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How did you do this without any wand?
I couldn't find an answer even in the beyond.
What kind of confounding magic is this?
It feels both like hell and like bliss.

It must be the darkest of any dark art;
You've imperio'd my heart.

You've wounded me deeper than mere words could go;
You've strung me along and you made me follow.
You knew the burden of my loyalty.
Why, in all hell, would you do this to me?!

You could have sent griffins to tear me apart,
(Instead) You've imperio'd my heart.

Did you think it was easy, loving you?
Trying to survive what you
Put me through.   
I must be entirely delirious.
Didn't even hear you cast

You've accio'd my sense and reason.
Charmed my heart into treason.
You made this witch so tragic.
Wounds this deep must be magic-

That traitorous thing pounding beneath my breast
Keeps me from pleasure and keeps me from rest.
Hanging over every day like a stratus,
It hurts even more than any cruciatus.
With all my soul's suffered- with all you've made her see,
The killing curse would be a piece of mercy.

How did you make me love you from the start?
You've imperio'd my heart.

You've imperio'd my heart.
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December 8, 2009
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