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OS-tan Sketchbook pg. 2

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© 2009 - 2020 BellaCielo
Another page out of my imaginary OS-tan artbook....

Clockwise from top;

-An older Inferno-tan. The granddaughter of the eternally youthful Bell Labs Unix-sama and daughter of the somewhat youngish Plan 9-tan, I wonder if Inferno-chan would ever grow into an adult; I guess this stands as a "what if" scenario, then. Next to her is Net BSD-tan.

-Chibi Slackware-tan with a plushie of her idol, Unix-sama.

-Vi-kun scribble

-A +Nijura+ version of Windows 7-tan, originally drawn by the artist Esu (I think that's his/her name). I really love this design for Windows 7-tan, and so does my father xD Two out of two Mac fans agree, this is one cool Windows-tan!

-Welcome aboard the Slackware-tan x Plan 9-tan ship! I kind of see their relationship as a really sweet one... even though Slackware-tan is a slightly perverted Unix-tan-mongerer, and Plan 9-tan has a history of rejection and abandonment by her fellow Unixen (her mother included), I think the two of them would be different people in the company of one another. Like, they really "get" each other.

-Next up are GENIAC-tan, SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment)-sama, and Apple ///-tan, the most unlikely friendship in all of OS-tandom. ~cptlfrghtr and *Kattlanna sort of came up with the concept of the three being friends.

It should be noted that Apple ///-tan's DHARMA jumpsuit is in reference to Apple /// computers being used as the DHARMA computers in Lost.

-I like Mac-tan, but I like messing with Mac-tan more. Just to see what her reaction will be. I can imagine she'd be mighty peeved when she discovered that the shiny new apple she placed atop her head had been eaten by the diminutive Damn Small Linux-tan...
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehehe! I like the pairing between Plan 9-tan and Slackware-tan, regardless of what 'Virus-sama' would say about it! Yes, I have read the Unix Haters Handbook!

Is it me, or does Slackware-tan look the cutest when she's looking crazy?

Yaaaaay! A pic of Apple ///-tan, GENIAC-chan and SAGE-sama together!

Nice depicting of Esu's Windows 7-tan designs! Bwahahaha! It seems that Vista has already fallen into dis-continuity! Vista never existed! 7 is XP's successor!

Also like seeing Mac-tan again. :) Surely she would have gotten used to seeing tiny people, with all the iPod-tans living at the Mac House, and whatnot. ';p
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Another passenger on the Plan 9/Slackware-tan ship! This is becoming a mighty fine ship indeed. :lol:
Virus-sama!? Unix-Hater's Handbook!? :iconlegaspplz: You gonna get a boot thrown at you, mai girl.

///-tan, GENIAC and SAGE-sama are like, the cutest and most unlikely friends ever. :3

As far as I'm concerned, nothing ever came after XP. -___-; But hey, at least Windows 7-tan is cute (and rather Mac-tanesque, no?)

Whatever happened to Mac-tan? We don't seem to see very much of her anymore. :(
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Of the many Windows 7-tan designs, is Esu's your favorite? His design is one of my favorite, though I also somewhat like Nanami as well. Yeah, Esu's design kinda resembles Leopard-tan, or Snow Leopard-tan.

I also like the friendship between Apple ///-tan, SAGE-sama, and GENIAC-chan! They're so cute together! :D

Not really sure what happened to Mac-tan either. It's not a good sign when I haven't drawn her lately, and she's still one of my favorite canon OS-tans!

In terms of OS discontinuity, my mom doesn't seem to acknowledge Vista or 7 either. She's still sticking with XP at work and also at home, until recently when she switched to using a Mac Mini at home, since her home Windows machine has just gotten too slow and unreliable. :(
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Esu's is my favourite be a long shot :D I dislike Nanami on the basis of it being a MS design (sorta?).

Hmm, maybe we should do a Mac-tan collaborative drawing. :dummy:

I think things went downhill rather quickly after XP; even XP isn't that awesome, but it does work reasonably well. It's interesting that your mom has finally begun using Macs, though (I remember you saying that she was the Windows hold-out in your family. xD)
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah! I'd like to do a collaborative drawing! :D

I admit I do like Nanami's design, although she looks a bit too much like 98-tan already. However, I still can't get around the idea of there being an 'official' OS-tan, and was disappointed at first when she was announced.

My mom was the Windows hold-out in the family for the past few years. She's actually indifferent towards computers in general, and just wants something that works well, and had chosen a Windows PC for home out of reason of convenience, since she uses Windows XP at work.
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Yey... would you rather do the vector sketch or shading, or some other aspect?

Most of the folks in my family are computer-indefferent too. My father loves Macs, but has become rather fond of Ubuntu, and my brother wants a Linux netbook. xD I do have an uncle who's a very diehard Mac fan, though.
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Is one of us going to do an initial pencil sketch first, or will it be a direct vector sketch?

I guess I'll do the shading and refining of details, since I just can't seem to come up with anything to sketch at the moment, and barely have been able to the past few days. x_x

Now, how ambitious do you want this to be, and with how many characters?
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Since you want to to the shading, I'll worry about the pencil and/or vector sketch. :)

Not too ambitious, at least not at first. ;P Just Mac-tan for the time being.
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
MOAR OS-tan goodness! ^____________^

1) *sniffles* Little Inferno-chan is all grown up now.... I remember when she was just thiiiiiiiiis tiny....

*gets on lift*

*raises very very very high up*

*hold hoof in midair for emphasis*

*slowly descends back to the ground*

NET-chan is not too well detailed, but she otherwise stands as a cute cameo. ^^

2) Chibi SLackware-chan FTW!
And plusie UNIX-sama For The Sacrilegious Win [FTSW]!! >v<

3) Why do I get the impression that Vi-kun is kinda like our Homeo now? ^__^

4) Too bad that silly Nanami might get all the credit, since clearly Esu's W7-tan shows that traditional OS-tan artists truly got it where it counts! In style! ^___^v

lol at "Who's Vista". ^.^

5) So those two aren't going on a cruise then? ^____^
Actually, our OS-tan world is filled with polar opposites that just seem to "click" more than the closest friends (or more than just friends?). UNIX-sama w/ Linux-sama, OS/2-sama w/ RISC-tan, Amiga-tan w/ ME-chan, Tiger-sama w/ just about everybody, etc... ^^'

6) fufu! GENIAC-chan finally has a new friend! It's good to know that SAGE-sama is finally getting some healthy R&R. Also mega-lol at III-tan's DHARMA outfit, although I still miss thinking that computer was an evil PET-chan. ^___^

7) haha! That brings back memories, I love it! ^v^
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
-D'awww, they grow up so quickly :B NetBSD-tan was something of an afterthought, I'm trying to fill up as much blank space as I can in my doodlepages.

-I've become rather fond of Sacrilegious Win lately. :la:

-Er, I'm not sure why. Care to fill us in? ^^;

-Like most MS things, Nanami sorta sucks-- Esu's designs are always golden, though.

-You have a point... but HOLD ON, did YOU just suggest Unix/Linux-sama ship, the Miggy/Me-chan ship, and the Tiger/everyone ship?! :XD:

-Ah, yes, aren't they a sweet merry bunch? ^^

-Yeah, for me too.
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
1) Waah! Time flies when you're having fun! ><
2) No kidding, after suddenly seeing a surge of "The Toy" nomers for Unix-sama. But I reckon as long as they're used by the older generation, she doesn't really mind (GECOS-sama included). ^^
3) Two words: "UNIX-sama Approved" ^______^
4) fufu, glad I'm not the only one who thinks it. But interesting to see them try anything to hold onto their impenetrable market fortress. Most likely to prevent this girl from gaining a foothold in Q1 2010: [link]
5) Um.... uh,... ano.................... LOOK!! ITS DANIEL FARADAY SNOWBOARDING IN NEW HAMSPHIRE!!!! >v<

*makes a run for it*

6) After reading that fanfic, it makes perfect sense. ^^

7) Ditto for the sake of filling this slot. ^-^
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
2) It could be worse, we could be calling Unix-sama "Virus-sama". The Unix Haters Handbook makes a good argume--

*has warning boot thrown at head*

3) Wait... I'm not seeing a weird... er... Unix-sama/Vi-kun, Homeko and Homeo parallel, am I? :blush:

*a second boot gets thrown at head, this time closer*

4) Loligoth Chrome-tans frightens me slightly. :<


*sees no Woobie nearby*


You sly pig... so all that Linux-sama/Unix-sama soul mate stuff was a little less innocent than I thought initially. :lmao:

*Gets KO'd by lead pipe*
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well deserved! Methinks thou hath sacriligoused too much! >v<

3) Well, she surely would be a tease, though not sure she'd actively engage in Vi-kun manhandling. On the other hand, she'd probably actively encourage it with the more full-grown women, who really don't need much encouragement to fawn over the prodigal perpetually-young writer. ^^'

4) Well they did announce her today, so she's officially an OS. However, Google's serious about no local apps installed, so there goes my interest in it. Moblin, here I come. ^^'

5) *gets fried by revenge gaze*
Oh come on now,... You think after more than a decade of being hand-in-glove soul mates, it'd remain purely innocent forever?! XD


*gets yanked away and tossed into a coal-fired barbecue grill*
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
But is fun! :la:

Oh lawd, poor little Vi-kun... life must be like one big stereotypical harem anime for him. ಠ_ಠ

Ah... I thought it was Chrome as in the browser. I didn't even know there was a Chrome OS until you mentioned it (and I read the wikipedia article). I'm such a new tech dunce, I don't even know the meaning of cloud computing or web OS...^^;

"Oh come on now,... You think after more than a decade of being hand-in-glove soul mates, it'd remain purely innocent forever?! XD"

I did! :iconlegaspplz:

Hurhur, this really puts a new light on this drawing. [link] :iconhurrplz:
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
1) lol, kinda. Very Negima-style, though. ^^;

2) Well cloud computing, to put it very simply, is like using a cellphone. Everything useful about the phone, from online contacts to GPS, is often stored and processed on an external network or the internet (both = "da cloud").

Remember that Geek Dude who convinced you that online storage was GAWD and hard drives were hellspawn? That's essentially the mindset behind cloud computing: "Send all your data to our server, and we'll take goooooood care of it. Trust us."

Chrome OS is intended to act like an internet browser, so ALL applications are online-based. Granted this is more and more possible with HTML5 and stuff like this: [link]

But otherwise, its hard to believe for me that this is trustworthy, or even reliable when there is no internet access. Even if Chrome OS was used on 3G-enabled machines, there's still many things that can interrupt connectivity same as with phones. Granted new details have emerged that indicate local storage and applications WILL be possible after all, it still strikes me a little harrowing coming from a more traditional-minded comp user. ^^'

On the other hand, I say let them try, and who knows? If Apple can successfully market crippled, locked-down products into gotta-have items, anything is possible. ^^b

3) Wow! That it does, and they're even hand-holding to boot! >v<

*gets propelled back by jet streamed-nosebleed*
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
2) Yeesh, I would want use a web-reliant computer. For one thing, I go weeks at a time without internet during the summer (and occasionally the winter).

And I'd hate having ALL My data stored up in a remote place-- backups may be one thing (and then only with other backup devices), but the risk of it being lost or inaccessible is just too high.

1 & 3) Hooooo, my awesome psychic powers predict the Unix/Linux ship. :iconwooooplz:

By GAWD, between Vi-kun, the escapades of Slackware-tan, the lulz of the proprietary vs. open source rivalry, and d'awwwdorableness of Unix/Linux Ship, it sounds like their life would make for the most freakishly funny story, ever.

That's not even including the love-pentagon that the Colonel and I seem to have gotten Unix-sama into. >xD
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First off let me say that I want a UNIX plushie!

Second, Slackware-tan x Plan 9-tan rocks

Finally, I'm going to combust from the joy of seeing Apple ///, GENIAC, and SAGE together for the first time :onfire:
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Me too. :ohnoes: Maybe when I get bored and eventually try plushie-making, I'll try making a few. :lol:

Yey, more people are coming aboard the Slackware-tan/Plan 9-tan ship~ !

And I'm glad you're combustably happy to see the Three Amigos together for the first time.
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Alll aboard *pulls down whistle chain*
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yeah, I used to explode ALL the time every time these ladies would draw a heap load of OS-tan WIN. Everything from seeing Multics-sama tutor a young VMS-tan, to Amiga-tan performing the Rock Lobster.... sometimes it was hard to resist the spontaneous combustion. ^^'
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Indeed it is...... Amiga-tan and Rock Lobster?
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
hehe, long story... Feel free to ask Kattlanna about it, I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it. ^^

I do have all her old 2nd-generation Zerosanity comics, maybe she'll let me repost them somewhere. -v-
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