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OS-tan Sketchbook pg. 2

Another page out of my imaginary OS-tan artbook....

Clockwise from top;

-An older Inferno-tan. The granddaughter of the eternally youthful Bell Labs Unix-sama and daughter of the somewhat youngish Plan 9-tan, I wonder if Inferno-chan would ever grow into an adult; I guess this stands as a "what if" scenario, then. Next to her is Net BSD-tan.

-Chibi Slackware-tan with a plushie of her idol, Unix-sama.

-Vi-kun scribble

-A +Nijura+ version of Windows 7-tan, originally drawn by the artist Esu (I think that's his/her name). I really love this design for Windows 7-tan, and so does my father xD Two out of two Mac fans agree, this is one cool Windows-tan!

-Welcome aboard the Slackware-tan x Plan 9-tan ship! I kind of see their relationship as a really sweet one... even though Slackware-tan is a slightly perverted Unix-tan-mongerer, and Plan 9-tan has a history of rejection and abandonment by her fellow Unixen (her mother included), I think the two of them would be different people in the company of one another. Like, they really "get" each other.

-Next up are GENIAC-tan, SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment)-sama, and Apple ///-tan, the most unlikely friendship in all of OS-tandom. ~cptlfrghtr and *Kattlanna sort of came up with the concept of the three being friends.

It should be noted that Apple ///-tan's DHARMA jumpsuit is in reference to Apple /// computers being used as the DHARMA computers in Lost.

-I like Mac-tan, but I like messing with Mac-tan more. Just to see what her reaction will be. I can imagine she'd be mighty peeved when she discovered that the shiny new apple she placed atop her head had been eaten by the diminutive Damn Small Linux-tan...
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Hehehehe! I like the pairing between Plan 9-tan and Slackware-tan, regardless of what 'Virus-sama' would say about it! Yes, I have read the Unix Haters Handbook!

Is it me, or does Slackware-tan look the cutest when she's looking crazy?

Yaaaaay! A pic of Apple ///-tan, GENIAC-chan and SAGE-sama together!

Nice depicting of Esu's Windows 7-tan designs! Bwahahaha! It seems that Vista has already fallen into dis-continuity! Vista never existed! 7 is XP's successor!

Also like seeing Mac-tan again. :) Surely she would have gotten used to seeing tiny people, with all the iPod-tans living at the Mac House, and whatnot. ';p