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Leopard-tan and iPhone-tan

By BellaCielo
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Time flies, eh?

Mac OSX Leopard-tan is based off of a design by ~Kattlanna, and more info on the character can be found here and here. Basically, she's a young genius who uses her pocketwatch to travel though time.

iPhone-tan, who has stolen Leopard-tan's magic watch, is depicted as a mischievous fairy type. She's very fashionable and knowledgeable, and is of great service to those who ask of her help.
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ditto on the darker shading -- it really pumps up the dynamism of this picture up a few hundred notches. ^^

Given the extreme light source, though, high contrast shading might have been okay for this shot too, since you once told e you wanted to try that kind of effect someday. ^__~
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BellaCieloHobbyist Digital Artist
Gyaaah, I thought the lighting WAS high contrast! :O_o:

Oh well... it's not like I couldn't easily make it higher-contrast. ^^
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C-quelHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well,... judging by that picture you showed me, not quite. For high contrast shots, you really need DARK shading... DARK as in almost PITCH BLACK if not that entirely (well,... okay, no PITCH BLACK cause then it will look too much like comic book style shading... ). >.<

How about reposting that inspiration picture again so we can compare and contrast,... i recall the image was that of some anime dude standing next to a city light or lamp fixture or something.
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Like It! The colors really make it pop up
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KattlannaHobbyist Digital Artist
Time flies, and maybe iPhone-tan just stole Leopard-tan's pocketwatch to kill some time but ran out of time when Leopard-tan took her time and-- not my best attempt at puns x__x

This is an awesome picture and the revamped shading and lighting make it even more dramatic looking! iPhone-tan being the fashionable type surely suits her because of all the apps and accessories for the iPhone! :D