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Language-tans (Part 2)

The next batch...

I decided to make COBOL, Pascal and Logo-tan after *TheKid965 mentioned those languages in a comment on my previous PL-tan sketch. Physically-speaking, COBOL and Pascal-tan (and ALGOL 60) were inspired by this post [link], while Logo is based on my LISP-tan design. I envision her as the fun, whimsical teacher everyone wishes they had as a kid. Oh, and she's always accompanied by turtles, I imagine she has some sort of magical command over them. I guess you could view them her familiars.

Not very much to say about ALGOL 60-tan, I imagine she's the most motherly of the group, and has the highest number active / popular children and grandchildren of any PL-tan I've drawn to date.

Initially, I tried drawing Ada-tan in a military uniform, but it didn't look right. I envisioned her as a warrior-type, so a suit of armor seemed a good choice ... though I have very little armor-drawing experience, so I'm not sure it turned out very well.

I wish I could take credit for Clojure-tan, but I merely fanart'ed an existing design [link] [link]. She came out a little more magical-girl-ish than I intended.... (Mahou Shoujo Clojure-chan ☆ Magica?)

Next up:
Suggestions are always welcomed!
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Logo-tan is so adorable :)
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...If you were looking for an alternative costume for Ada, it is known as a "BDSM" language...

COBOL, Logo, ALGOL-60, and Pascal look downright perfect. Although I imagine Logo should be over with ALGOL-60 and Pascal. For, y'know, OCD reasons.
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Great, now I have to the strangest urge to make some, er, creative Ada x WWMCCS-tan artwork. Or Ada x Python-tan ... which actually just seems much worse.

Thanks! I was confident that COBOL and Logo-tan were decent personifications of their respective languages, but wasn't so sure about Pascal and ALGOL 60. Sometimes it pays to err on the side of simplicity / not over-thinking things, I guess.
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Sometimes these things just happen!
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if you do ruby/java, just remember that they have personifications already, so keep that in mind. i'd like to see a Forth-tan/kun because i remember you guys talking about that. ^^

they're all super-cute, btw. -w-
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Thanks! If I draw Ruby-tan, she'll be based on the existing design. Technically, most of these are based on other designs to begin with - be they actual -tans (in the case of Clojure-tan and Fortran-tan [see Pt. 1]), or the various characterizations proposed in those "PLs as women" posts. I do tend to modify them as I see fit (but i've pretty much been doing that with existing -tan designs all along). ^^'
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I have to be honest with you... I'm not feeling the Clojure-tan design. I don't see what it's supposed to reflect about the language. (Is the scythe supposed to be about garbage collection, maybe? Or is she the grim reaper of the JVM somehow?) I would expect a cartoony wardrobe to be the sole domain of Visual Basic, or perhaps VB.NET, and its amazing propensity for useless and artificial bling.
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No idea either. I found the original Clojure-tan on Pixiv and couldn't make out anything besides the identity of the character. You've inspired me to get one of my Japanese language-understanding (or at least Japanese language-familiar) friends to search the full artist's commentary for clues.

I like your interpretation of the scythe, though at this point I wonder if it (and the outfit, and the black cat...) isn't a matter of pure aesthetics (by which I mean "looking cute"), or based on some sort of pun, English-to-Japanese translation hilarity or something of that sort (for instance, one of the more popular NT-tan designs is portrayed as a girl with fluffy dog ears and a tail, due to "NT" sounding vaguely like the Japanese word for dog, and Vista-tan is filled with screw decorations for a similar pun-based reason). This is a common occurrence among Japanese-originating technology personifications - although it's not ubiquitous, and more recent/Western -tan designs tend to rely less on puns and moe factor.
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I'm not... super-surprised about that etymology. I really find it lazy, though. (And there's a lot about youth Internet culture in East Asia that bugs me for the same reason—mind-blowing overuse of parenthetical tones, emoticons by the gallon, over-use of tongue-in-cheek hyperbole...)

...But really, this design just doesn't match the rest of your set, and they're so neat and nifty, so that seems wrong.
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If it's any consolation, plenty of -tans have started out quite awfully - or at least overly-simplistic and inaccurate to their source material - but have improved greatly with time and effort on the part of their creators and fans. Given the almost open source-like character modification-friendly nature of the OS-tan community, many under-developed or poorly personified characters are often retrofitted with full personalities, backstories and even improved physical designs.

In short, if there are any improvements or modifications you'd like to suggest, I'd be more than willing to incorporate them into the design! If not, I'll probably put her on the proverbial back-burner until inspiration strikes me.
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I don't have any specific advisories for Clojure—to be honest I've never used the language and don't know much about it. It's just an obsessive twitch about a clearly meaningless character design. (And Japanese puns definitely don't count as meaning.)
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I like the way Chojure looks. Granted, I'm a sucker for magical girls >w>
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Ruby next! Ruby next!
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That's very likely!

For the time being, have some (already-existing) Ruby-tan: [link] [link] [link] (there are a few more drawings in that area of the gallery as well)
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Ada-tan's armor looks awesome. For this group, I think Logo-tan is my favorite though. I just love her design and the turtle there too. :)
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You're welcome. I look forward to more in the future. :)
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