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This is from the bottom portion of the stock I used. I do plan on using the top part of the stock at some point too. All rights to the original stock belong to :iconsenshistock:

Now the (c)s I used are from from this order.
Sakrua Barrix, Lee Hino-Barrix (c) :icon2sisters34: aka :iconthejourneyoftheheart:
John Barrix (c) :iconjohn-the-enforcer:
Karin (Rin) Angelo (c) :iconbella-who-1: aka me.
Our Hearts Journey

Chapter 26

Hearts A Flutter

The sun slowly rose up over the hill sides that where stretched near the east side of the small city Novanna Springs. Today was going to be a big day for Rebekah Masters, for today she had her very first date ever and it was with the guy she had been crushing on for a while no less, Jim Hawkins. She woke up a little earlier then her alarm was set to go off. Because she was supper excited. But she tried to keep her fluttering heart calm. At least until the date later that evening.

She got dressed in her school uniform but had packed the outfit she was going to wear for the date in her backpack. As well as her school supplies. She smiled and thought since she had done her makeup now the only thing she needed for back up was her soft pink colored lip gloss. Once putting her shoes and socks on she headed down stares to have breakfast with the rest of her family.

"My Rebekah don't you look nice today. Is it school picture day?" Her father William asked.

Rebekah shook her head, "No dad that was months ago our school had pictures. Today I have my first date with my boyfriend Jim remember."

Her father's jaw dropped a little in surprise that he totally forgot today his little girl was no longer little. "Oh, I almost forgot sweetie." He laughed a little before finishing his words. "Well you have fun and remember your curfew is 9 pm no later than that."

"Yes dad I understand." Rebekah smiled and nodded.

"So your dating Jim the guy who was at the Christmas party last month?" Jordan asked his older sister.

Rebekah just nodded at her brother. Feeling her heart starting to flutter once again by even the mention of Jim's name. She then began to think about the date once she sat down at the breakfast table too. How nice it would be and all the fun memories she would have today to share with him.

"Oh Rebekah must be thinking about the date oooh." Jordan teased his sister.

Rebekah snapped out of her thoughts and glared at her younger brother. "Mind your own business Jordan."

"Yeah whatever." Jordan said with a grumpy voice.

"Hey no sass between the tow of you. Got it." William said in a stern voice.

"Yes dad." Both siblings said in unison.

Jordan finished eating his toast and got up to put his dishes in the sink. "Well I am heading out now. I have a big history test I've been studying for the past week."

"That's good you keeping up with your work so well. Good luck son." William complemented.

"Thanks dad, Ill see you all later then. And Sis have fun on your date." Jordan said sounding sincere.

"Thank you Jordan. Do your best on your test today." Rebekah smiled.

"Thanks sis alright bye." He said as he finally left.


Mean while over at the Hawkins house hold Jim was barely out of bed. He was going to get ready for his date but also had to help with some chores around the house for his mom. He got dressed and ready in his normal work type clothes before coming down stares. Today was not to crazy at the inn his mother ran in the old Victorian style home.

"Good morning Jim. Can you run to the store with this shopping list I've made and be back by 9 am if you can. We have some new guests that will be coming later in the afternoon and I need these things for the kitchen that the chef will be making." Sarah his mother asked while handing him the shopping list.

"Sure mom, and don't forget I have a date later on today. So I wont be home for a few hours. I am leaving around 3 o'clock." Jim explained.

"Ah my son is finally going on a date after how long was the last girl you used to date back in high school?" Sarah thought.

"Mom, mom I don't wanna talk about the past. Or past girls alright. Rebekah is different got it." Jim pointed out looking a little defensive now.

"Sorry dear. And yes I know Rebekah is a sweetheart. I was glad to see her over the holidays and it was nice that her family invited us to the Christmas party." Sarah said with a soft smile. 

"Thanks mom, I hope today's date goes well." Jim said feeling his heart pound a little in his chest.

"It will be fine Jim, don't worry so much and just have a good time. And be sure to treat her like a lady and you act like a gentlemen." Sarah said patting her son's shoulder.

"Yeah I will don't worry." Jim nodded.

Sarah smiled then put her hands on her hips. "Well that shopping list isn't going to get checked off on its own. Off you go now." Sarah told her son shooing him towards the front door.

Jim cracked a smile as he headed towards the door. "Okay mom ill be back soon." He opened the door then closed it behind him. He sighed when he walked off the big porch of his home. He then felt his heart flutter when he saw something on the list his mom had wrote down. Fresh flowers, and the next item under it was to buy 1 red rose. And next to it was a little heart next to it. Jim saw this and blushed as it seemed his mother wanted him to get a red rose for Rebekah before the date. He then put the list in his pocket and went walked over to the curbside and got in the car to go to the store.


As the day went on Rebekah had put her hair into a very cute bun with part of her hair down in the front since it was part of her shorter layers of her hair. But it was thanks to Rin who helped her with the cute due. It was lunch brake and Rebekah was looking in the mirror from her little compact mirror. She thought her hair looked great.

She put the compact back in her bag and saw her 2 friends staring at her. "What?" She asked, "I-is there something wrong?" Now looking concerned.

"Nothings wrong Bekah-chan. Sakura and I are just excited for you to go on a date today." Rin smiled.

"Oh well thank you." Rebekah blushed and looked down feeling a little embarrassed but happy that her friends approve of Jim and her going out.

Sakura was happy for her friend to go on a date. But she felt a little left out between her 2 best friends who had boyfriends and went on dates. She began to twiddle her thumbs together before she spoke. "S-so, Rebekah what is it like to be asked out?" She shyly looked up to face her friends now.

Rebekah thought about the question for a moment before she responded. "Well, when Jim asked me he was kind of shy about it. At least that's what I felt when seeing his body jesters. But, when he finally did ask me. I was so surprised but also happy and excited and really nerves too."

"That's a lot of feelings coming together." Sakura said.

"Yeah it is. But its really exciting to feel all those feelings at once." Rebekah said with a blush.

"It is something to be excited about for sure." Rin chimed in.

"I to know those feelings." Sakura said twiddling her thumbs again.

Rebekah felt bad Sakura liked Tadashi but so far they where just friends. Even though he had bin showing signs of hinting he may like her more than a friend. It gave Rebekah some hope that their friendship would bloom. But she didn't want to give Sakura false hope either. So she kept her thoughts to herself at least for now. She just hopped for the best and that was all she could do.

The first warning bell rang indicating lunch was over. The girls packed up their things and got ready to go back to classes.


About 15 minutes after the last school bell rang for the day Rebekah had fully changed into the purple top that had long kimono like sleeves and a pretty v-neck. She also had on nice black dress pants and black sandals. She made sure to apply her make up on carefully wanting to get her cat eye look just right with her smoky brown eye shadow to pop. Her lips had a pretty magenta lip gloss over them, to complement her top. She also had brought her nice purse she would take out that was over one shoulder. While Rin had promised to take care of her school bag for the rest of the day.

"Wow..." Sakura blurted out.

"Wow indeed." Rin agreed.

"Wow, what? Dose it look strange? Do I need to change my hair? My makeup? Dose this outfit make me look fat?" Rebekah babbled on in a worried tone.

Rin walked up to her friend and placed her hands on her shoulders to get her to stop fidgeting so much. "Rebekah Masters!" She called out.

"Yes?" Rebekah said finally stopping what she was doing.

"Calm down now. We only said wow in the sense that you look great. Supper pretty and ready to go on that date." Rin said with confidence in her eyes.

"Ooh, okay. Was that all you both meant. Ha ha I must be really nerves then huh?" She asked her friends.

They both nodded before Sakura said something. "Well your meeting Jim at the park down the road right?"

"That's right." Rebekah smiled.

"Well its almost your meet up time for the date as is." Sakura said pointing to her smart phones clock.

"Ah no!" Rebekah cried. "I got to go. Thank you both." Rebekah waved over her shoulder to her friends as she left the high school campus.

"You think she will get there on her own?" Sakura asked Rin.

"Yeah she will be fine..." But befoe Rin could finish they heard Rebekah scream bloody murder from just around the corner.

Both Rin and Sakura ran to where they heard their friend's cry of distress. Rebekah was standing on a school bench and then pointed down to her friends. "S-s-spider." was all she could say. As they saw a little spider finish crossing the path Rebekah was taking and into the bushes.

"Well looks like I was wrong." Rin said turning to Sakura.

"Common Rebekah we will walk you until we get to the park." Sakura sighed with a bit of a grin.

"Thank you guys." She said as she hopped off the bench. And off they went to the meeting place for Rebekah's date.


Jim was waiting by the parks entrance when he saw Rebekah walking this way. He blushed a bit seeing how cute she looked all dressed up. Rin and Sakura had let Rebekah walk down the rest of the road so they would not disturb the date. And the two went home themselves.

"Hi Jim sorry I am running a bit late." Rebekah said now rushing to get to where Jim stood.

She saw how nice Jim looked his hair was combed back a bit, he wore his school jacket but kept it open revealing a button up black shirt and dark colored slacks with his nicer dress shoes. He smiled and saw Rebekah was holding her white coat and scarf over her left arm with her purse. But wasn't wearing it.

"Hey aren't you cold?" He asked her now worrying she might get sick.

Rebekah felt her heart flutter but it also had a little throbbing pain in it for a moment because she thought he was going to say something different. "Oh, not really." Just then a big gust of cold wind blew down upon them and Rebekah began to shiver. "M-maybe a bit."

"I thought so. You silly girl. Let me help you put your coat on." Jim said while looking away for a moment before their eyes met for a second.

"Thank you Jim." Once he was done helping Rebekah with her coat he put her scarf over her too. Being sure to be careful of her nice hair style.

"There now you look nice and warm." Was all Jim could say as he put one hand in his pocket remembering he had something in it. "Common lets go or we will be late to see the show." Jim said now shyly taking his hand out for her to hold.

Rebekah blushed and took his hand. "Yes lets get going."

Before the film Jim insisted to Rebekah that he'd buy the tickets. The next thing she thought was gentlemen like was when he held the door for her to enter first. But when she tried to buy them some buttered popcorn Jim insisted once again he would pay for it.

"Oh but Jim it's alright I can get us the popcorn its no problem." Rebekah tried to say gently.

"Nah its our first date together let me get it for us. I insist." Jim had a charming look in his eyes Rebekah could not seem to say no to. So once again she let him pay for the popcorn.

When inside the theater and taking a seat Rebekah felt nerves once again. By the time they finished the popcorn half way through the film. Rebekah did something bold she put her hand on top of Jim's hoping he would take it. To her luck he did. He glanced at her once more before looking back at the movie again. He felt nerves as well but tried to not show it on his face.

"That was a fun film wasn't it Jim?" Rebekah asked him.

Jim didn't hear her at first because he had his hands in his pockets and looked as if he was in deep thought.

Rebekah felt like maybe she did something wrong to upset him and then saw the claw machine out of the corner of her eyes. She smiled and got an idea to cheer him up. She would win him something since she was good with those types of games.

By the time Jim looked back up he saw Rebekah across the lobby of the movie theater at the claw machine. He thought maybe she wanted something from there and was going to get his wallet out to find some coins for her to use. But then he saw the lights start up and saw Rebekah was already playing the game. He rushed over and saw when he got up there she won a little pink alien that looked like a blob that had cute big eyes and a little cute smile.

"Rebekah what are you doing?" Jim asked seeing her take the alien she had just won.

She then extended her arms out to Jim and said with a blushing face. "This is for you... As an apology. Because I think I did something to upset you today during our date." Rebekah finally said looking a little sad now.

Jim felt shocked that she thought and felt this way. "No your wrong. You didn't do anything to upset me what so ever Rebekah." He then took the cute pink alien from her and held it in his hand. "Ha he's kind of cute. Did you pick this little guy out yourself?" He asked her trying to lighten the mood.

Rebekah didn't look up but said in a soft voice, "Yes. Do you like him?"

"Yeah I like him. Thanks Rebekah for getting him for me." He then took Rebekah by surprise and pulled her in for a hug.

Rebekah blushed but felt relieved that Jim was not mad at her what so ever. And did in fact like the gift she won him. They then let go seeing they where attracting wondering eyes after hugging for over 10 seconds.

Jim then said, "Hey lets go for a walk for the last part of our date." This time he looked directly at her.

Rebekah smiled and nodded. And off they went. Once out of the down town part of town and on the way home towards Rebekah's house. Jim was fumbiling with his pockets once again.

"Jim this may just be me. But I keep noticing you keep putting your hands in your pockets. Are your hands cold?" Rebekah asked. But before Jim could answer she then said in a chipper voice, "Oh I know I can get you some gloves for our next date if you'd like since our winters are kind of longer being up north and all. Or maybe I could make..." She was hushed by Jim placing his index finger over her lips for a moment. She was a bit taken back by this. But now allowed Jim to talk seeing as how he wanted too.

"It's not so much as that they are cold. I-I have something for you. But close your eyes and turn around because I don't need you peeking." Jim ordered her.

"Oh, okay." Rebekah said doing just that. Wondering what he had for her? She felt her heart flutter she could hear Jim walking up closer and before she knew it Jim hand placed something over her neck. She looked down as he told her to now look. She held the object with her right hand and gasped at what it was. A gold plated heart shaped locket with a pretty design ingraved in it. She turned it over and the back had the letters R and J. Rebekah was very surpprsied but she felt a wave of emotion over come her. She turned to face Jim who stood there. "Jim...It's beautiful. I will treasure it always, thank you so much."

"You're welcome. It suites you well. Now I think your outfit for the date is complete and every outfit you will wear in the future because it looks really beautiful on you just as you are really beautiful in my eyes." Jim said gently as Rebekah gave him a hug of her own.

"You think I am beautiful?" She asked fully blushing under the street lamp lights.

"Yes I do Rebekah. I am also hoping you will now officially be my girlfriend?" He asked her.

Rebekah smiled and said, "Yes I will. And I hope you will officially be my boyfriend too?"

"You have my word." He said holding her close to him. He then said, "Now lets get you home I don't want to make your folks worry if we are late."

"He, he, Don't worry Jim they both like you." Rebekah said now linking her arm with his as they walked off to her home.

It was the best date Rebekah could have hoped for, for Jim as well. Their hearts were at a flutter with one another and couldn't be happier.  

Chapter end.
OHJ Chapter 26
Chapter 26 is finally done. I had major writers block and have been sick the past week and half. :O But non the less I am pleased with how this chapter came out.

Karin (Rin) Angelo, Suzu Angelo, Lucan Angelo, Alan Walker (c) :iconbella-who-1:
Rebekah Masters, William Masters, Stephanie Masters, Jordan Masters (c) :iconrm-keyblade-mistress:
Sakura Barrix,Karin Rhodon, Lee Hino-Barrix, Mikey the monkey, Tamera Elwood, Henry Rhodon, Georgia (c) :iconthejourneyoftheheart: aka :icon2sisters34:
John Barrix, Hiram Barrix, Maratha Barrix (c) :iconjohn-the-enforcer:

Disney characters (c) Disney
This is a fan-fic made for fun
Ill be going to Walt Disney World for the first time ever!!! :D I will also be going with one of my best friends :icon2sisters34: for about a week and we will be meeting a few other friends while there. Really looking forward to this fun vacation. It will also be my first time flying/in an airport even. :O A little nerves to fly but excited too. Ill post some pics from my trip too.


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