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Commission for AshaOrodruin 

Illustration to fanfic "Light of the damned stars"

“We came to our new home,” Turukano said climbing a huge peaked stone and calling his sister, daughter and his lost wife’s brother, “and I believe we’ll stay here forever. We won’t have to shift in search more, fear for our lives and lives of nears and dears and our appearance in a secret valley isn’t accidental. We have denied Valars considering them worthless rulers, but their example can teach us a lot. Without wishing to defeat evil they kept it out, left path of darkness. We did the same. We’ll save our lives and if Eru once restores justice in Arda, we’ll be able to open our borders and be happy to let everyone in!

The stars were fading one by one in the rapidly brightening clear sky,; the horizon began to turn pink. Lord Turukano’s snow-white dresses with barely noticeable blue patterns and silver winged crown took over hue of dawn. Sparkling with the dark blue dress showered with rhinestone stars, Irisse passed with a dazzling smile her open palm in the air, as the Amaneldar of Varda Elentari greeted sometimes.

Ittariel looked again like a little girl, confused and a little scared, her smile and lowered lashes, tense shoulders looked very nicely and pathetically, and her dress that bore certain similarity Irisse’s garb gave airiness to her image, and there was an involuntary association with Maye Ilmare, even despite Ainu’s royalty and Princess’ shyness. Being also in white and blue ones Glorfindel stood up, his hands on his sword. There was an image of an eagle on the warrior's chest, and many of them remembered lord Manwe’s herald. Initially, Turukano didn’t plan to portray the Valar with their retinue, it happened by accident when it turned out that all the symbolism of a secret city is somehow connected with its main defenders – the eagles as well as a snow-white tree. Lady Irisse began to joke that who abjuring the Valar had turned into the Ainur, but nobody changed anything in their vestments.

“We are no longer exiles!” Turukano continued to speak. “Being safe now we’ll be free and rise from our heavy sleep! We’ll spread our wings, science and craft will flourish again! Arda was created by music and we’ll create our own world here with the song of stone - Ondolinde! Gondolin.

Galdor and his wife dressed in green clothes went to foot of a stone. An elf handled a huge tub with the small snow-white tree, which looked stunted no longer, its branches got stronger, leaves were filled with moisture and became even brighter.

“We come here not to judge because we ourselves faced court and we know its value,” the lord said louder, “however, everyone understands their responsibility to their brothers and therefore undertakes to keep the secret of our city, no matter what happens.”

They carefully dug a hole for the tree, transplanted it from the tub into the ground. Galdor and his wife bowed to the new symbol of the city and everyone present did the same.

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Wow, this is simply amazing!!!

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This is gorgeous!

If I may suggest you can share this on reddit on the subs r/characterdrawing r/woodelvesforest r/highelveshalls and r/elveninspiration if you want, they would love this!

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beautiful illustration like always.

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Great work with this

Даже не знаю, как ещё выразить восхищение. Это потрясающе! Огромное спасибо😘😘😘😘