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MagicalOS-tanScienceKids: Part II

By BellaCielo
LINC x PDP-8: Because the only thing better than a historically-accurate OS-tan ship is one with historically-accurate offspring. (Rare as they are.) 

Also because I've owed a certain someone cute science baby art for awhile now! (You know who you are.) I'd have had it up sooner, but I kept suffering from adorable-ness overdose every time I attempted work on it ... 

Also also because I'm considering taking up "yuri science babies" as a personal artistic cause, since there seems to be a dearth of it on the interwebs ...
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Sorry, I don't quite understand the description...
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In what sense?

If you're talking about the "historically accurate offspring" part, it's in reference to the fact that the LINC and PDP-8 computers were combined into one computer and that a direct "descendant" of that combined computer was later developed. This is symbolized here as their marriage and child together, respectively.

If it's about my yuri science kids comment, I consider it something of a personal mission to produce more female/female pregnancy and family art since it's something I've always found cute and emotionally appealing!

If it's something else... let me know.
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Ugh, you draw pregnant ladies so freaking cute XD

Really adorable job with this one, I love the clothing and hair :)
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Thanks, I'm still in the process of learning how to draw a wider range of body types so it's good to hear! 

Yeah, I was aiming for mid-late 60s with the hairstyle and clothing. I'm not sure how accurate it is to the period but I'm glad to hear it turned out alright. 
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You're welcome! And you really did get that old timey look right.