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Multics-tan and Emacs-kun-tan

Finally got this colored... the sketch has been with me since mid-late May (it was one of the first things I drew after a bad bout of artist's block), then it became a simple little coloring project, then it blossomed into an experiment in dappled-light shading.

I like how Multics-tan turned out.... but Emacs.... I think I messed up the anatomy real bad, that head looks too big. =__= I didn't catch it until I began coloring, and I didn't want to re-do the sketch and my coloring at that point.

Pencils, Photoshop, photo background

I refuse to reveal whether that's genderswap Emacs-kun, or if Multics-tan just stuffed him into some of her clothes. Let the speculation begin!
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Thank you very much! :)
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Wither genderflipped or crossdressing, I find Emacs-tan strangely hot >w>
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Everyone is hot for Emacs-kun. : p
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Great colors and I love the shading.
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I messed around quite a bit with the shading in this one, but I'm pretty happy with it. :)
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Program it with hormone pills,
Hormone pills, hormone pills,
Program it with hormone pills.
Break this habit.
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...really, though? How do you end up making something written in Lisp masculine in the first place?

Although perhaps that's a stretch in this case. Still!
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It's that embarrassing time of the day (well, night) when I'm browsing through my gallery and turn up months-old comments that I missed the first time around. <<

I must admit, the reason is rather shallow - back when Emacs-kun was created (sometime in 2008, if memory serves correct), the trend among my fellow OS-tan creators was to make essentially all of the personifications female. Male characters were in short supply, so when I created a few text editor characters my first thought was to have them be male - mostly to make them a sort of "token", both standing out from the female-dominated lineup and bringing some sort of visibility to dudes in the OS-tan universe. (Look! Guys actually exist here!)

That being said, with the benefit of hindsight I doubt I would have made my Emacs personification female ... although there's no real reason not to, so maybe I've just become attached to the character the way he is. :p

(I am curious why you'd suggest a personification of a Lisp-based program would be inherently feminine - or rather, inherently non-masculine.)
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Well... the tl;dr explanation is that many men have written that they consider Lisp beautiful, and most men are straight. No other artefact of computing has been so consistently and rigorously fetishized as a mirror of natural beauty. Just like the a serif font set in italics recapitulates the female form and is yet a male invention, Lisp is a Galatea.

...also, there's a venerable precedent for treating programming languages as women, albeit a little dated and tacky.
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I assumed something similar (well, that Lisp is considered an elegant language and women are considered the more naturally-elegant / pretty sex) but wanted to hear your take on it. If it's any consolation, there's something of a running joke about Emacs-kun being a "pretty boy" AND having rabid following (male and female), so that's something. I hope.

Dear lord I nearly spewed coffee on my keyboard when I got to the entry on BASIC. That was a rather dangerous thing for me to read, especially given that I may... be... working on making an MIT or Symbolics Lisp Machine-tan and a GeneraOS-tan sometime soon. >>
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I took a course in PLT a little over a year ago, and much of the textbook focused on ALGOL-60 examples. Every lecture brought to mind the image described on that page—although it's somewhat misleading. ALGOL-60 compulsively passes atomic datatypes by name, which makes many simple programs frustrating to write. This was changed in ALGOL-68, but apparently some people (my professor included) never got over it, branding '68 as not a "true" member of the language family.

But I do like the thought of BASIC's description influencing a LispM personality... :giggle:
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