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LINC-8 Family

PDP-8-tan, LINC-tan and their science-baby, PDP-12-tan. This could be better but I was starting to obsess over small details that people probably won't even notice, so I decided to get this posted before I spend a few hours longer making sure everything is "perfect".

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Nice color scheme. :> That coupled with the hairstyles really gives this a vintage feel~
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AWWWWWWWW ;w; I lub dis
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...OpenStep and Mac OS 9 yielding Rhapsody.

There, I said it.
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Now there's one I haven't considered before.
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I hardly ever draw little'uns, so I'm glad I was able to draw her with some semblance of cuteness. ^^;
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Baby PDP-12-tan is so cute >w<
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looks good, man. -w-
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Glad you like it. :D
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It's a really good piece of art. I'm genuinely impressed.
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Thank you very much! For the sake of satisfying my sense of curiosity and finding ways to improve / stay on the right course, artistically-speaking - are there any aspects, in particular, that jump out at you? Or is it a matter of liking the piece as a whole?
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Their faces, the hair styles, I love the fabric folding. I love the patterned accessories. Nicely spaced and done.

Now there are some errors. The top left hand's fingers are too short, and I think the same problem is happening on the right's feet with toes.
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Thanks for the feedback, this helps a lot!

Hands and feet are a serious weak spot for me, so I'm not surprised theirs look "off". I really should practice drawing them more often... -.-
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Use measurements, rulers are exactly what this kind of thing is for and don't let anyone tell you an artist should be able to draw without measurements and relative sizing.
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That's a good idea, and one I haven't tried before. Usually I estimate (for instance, using head size as a way of determining body height) or use reference images to figure out proportions.
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Leonardo de Vinci used measurements in all his art, he said that one had to be a master of the sciences as well as the arts in order to be master of either. Clever guy.
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