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OS-TANS: Spark



The fire is magical, but the property damage is real.

Companion piece to my Linux-tan drawing, since it occurred to me I'd never drawn magic-wielding Unix-tan either. So here she is in all her "I am about to set fire to everything you love and possibly you too if I don't beat you to death with my scepter first"-y glory.

I feel like the flames and scepter could be a lot better and I forgot a few small details (the socks and the numerals carved on the staff, although I doubt those would've been easy to see at this resolution anyway...) but I wanted to get this posted so I don't spend any more time obsessing over details.

Here's a little WIP picture I put together documenting the steps leading up to the "final" version you see here.
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gahhh so pretty! I love the lighting 8D it goes so well with the blueee <3