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December 15, 2008
The various fonts used in and the treatment given to Prestige Typography - 1 by ~bella-elizabetta makes it a rich and visually pleasing piece.
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Prestige Typography - 1

Never done anything like this before, so I just put it in the only typography section I could understand. =P

This is the first part of a three-part typography project I'm doing on the beginning monologue from the movie The Prestige. Monologue © Newmarket Productions, etc. etc.

Part 2
Part 3

All fonts found on dafont, if you want the name of a specific one, let me know.

Paper stock 1 from ~darkrose42-stock
Paper stock 2 from ~akinna-stock

Thank you to whoever I used stock from. =)

WOW, a DD?! Thanks everyone who's commented and fav'd this piece and the other two in the series, I'm working on replying to all of you but it might be a few days before I find the time. Thank you again!!
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Honestly, I cannot manage to work like yours..You work is really impressive.Great work bella-elizabetta 
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Very creative ; ]
MrFREAKE's avatar
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Fabulous piece!  A real original; love the stacked words and various fonts!  WOW!
LOVE THIS! could you make it as a print? it's beautiful
JadeHater's avatar
Wow that's really cool!
I was wondering if you have an online store or if I could buy a high res file or print of the three in the set? Please contact me via
This is wonderful! Great work!
mabi03's avatar
interesting :) well done!
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This is really superb!
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Wow, this is gorgeous!!
Great Work!
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Keep it up! (Y)
I would love to buy this on canvas. Are you selling any of your work?
I would also like to purchase a print or high resolution file so I can print myself. Please contact me via email.
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Great work - love the detail even in the background with the faint text showing through - nice work!
LW-M-E-D-I-A's avatar
Really well done, stunning work!! We have featured this on today post on typography :D [link]
nzmusicroom's avatar

What program do you use to make this? Could you list the fonts you used? This is amazing you are so talented and have a real eye for composition.
xalicesadventuresx's avatar
SO COOOOOL!!!!!! i LOVE THIS! you have so so so much talent!
OxfordFlats's avatar
just saw this movie. LOVED it.
GothForHappyPeople's avatar
I love typography like this! It's so clever! Well done!
bleedinggumspteter's avatar
An epic piece of typography I love it.
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