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Apophysis 3d hack, using ~Shortgreenpigg's Glass Julian Script [link]

This bugger took 25 minutes to render. >: Would have been an hour at a higher zoom...
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Is it okay if I use this as the background for my wiki? This is an amazing piece and definitely shows the omniverse/a multiverse more as I see it that the perfect spheres that everyone seems so obsessed with.
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Go for it! Just credit me and provide a link to this page, please. :)
cuteinsanity88's avatar -- The Omniverse Database Wiki. It's a hub for all my (and my sib and friends') RP and original characters. It is just starting out, so there's hardly any content.
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Hey, um. Holy crap. you're famous now. A little, anyway. Yay for CC licenses?
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Oh my — this has made my day! I love seeing my art used in interesting places!  

Incidentally this piece has been used in at least one other article on multiverse theory, though I wasn't able to read it because I don't speak Portuguese (and neither does Google Translate ... at least not very well). Pleased this fanciful render has been deemed good enough to grace two articles on the subject!
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yep, that's the multiverse, class 1 universes inside class 2 universes which are then inside class 3 universes.
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Then it works perfectly. ^^
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Hmmm,... these?

Clearly those alien critters from the Abyss. ^-^
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Eeee! The Abyss was one of my favourite movies back in the day (=2004).
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uhhh,... we sure we're talking about the same Abyss [1989]? ^_________^

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One and the same. :lol:
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I love love love this. Soooooo much. *EATS IT*
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No, don't eat my art! :V

Haha, thank you. There's definitely going to be more of these 3D Julian fractals on the way, keep an eye out for them. ^^
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Oooh, glowy... *stares*
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really neat looking :D
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I think so... it'd be neater if I could zoom in closer, but then the export time would have been in the hours. @@'
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