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A Very OS-tan Halloween

By BellaCielo
Tis the season ... 

Presented in order from left to right:
IAS Machine (turkey): Why is IAS-tan pregnant? Considering the number of children she has, the more germane question might be “why wouldn’t she be?”. Why is she a turkey? I was going to go with the cliche pregnant-lady-as-pumpkin costume but cptlfrghtr suggested this instead … I don’t understand either, but I hope we can all agree it's pretty amusing. 
"Turkey is delicious, yes? As am I~”

Whirlwind (witch): I originally started this drawing because I thought Whirlwind-tan would look cute in a witch costume! I shouldn't have to provide further explanation for this.
“I jus’ hope Cambridge witches ah treated a little bettah than Salem witches!”

SCOPE (Ms. Frizzle): Because SCOPE-tan is the terrifying northern-midwestern Ms. Frizzle of the OS-tan community.
SCOPE: “Tooday we’re gonna learn about the exciting world of uranium mining! To the bus, class!”
KRONOS: “I knew I should have stayed home today.”

LINC (sexy nurse): “This costume makes no sense, honey. These silly heels? The garter belt? And this dress is too short!” [tugs at hem] “None of this is very realistic — I don’t think the person who designed this has ever seen a real nurse. I love you, PDP-8, but I’m not sure I’m going to let you pick my costume next time.”
PDP-8: [salacious grin intensifies]

Multics (Ada Lovelace): Well-heeled Victorian society ladies/computer scientists; need I say more? I've been dying to draw this ever since Samantha-Wright gave me the idea. 
"Wait, we were supposed to /dress up/ today?"

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Behind on comments...  I love SAGE's costume, even if my first instinct was the Vault Dweller. >.<
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Hey! Long time no see!

I'm really pleased you brought that up because I've definitely thought about a scenario where SAGE-tan (and/or other Massachusetts-originating OS-tans) are in the Commonwealth. Chalk it up to my obsession with crossovers ... ^__^;;

Though it definitely raises the question of where the MIT-originating OS-tans would fit into all of this...
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Back from the dead!
Without having played the newest one, I can't even say what The Institute means for the MIT-related OS-tans.  Still, I wonder which OS-tans get to be synths and who gets the power armor! :happybounce:
*cough*SAGE-tan obviously gets the one sleeved leather jacket and Dogmeat *cough*
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I am holistically satisfied with this. Hooray!
BellaCielo's avatar
I'm glad to hear it! :)
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that Turkey costume is excellent, haha. i've thought about what i'd do for halloween if i was prego, and i'm adding that to my list. xD

(plus, Thanksgiving tie-in! >:3)

i'm digging SCOPE, too, that is hilaaaarious. xD
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LINC as a sexy nurse? I approve :3
Also, can't SAGE get Beyond Thunderdome? :P

I'm let down by the lack of Selectric-kun as Billy Mays, or PDP-11 as a maid
What? Those makes as much sense as IAS as a turkey LOL
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