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In Bed

Had a request for some Multics-related smut a little while … okay, a long while ago, after a month of distraction by school and another month of distraction by the return of free time and relaxation caused by not being in school, I finally have it finished. I sincerely hope it’s worth the wait!

I struggled with whom to pair Multics-tan with and wanted to do something that wasn’t Multics/SAGE since that’s where my mind always wanders when the topic of Multics shipping comes up. Ended up going with Multics x (Rule 63!) Emacs since I don't give that pairing enough love (especially given the history shared by Multics and Emacs).

As for Emacs’ gender: the short story is I like drawing girls and yuri and think Emacs would make a cute lady. However, it’s justifiable in-universe — Emacs’ extensible nature makes the ability to shape-shift incredibly likely, if not inevitable. Not to mention Emacs' interest in posing as an OS-tan, which as we know are a species almost completely composed of women. Let’s just say (s)he ran female-mode or something. 
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$ man emacs
not this time...
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That's amazing, hahaha.
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I may have decided to make this a possible response. If you add the following to your .bashrc (.bash_profile on MacOS X), your computer will answer (note: you can adjust the delay by changing the number after the "sleep" command):

man () {
       if [ $1 == "emacs" ]
               echo -e "Not this time..."
               sleep 6
               /usr/bin/man emacs
               /usr/bin/man $1

NB: You should use which man to determine the actual path to man on your system.
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Hah, good one.
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Finally. I'm definitely holding on to this one. Fabulous work, you! And fabulous choice of pairing.
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Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! Hopefully I'll get around to coloring it at some point; I'm happy with the atmosphere here and would like to do more with it.
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Very nice; was wondering when we'd see more art from you :3
Can I just say, I kinda wish I was Emacs here, in more ways than one? >w>;
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I'd like to set aside more time for doing art next semester since I really miss it... 

Wouldn't we all? 
PentiumMMX's avatar
Seeing more art would be nice, yes :3
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