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Ill be going to Walt Disney World for the first time ever!!! :D I will also be going with one of my best friends :icon2sisters34: for about a week and we will be meeting a few other friends while there. Really looking forward to this fun vacation. It will also be my first time flying/in an airport even. :O A little nerves to fly but excited too. Ill post some pics from my trip too.
So I am thinking of doing art request again. But I will only be doing up to 5. So the first 5 request that come in order, will be the ones I take. This is also to help improve my art I am up for a challenge.

I like to set some rules before I take any request if people are interested.
Rule number 1. I will not draw any kind of really weird art, faddish, or Horror, or anything that I may find to creepy or bothersome.
Rule number 2. I will only be picking the first 5 in order that I see on this journal if anyone is interested.
Rule number 3. For the first 5 request that I pick in order I will let you know in the comment section below of this journal that I picked you. Send me a note of what character/or characters you would like me to draw and please describe to me of what they look like. For example what they wear or hair color and eye color. This part is just an example.
Rule number 4. I will be drawing all art request on my art tablet. And will note you back once I am done with the drawing.
Rule number 5. You have the option of requesting from 1 character all the way up to 3 characters together with in the same drawing.
Rule number 6. I will only be doing original characters that anyone has made.
Rule number 7. I will not use bases for your characters.

That's all the rules I have. If you have any other questions please ask within a note. I look forward to the firs 5 art request. And I will draw them as soon as I can. 
So a little update. I have been busy packing and moving into a new place for the past few weeks. I think I've fainted.  I will finally be able to have some more time to draw and even post art again. La la la la

I will be glad to get into the drawing mode again. I've got another fashion art project to post soon. Sweating a little... So I guess those who I know in person be on the lookout for some (c) that may belong to you. For one of my fan fictions that the (c)s are in. More art work for them to pop up in. Giggle

That's all I got to post for now.
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I am back from my brake. Ill be posting up some new artwork that I have made over the weekend. :)
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So I am going to take a brake form DA for a while. Don't know if for a few days or longer...I just need a brake is all.
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So some news on my Disney fan-comic Our Hearts Journey. I have been thinking instead of continuing with it in comic form. I will write it up like a fan-fic instead. Why because I am rushing in the comic. I want to take more time into it but every chapter I seem to do I skip over things that should have more time being put into them. So I am going to start over and take more time into this spin off AU story. :) First, I will be writing up my oc's and my friends oc's aka AU versions Profiles of them all. As for some of the more main Disney characters that I use for this fan fic. I may write some profiles of them too but only so I can see as a guide. Thats all I got for now.

Today marks 7 years being on da. :D Wow time flies!! :O
Wow 38,000 views so far. :D This made my day when I came on. :)
So my eye sight has changed and gotten worse over the past few months or so. So I might not be able to post any of my stories/drawings as much as id want to. Even though I wear glasses I need my vision checked soon. This is just a heads up I may not be as active as I want to be. Even as I write this out its hard to see. :/ Well that's all for now.
It's been a while since I last posted a journal. Oops! So I thought Id make myself a to do list to do over the summer. Nod
1. Get chapter 6 and 7 done for my OHJ comic. La la la la 
2. Work on AFL2 fanfic part 6. :happybounce:
3. Try to draw in charcoal on my spare big paper I have...Wink/Razz
4. Work on my TFM story and drawing the characters to be more creative with my steampunk style!Giggle Heart
5. Lastly work on some new digital drawings. That includes drawings for the things up above on the list too. I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I think I've fainted.

Well I hope this will be a fun summer for me so my art style can grow. Also if anyone has any cool ideas I should try let me know and I will think about it.

Till then ~Bella~
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I just got my new art tablet today!!!Yamato Sparkleeye Icon And I am overjoyed. I was starting to work on my 2000th drawing for dA when BAM I am hit with a fever and starting to feel ill. :P Yamato Shaking Head Icon No I don't want to get sick so im going to rest for the rest of the night. And hope I feel better tomorrow. :D Thats all for an update. :excited: 
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Well as the title says. I am indeed almost at posting 2000 da art work up. I am excited about that. I know that's a lot and some of them are pictures from different things Ive taken of or places I have been to. But for my 2,000th drawing I think ill draw something special of some of my characters. :D

I will have been on DA for 7 years this coming October but I must say my time on here has really impacted me to the core. :) I want to say thank you to those who have watched me over time and those who I have become good friends with on DA too. Thank you for always faving, reading, or commenting and just being so welcoming on here. :hug:

I hope my artwork continues to improve and that so everyone knows I don't plan on leaving this site its like a home well for my art work anyways. XD Again thank you for the support. I look forward to seeing more of my fellow deviants art works.

From the bottom of my heart ~love from me to all of you, Bella~ :heart: 
I know I said in one of my drawings Id try to finish the rest of chapter 3 of my Disney fan comic OHJ. And I will. But I feel like I really want to draw some face expressions for the girls in the story. So before working on more of the next chapter off I go on something else. :O I feel like it will help me improve on how to draw them and like a guide for me when it comes to there faces. XD So this is all I got for now.

So I had an idea today. I am going to do a little group of drawings of Sailor Moon and the gang. :) Ive been watching Sailor Moon again and just thought why not.
Hi everyone, I am back after 11 days in the hospital. Finally got home the other day. Still kind of out of it. Not sure when ill post any art up. Im still tired and just starting to get back to normal. My brain surgery went well and im doing fine so far. Just glad to be back home with my family and hope to draw again once my eyes are feeling better from these headaches. :hug: Thank you and good night for now. :)

Lots of Love from BellaI love deviantART! 
So I have brain surgery coming up really soon. Oh Noes! So to let my friends and followers on here who may not know I will be away from DA for some time.Shrug  I am not sure how long? But I am thinking the last bit of art I will post will be tomorrow. Nuu I hope I can post art in a few weeks from now but I wont know until later on which sucks...Grump

If I can't come on to post art I will have one of my friends who I know I can trust to up load a journal of how Im doing after surgery. Nod I wont say who that's for sure. Anyways this is good bye for a short while. Hope to be back soon. Hug Heart Heart Heart

Love Bella
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I normally don't do many updates on my health. But in the past I have mentioned on here about having a brain tumor in my pituitary gland. So I do have a non censures one. But if it grows big enough and starts pressing on the eye nerves I could go blind. So as of this update I am going to be having brain surgery within the up coming weeks. I do not know the time or date yet. I don't think I will but that up here. But I will make a journal some time after recovering though. To my friends who I know well on DA and in person too thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. I know I will be fine in the end. Lucky enough the type of surgery is only through the nose and not going through the side of the head anymore. So its much safer to save the least. So for the time being I will post art like normal when I can. :) (Smile) 

It's now been 6 years since I have been on DA. :party: I am glad to have met the people on here whom I am close too. And seeing so many different kinds of great art work from others. Yamato Clapping Hands Icon :ilovedevart:
I really do look forward to another year on DA and hopefully many more to come! HappyDance 

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Well I just had to delete my art work album on facebook tonight because of this fucking web site.…

Taking my art work and not just that people who do fan art work too. I am surprised Disney or some other big CO has not sued this site yet? Then again what the hell do I know. Until things die down I am not posting anything more on DA except the facfictions. And same goes for facebook not posting my art so my family and friends can no longer see it there. I am very pissed off as you can tell by all the god damn swearing im typing up.

So anyone of my friends who I talk to a lot on here I am sorry but no more drawings from me in great fear It will be taken. That means the request will have to be put on hold too for now. I am truly sorry. :(  is a website that apparently sells "Posters" of artwork that were stolen from us hard working artists and drawers! They do not credit the artists and they claim as "copyright Wallpart" even if the art has the artist's logo, or name on it. Sometimes they edit it out! 

Click here to sign a petition to bring down the site:…. Or if you can't, spread the word through journals like these.

I even found my own art work on there. Some of my old digitalis. I am shocked and very angry at this!