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"Your Portland friends have influenced you terribly, dear." -Unix-sama on her waifu's new sense of style.

Just an odd idea that struck me after learning that Linus Torvalds (father of Linux and all) lives in Portland, Oregon. Which led to me thinking that Linux-tan might live in that city in-story, which led to me wondering if she'd become one of the stereotypical hipster youth ... and what she'd look like if she did become one.

(The quote on Linux-tan's shirt isn't my own, I remember seeing that on a humor website once and it just sort of stuck in my mind. I'd like to make a shirt like that, lol.)

Unix-sama is strongly asserting that she isn't a hipster, in spite of ample evidence otherwise.

Then on the bottom right we have a half a page of Selectric-kun. And a Selectric chibi. Love of vintage clothing and technology notwithstanding, I don't really think of him as being hipsterish, but I do think he'd attract them in large quantities... being a typewriter and all.

Pencil sketch, coloring in CS4.
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just for that 95 remark, i'm swearing revenge. -w-