune diappeared. ^^;
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
D'awww, how sweet. :B

I think I once saw that pool (or something like it) on a TV special once... although I imagine Multics-sama's pool rooms would look more like these [link] [link] ^.^
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Lol, I wonder what the other OSes would wear as a swimsuit.
Multics-san reminds me of Hanako from Katawa Shoujo.
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
That's a very good question. xD

And I'm not really familiar with that character. :(
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well at least Amiga-sama's choice of beachwear is pretty obvious,... *lecherous grin* ^ѡ^

DaveLuck's avatar
Haha! No matter how hard WNT tries to kill other systems, they live on!

And I lol'd at the rings and at OS/2's little Star Trek badge... Nice touch!
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
That's right. >:3

Wow, I never thought I'd meet somebody who would get a rings/clothing reference... or joke... or whatever. And OS/2-tan is quite the Star Trek fan. xD
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Lovely! :D

My personal favorite is the picture of RISC OS-tan.
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I had a lot of fun drawing it, especially those WTH-faces. ^^
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I like the whole sketch

OS/2: Warp is a great name for an OS and whoever put her in a Starfleet uniform is win.

Tandy TRS-80: When I asked if they had any still in stock on Black Friday the Radio Shack guy said they'd sold out earlier in the day. Never laughed in a store before.

QNX Neutrino: Because the world needs more mad Unixan.

Multics & Emacs: Ring 0....... I never thought I'd see Ring 0..... My God it's full of stars..... :eyepopping:

So swim.pll then? SAGE swim wear: wooley pully and jeans.

Yes, yes, we all know Emacs is very pretty
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist

Our friend ~C-quel is the guy responsible for putting her in a Starfleet uniform; check out his gallery, he has a few renditions of OS/2-tan posted there :) Here are a couple others: [link] [link]

Wait, you mean you just asked if they had any in stock? I'm shocked the salesguy had any idea what you were talking about.

I think there are more mad Unixen than sane Unixen. It must be a genetic thing...

Haha, nobody ever thinks they'll see ring 0. And most don't. :lol:

(Hmmm, that sounds about right for SAGE-sama. You make me wanna draw an "old OS-tans having a beach-party" scene. xD)

You can never be reminded too many times about how pretty Emacs-kun is. :la:
cptlfrghtr's avatar
That's right, I remember now. I have the entire c-quel collection, but no the last two.

I don't think he did, black Friday kind of was getting to it seemed. And yes, I get bored when forced to go shopping I'll ask for out of long out of stock items. Especially Radio Shack.

Most likely. Perhaps environmental factors have something to do with it to?

True than, and those that do are never the same again.

(dooo eet!)

No..... of course not
C-quel's avatar
C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks buddy. ^^

btw, I still haven't forgotten about your review. Although thanks to my backlog, the number of pages to review has grown exponentially (although don't get me wrong, that's awesome!). ^^b

I'm packing them up and planning to read them all tomorrow during lunch (assuming I'm not bombarded again), and then I'll type up something massive for you. ^^

And lol at the Radio Shack dude's feeble attempt to pretend to know what you were talking about (unless maybe he thought you were referring to a TI calculator). ^^;
cptlfrghtr's avatar
Hooray! I have to say, I was beginning to wonder :)

That is.... unlikely for now. Maybe in the near future (gotta. write. Christmas. story) I look forward to reading it.

Must have, either that or that's what everyone was getting at that point
C-quel's avatar
C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
*bangs head on wall 50 times*

Please 'wonder' for a little bit longer. At least till this suckage tank of mine clears out more... ^^;
cptlfrghtr's avatar
Don't worry, take your time
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
That sounds about right... those Radio Shack guys are typically on a different planet, you know, mentally-speaking. At least when it comes to their job. I remeber once going into a Radio Shack and having the salesman try to sell me a Windows Veeeesta PC. I was like, srsly man, it's Vista. If you're going to try to sell a crappy product at least pronounce it's friggin name correctly.

That too. >:3

You mean, those who don't instantly get killed by Multics-sama for voyeurism. xD

And I guess that'll have to go on me to-do list. :ohnoes:
cptlfrghtr's avatar
Sometimes its fun just to ask if they have items from Star Trek. Or vacuum tubes, that's always a hoot but it comes off best with an overcoat and goggles.

Well dead is different :D This isn't going to turn out like the ring is it?

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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, I'll have to try that on my next visit to Radio Shack. :lightbulb:
cptlfrghtr's avatar
It brings a ray of sunshine into a boring day. Sometime I'm gonna find an old ad and take it with me.
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
I always like to loudly drone on about how awesome Mac (and/or Linux) is and how sucky Windows is when I'm in the computer department of any store...

You know, just to save would-be Vista/Win7 users from future heartache.
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