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LOST: Daniel Faraday

Why oh why is there no mixed media fanart section? This is a watercolor painting with digital background. >_<;

Ah, Daniel Faraday, the infinitely loopy physicist. You'd be hard-pressed to find a character with more fangirls than Danny here. Forget about expensive cars and nice bodies-- it turns out what the chicks really dig is a dude who builds his own time-machine! They say some girls find danger attractive in a man, and that could account for some of the obsession with this character. After all, what's more dangerous than meddling with the space-time continuum?


When we were first introduced to this character he was living with a caretaker in Massachusetts, weeping uncontrollably for no apparent reason. Thus we were introduced to our first variety of Faraday: Headcase Dan. Little is known about this form of Daniel, other than that he acts sorta like he had his brainwaves scrambled by high amounts of electromagnetic radiation. (Which is probably what happened, what with all those experiments with high energy electromagnetic radiation...) ;D

Our second variety of Faraday is Mr. Wizard Dan (aka The Geek, aka Dilbert). This Faraday can often be found tramping around Mystery Frickin' Island in his white shirt, black tie and slacks, three articles of clothing which he never changes out of. Forget Desmond, this guy's wardrobe IS his constant. He often mumbles, pauses, word-searches and rambles while speaking, which makes him still more distinguishable than if he spoke with a heavy non-rhotic New England accent. (Oh Snap).

Many people consider his odd mannerisms indicative of memory loss; either that, or a sign of mental deterioration from transgenerational inter-temporal breeding. What? We know who his mother is, but so far we haven't met a Papa Faraday. Becoming your own father isn't difficult or creepy as you may think when you throw time-travel into the mix.

Finally but not last is Professor Faraday. This is the earliest known kind of Faraday, working as a professor at Oxford and conducting bizarre experiments on the university's dime-- and this was before he became zany, mind you. This Daniel was also quite cocky, thinking it unnecessary to shield himself from the high-energy electromagnetic radiation he was working with on a daily basis (see: Headcase Dan).

Like Benry, Daniel comes in a wide variety of unique and distinct flavors. This is a small sampling; regrettably, OMG I'm Being Kicked Outta Helicopter Dan, Biohazard Suit Dan, Emo Poet Dan (the one who rambles on in prose about the futility of action and the inevitability of fate) and Steely Dan (the fatalistic, emotional shell-of-his-former self we'll inevitably see) were excluded.

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Daniel Faraday (c) ABC, Lost producers
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twilitprincess's avatar
I love him! He is so awkward, it makes him adorable! The "wizard" is my favorite but the other two add to his irresistible charm. Well done!
BellaCielo's avatar
Thanks, I find Faraday quite awkwardorable too. ^.^
Emuji's avatar
I love this drawing and I love its description... xD

When I started watching LOST, I decided that John Locke was my favorite character. Now that I finished the series, I keep that idea. But I don't know why, while Locke is my favorite character, Daniel is the one I've fallen in love with. It seems that you love him, too, so I totally agree with all you said about him in this description xD

By the way: I don't know why, but Daniel's version I most like is the professor one... Maybe it's his nice, black and straight hair? No... I think that's because I can't stop thinking in a teacher-pupil relationship... xD
BellaCielo's avatar
Thank you very much! :hug:

Yep, I have several favourites on Lost, but I adore the character of Daniel Faraday. He's just so sweet and meek and little and skinny, it's like I want to take him home.... and cook dinner for him. And then discuss quantum physics over dessert. x3

Professor Dan was probably the cutest, he had awesome hair! Gotta watch out for those teacher-student relationships (especially when the teacher's that cute, haha). :XD:
Emuji's avatar
Hahahaha, you're soooooooooo right. If he wasn't so skinny, he wouldn't seem so fragile and cute... But yeah, I'd want to buy him a lot of food xDDDDDDD

My bad, I was a little confused. That's fault of watching the series only one time. I meant that the version I most love of Dan is when he graduates and he appears with his girlfriend Theresa. I love his hair and his fringe! But I also love when he's a professor and he ties his hair back somehow xD I've read several forums plenty of fangirls about him, but they hate that look of him... Am I the only person that loves him with that hair and that suit? xD
Muse-Fx's avatar
I love Daniel so much. This drawing is amazingly epic. He's the only character in the show where if I saw Jeremy Davies in real life I'd run up screaming like a fan girl and beg to be able to hug him. And I am the most anti fan girl person ever. >.<
Emuji's avatar
Totally agree... Me too...

Well, him and Terry O'Quinn xD
BellaCielo's avatar
Thank you very much. :D

Me too! :blush: I've never been the celeb-bothering type, but if I ever saw Jeremy Davies IRL I'd be compelled to ask for an autograph and photo together, haha. ^^'
tardistravelinggeek's avatar
his tie is his constant
BellaCielo's avatar
You bet! He even wears that tie in the alt-timeline! xD
tardistravelinggeek's avatar
ikr!! ahhhh, i miss lost sooooo much :'(
tardistravelinggeek's avatar
sometimez, iez even dream aboutz it :P
BellaCielo's avatar
BarrowmanFan's avatar
Awwwwwwwwww!! He's so adorable! :heart:
BellaCielo's avatar
Daniel Faraday fell out of the cute tree and hit every branch, what can I say?
BarrowmanFan's avatar
X3 That's such a cute saying :heart:
BellaCielo's avatar
I just came up with it on the spot. :giggle:
BarrowmanFan's avatar
:giggle: Well, It's all good :D
Moonis163's avatar
Words cannot explain (':

except for: amazing happy-go-notsolucky (Referring to: The Variable) cute and hot at-the-same-time mumbler who controls time (and inevitably; our fate) and might as well just rule the universe.

BellaCielo's avatar
If there's ever a dictionary entry for "Daniel Faraday", I hope that's the definition. :love:
VWG's avatar
He looks like such a happy little puppy in the first one. I have to fave this!
BellaCielo's avatar
Thank you :meow: And I'm glad I was able to capture Faraday's adorable puppydogginess. :lol:
oh my godd daniel faraday is the best guy on lost. hes so adorable! i love the way he always seems worried. it just makes you want to hug him and tell him everything will be okay!
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