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I Can't Help Falling in Love...Belgium x Reader
"(Y/n), I dunno..."
You gave Belgium a look of defeat. "Belgium...please..."
You always called her by her country name, while she called you by your human one. You thought it was cute.
The dirty-blonde stopped walking and you did, too, but your hands were still interlocked.
Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you

"(Y/n), what if your brothers A-and then they don't let me see you again!" Belgium started to have tears form in her green eyes. You went to wipe them away.
But she was right. What if the Nordics do say no? You bite your lip and brush the thought aside. No, they will approve. They had to...right? You mean, it wasn't bad...right?
Oh, shall I stay, would it be a sin
Oh, if I can't help falling in love with you?

"Belly, listen! You're gorgeous, you're sweet, you're amazing...I couldn't ask for anyone better," now tears were starting to find they're way to your (e/c) eyes. "There's no way they can say no...after all,
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Final Control Ch.5 - 2p!Axis x PowerHungry!Reader
Finally, Part 5
"Hello, hello! Nice to see you all together again."
The three bound Axis members glared daggers at you. "Release us THIS INSTANT, (F/N)!" Luciano demanded. Lutz and Kuro both nodded in agreement.
You sigh and put a smile on your face. "Please refrain from yelling. It's a pretty small room, making your voice pretty loud. And no, I will not release you. You think this-" you motioned to the three of them, "-was easy to plan and execute? No, it wasn't."
Lutz scoffed and said, "Well, if it wasn't easy, then why do it in the first place?"
You walk closer to the German, bend down closer to his face and smirk. "Because some people just want things more than others." You straighten up again. "And in this case, I wanted the Axis. I see how you guys run things and I don't like it."
"What do you not like?" Kuro asked. "If you didn't like something, then you could've just told us instead of pulling off shit like this."
"But then it would've been rude if I just walked u
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Control Ch.4 - 2p!Axis x PowerHungry!Reader
Part 4
The Japanese man made his way through the dark, trying to find the source of your voice. "(F/n), tell me where you are."
"Well I can't-I'm like-what?"
Kuro sighed and just started walking wherever his legs took him. "Just keep talking and I'll try to go to you. But try anything sketchy and I'll show no mercy."
"I expected nothing less. So, what do you think happened to the lights? It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, actually. And did you find Lutz? I thought he was with you? And why aren't there any windows in these hallways-," You got cut off as you felt a finger poke your back. "Okay, (F/n), you can stop talking now." Kuro says as he pulls out his phone for a flashlight. "I forgot I had this."
Your face lights up in realization. "Oh me too!" You pull out your phone and switch on the flashlight app. "Wow, I totally forgot."
"I expected nothing more." Kuro mocks while walking down the dark hall with you by his side. "Anyways, Lutz said he was going to the r
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Control Ch.3 - 2p!Axis x PowerHungry!Reader
Part 3
"Hello, you two."
Lutz and Kuro turned their heads around to find you...again.
"Again?! Why are you doing that?" Lutz questioned while fully turning his body, Kuro doing the same.
"Doing what? Greeting when I see you guys in the hallway?" You smile. "Because it's common courtesy in my country. And I reckon it's the same for yours?"
Kuro's grip on his katana tightened at his waist. "What did you do to Luciano? We were just out looking for him in the gardens because he said he would be there. But he wasn't." His cold eyes glared into your (e/c) ones. "And the only one to question here is you."
"Why are you guys so cautious of me? How many times do I have to tell you that I didn't do anything!" You exclaim.
"You've never said that, though, (f/n)."
You looked at Lutz with a calm smile. "Well, I was just assuming that you would know because we're allies and all!"
"I beg to differ." Kuro says, but doesn't unsheathe his katana. You sigh and decide that it's time they knew.
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Control Ch.2 - 2p!Axis x PowerHungry! Reader
Part 2
"Hello again, Axis."
Luciano, Lutz, and Kuro all turned around in surprise to find you there. The Italian decided to be the one to speak up first. "What are you doing here? Didn't you 'run off into the night' yesterday like the crazy you are?"
You blew a strand of (h/c) hair out of your face and smiled. "I came back this morning because I knew you guys would be that a problem?"
Luciano glared at you while Lutz and Kuro looked elsewhere to avoid your gaze. "Um...we're just cautious, (f/n)." Lutz said.
Your smile never faltered. "I see that. Luciano has his knife, you have your gun, and Kuro has his katana...all ready to act upon necessary. That's a good thing, no? I, too, have my handgun." As emphasis, you pulled the weapon from your belt holster.
Kuro was starting to get irritated by the way you acted. "Look, what's your problem? You weren't like this before."
With that, your smile wavered. "I'm not sure, to be honest. Maybe it's because...some people...s
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Control - 2p!Axis x PowerHungry!Reader
Part 1
"Hello, Italian sir."
Luciano swiftly turned around, knife in hand in defense. "What do you want?" he asked with a glare.
You quirked a brow and walked towards the Italian in the surprisingly bright and empty hallway. "...Nothing...Are you okay? You seem...wary." You stop a couple feet away from him and smile, trying to comfort the Italian.
Luciano just glanced towards his lower right in thought, then back at you, and bared his teeth in a snarl. "Look at you...acting all innocent. I know what you are and I'm afraid it's about time everyone else knows, too."
Your smile faltered but it stood its ground. "I'm sorry...I don't what you're talking about."
The man in front of you lost his cool right then and there. "STOP ACTING LIKE THAT! You're fooling no o-"
"Oh and you are?" Luciano gasped silently and stepped back in surprise, finding you right in front of him. You still had that smile on your face. "I know who I am, and you know who I am. Simple, yes? Well, wh
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The Mannequin Challenge || America x Reader
"Yo, my dudes, let's be trendy!" America's energetic voice filled the meeting room.
You look up from your book and quietly put it down on the table. You were known as (C/N), but preferred to be called by your 'human name'...and all that jazz.
"Trendy? How so?" England asked while cooling down his tea.
"The Mannequin Challenge! It's all over the place! We should totally do it, too!"
You sigh and lean back in your chair. The mannequin saw it as kind of dumb per se. But you weren't one to talk...for you have already done one with your capital and mini territories.
"What is it?" France asked as he put his hair in a low pony. America just grinned and said, "A challenge."
China stopped cleaning his wok and looked at the American, "Okay...but what kind of challenge?" America, being the difficult one he is, replied, "A mannequin one." You face palmed and laughed.
"What do you do, exactly?" Russia asked. The other three nations waited (im)patiently for Am
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Shout Out To My Ex! Utapri x Reader
In the kitchen~
This is a shout out to my ex
Heard he in love with some other chick
Yeah yeah, that hurt me, I'll admit
Forget that boy, I'm over it
I hope she gettin’ better sex
Hope she ain't fakin’ it like I did, babe
Took four long years to call it quits
Forget that boy, I'm over it

You laugh as you finish the first verse of your new upcoming song. If Shining wasn't so lenient with you towards the "No Love" Policy, this song would've never come up from the deep depths of which you call your head.
"If you're writing about your break up, then that's sort of childish."
You laugh again and say, "I'm 24, Ranmaru, I'm perfectly capable of writing my own song."
The silver head rolled his eyes and continued to tinker with the blender.
"Let (F/N) do what she wants, she can handle." Ren smirks. Masato, also, rolled his blue eyes.
"I think it's just fun to write about experiences, dontcha think? That way, more people can relate!" You say while thinking of more lyrics
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Secret Love Song || Masato Hijirikawa X Reader
When you hold me in the street
And you kiss me on the dance floor
I wish that it could be like that
Why can't it be like that?
'Cause I'm yours~

"Why do we have to be like this?"
He sighs and looks into your (e/c) eyes, "You know why, (F/n)'s the rule...I'm sorry..."
We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you, I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It'll never be enough,

You just give off a little look of defeat and sigh, "It's okay, Masato, it's not your fault," you say as you lean your back against his warm chest. "I just wish we could be"
He smiles a bit and says, "Like the couples in those cheesy romance movies?"
You instantly perk up and turn towards the bluenette with a grin on your face, "Yeah! Like them!"
It's obvious you're meant for me
Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly
Every second, every thought, I'm in so deep
But I'll never show it on my face,

Masato l
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So...Very...Awkward...| Iceland X Reader
It was a calm day in the Nordic every other day in the Nordic household! Until...
"AH! Mr. Sweden, why didn't you tell me your sister was coming today!?" Finland said as he rushed around the kitchen to clean everything up from breakfast.
"I didn' think it was necessary..." (A/N: I can't do Mr. Sweden's accent, so it's better to not do it at all, than fail it! ^^) Sweden said as he washed the dishes.
"Did I unintentionally hear something worth hearing just right about now?!" The one and only Denmark exclaimed as he waltzed into the kitchen.
Norway came walking in not long after and grabbed the Dane by his tie, "You know what else is worth hearing? Something other than your intentionally loud and annoying mouth."
"Cheap shot, Norway." said Iceland as he, too, came into the kitchen, without Mr. Puffin, surprisingly...he went somewhere...nobody knows, though. "I heard that your sister's coming today, Sweden...that true?"
The Swede turned off the water af
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~Black Magic~ Romania | Reader
All the girls on the block knocking at my door!
Wanna know what it is make the boys want more!

You were one of those people who always seemed to blend in with the crowd. That didn't seem bother you much, but there was about yourself that you weren't too fond of...
Is your lover playing on your side?
Said he loves ya,
But he ain't got time.
Here's the answer, come and get it,
At a knocked-down price~

You were standing in the hallway when you saw his ruby red eyes. His name was Vladimir. Just his name alone sounded cool! He waved towards your direction and gave a smile, showing off his infamous fang.
You perked up and blushed, your glasses sliding down your nose a bit. Your hair bounced in your ponytail, which was tied with a rainbow scrunchy. You managed a small wave and smiled. But of course, your mood had to be ruined when his snobby girlfriend pushed pass you and made her way towards Vladimir.
Her name was Elizaveta...And she got on
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...I just work here...Poland x Reader
"Um, excuse me, miss?"
You turn to see an extremely feminine guy with shoulder-length blonde hair and another man with brown hair, pulled back into a low ponytail.
You adjust your 'Old Navy' nametag and answer politely, "Yes?"
The blonde guy with the Polish accent pointed to his brunette friend behind him and said, "Liet over there said that if I connect to the Old Navy wifi, I get a 20% discount? Is that, like, true?"
You flash a smile and say, "Of course! It's 20% off your grand total!"
The Polish teen turned to his friend. "So, how do I connect then, Lith-...I mean, Toris?"
Toris showed him and said, "Wait...didn't you already go through this, Feliks?"
"No, I don't remember that! Why isn't it, like, working?" The blonde teen showed you his phone.
"Um...if it isn't working, then you probably already used it, sir..." You didn't know what to just worked here, for cheese's sake!
"But I totally don't remember using it!"
"Feliks, maybe you should just-"
"Shush it, Toris, I'm, li
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-Nation Assassination-Hetalia X Reader 8 (END)
Here you were again. . .running to who-knows-where because of who-knows-what.
You stopped and listened. . .nothing but silence. You sigh of relief and kept walking forward.
"_____? Is that you?"
You flinch and turn around slowly, only to see China, England, and. . .Sealand!?
"Sealand! I was looking for you! Why did you leave, all of a sudden?" You exclaimed to the young Sealander, completely forgetting about your fractured arm.
He looked down to his feet, ashamed, "Well. . .I. . ."
"Nevermind that, we need to figure out how to stop all this, aru!" China said, as he took out his infamous Wok and started planning how to wack countries upside the head with it.
"Now, China, aren't you overreacting?. . .Just a bit?" England asked, with a bit of hesitation.
"Of course not! Isn't that right, _____?"
You started to play with your hair out of nervousness, "Uhmm. . .yeah?"
"See? She's on my side, aru!"
England sighed and said, "Well, I think you a-"
China suddenly jumped up and shouted, "LOOK! O
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-Nation Assassination-Hetalia X Reader 7
You continued to walk about, trying to figure out what the heck you're supposed to do now.
"*sigh* I don't wanna be here anymore. . ."
"I know, right?"
You turn around and see Romania and Romano. Romania walks up to you and holds up his hand for you to shake. "I'm Romania! And that over there is Romano. I believe I haven't seen you around before!"
You shook his hand and said,". . .I'm _____. And I've never really gone to world meetings too often." You look towards Romano and wave a bit.
". . .hey." is all he says.
"So, what are you doing wandering the halls during this commotion?" Romania asks you, as Romano walks up to you two.
"Oh! Um. . .I'm-"
All three of you turn to see Spain and Bulgaria.
The Spaniard and Bulgarian run up, totally out of breath. "We've been looking everywhere for you two! Why'd you leave all of a-. . .Oh hey, _____! What's up, chica?" Spain says.
"Oh. . .I'm fine, I guess."
"And I'm Bulgaria! Nice to meet you!"
You smile a bit and say, "I'm _
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Riddles got us like.... Denmark x Reader
It was a basic day in the Nordic household. There was a World Meeting being held in an hour and the Nordics were getting ready.
With you and Denmark being the first two done....there was nothing to do.
"Hey Denmark, whatcha doin?"
You walk up behind the nation and peered over his shoulder.
"Oh hey, (y/n). Take a look! I found this really weird book in Norge's room-"
"Why were you in Norway's roo-"
"-and it's a book of riddles, or something!" Denmark said, completely cutting off and ignoring you're previously asked question. "It's called...'A Book of Riddles' cool!"
You took the book from him and read the first page.
"Hmm...this looks fun! Let's solve 'em while we wait!"
"Well DUH, (y/n), what else are we supposed to do?" Denmark started laughing and you joined along. When you two were finished, you wiped your eyes and said,
"Oh, Denmark, keep in mind that I'm laughing at you, not with you, you silly!"
"Hahaha! Oh, (y/n), you're such a little b-"
"OH look at this rid
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Happy New Year, love~Britain X Reader
'Shoot, shoot, shoot!' you thought as you rushed to the town square.
You were supposed to meet your friend, Arthur, there and right were running SUPER late!
When you finally got there, all you saw was an endless sea of people.
Your left eye twitched, "You've GOT to be kidding me..." You took out your iPhone 6 and dialed Arthur's number.
Ring! Ring! Ring!
Arthur took his phone out of his pocket and saw the caller ID. He stared at it until it stopped ringing. Arthur listened to the voicemail and started walking randomly;
"I'm so sorry! I kind of lost track of time! Where are you?! Please answer!"
Arthur check the time. 11:55. He sighed and said with confidence "it's almost time..." He started his way to the middle of town square-to where the fountain was.
You made your way through the bunches of people. It was SUCH A PAIN!!!
Finally, you found a empty spot by the fountain-the one in the middle of town square.
' I guess I'll wait there...'
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LoC Krona by TheMichaelMacRae LoC Krona :iconthemichaelmacrae:TheMichaelMacRae 770 14 Alternate Colour Axis~ Wallpaper~ by Cioccolatodorima Alternate Colour Axis~ Wallpaper~ :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 4,281 232 Thank you Art#3 by AshleyStarburst1020 Thank you Art#3 :iconashleystarburst1020:AshleyStarburst1020 10 56 Thank you guys for watching by AshleyStarburst1020 Thank you guys for watching :iconashleystarburst1020:AshleyStarburst1020 5 6
Namesake [Erwin x Reader]

'Stable duties. Great.'
A [h/c] girl groaned as she brushed the golden mane of a white thoroughbred.
'Never had I gotten punished before!!! Where the heck is the damn horse-face when he is supposed to be here cleaning the stables too?!'
"Whoa!! [F/n]!!! How did you do that?!"
'Speak of the devil. Long live, Kirschtein,' the female rolled her [e/c] eyes at Jean's sudden outburst from the entrance. "Do what?"
"Tame that horse!! That horse had never allowed anyone to go near him, let alone touch him...well, except the commander."
"Oh? I didn't know that..." she muttered, slightly surprised. The stallion had no problem with her ever since the first day she joined the Survey Corps. She was immediately attracted to this very one rather than the other horses. Maybe because of its golden mane, icy blue orbs and white body reminds her of the man she had a crush on. A man whom will never be able
:iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 385 199
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 18 | Final
 “I love you” It was at that moment when Levi Ackerman, killer of titans and humanities strongest, dropped the cup of tea he was holding and choked on the hot liquid. You had just said those three words, and you couldn’t have picked a better time to say it. A year had gone by since peace settled with freedom being finally achievable, and you had moved with Levi to a small cottage near the vast blue waves of the ocean. Because the titan threat was dealt with all of the soldiers had the option to leave the military or stay, it was their own choice. But of course Levi left as he and you both wanted to finally have some peace and quiet. The cottage you both lived in took some time to build, but it was worth the wait. 
“What?!” Levi spluttered and coughed before calming down, a pink hue settling on his cheeks. “I said: I love you” you smiled and then walked over to him before wrapping your arms in an embrace around the smaller man. Levi bl
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 425 184
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 17
Peace came at a steady pace. You, along with the humans went back to their main base in the walls. Titans were slowly being eradicated from the earth and people could finally leave the walls to explore places what only the books some of them had read described. Armin, along with Eren and the black haired girl were the first to leave, Armin crying as he said goodbye to you. They weren’t leaving forever as they were still members of the Recon Corps, but they would be gone for a while. The memory of Armin telling you why they were leaving played through your mind as you watched the trio leave on their horses,  
“Were going to find the ocean!” Armin smiled at you, holding your hands as he smiled excitedly. You couldn’t help tilt your head in confusion, not really knowing what this ‘ocean’ was. “Oh! I forgot, you probably didn’t know what the ocean is…. Well it’s just this huge mass of water
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 292 61
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 16
“Do you think she’ll wake up soon?” You could hear a voice. “I don’t know, I mean she has probably been a titan for a long time…” oh, well two voices, one which sounded very familiar. “oh look! She’s stirring” Your body felt…. A bit heavy as you attempted to move, still debating whether to open your eyes or not. But the voice that you knew piqued your curiosity, and you ended up opening your eyes. The first thing you saw was Armin and then Eren, both looking at you with shocked, but happy expressions. However you noticed they were your size, and you clicked.  “I’m a human… ?” you thought as you looked down to see your human body, covered by blankets.
“are you alright??” Armin asked, voice filled with slight excitement. “y-yes” you manage to say, your voice a slightly higher pitch than it was whilst you were a titan which made them both blush and Eren say “good! W
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 333 50
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 15
So many days had passed since you ran away from the humans. You were sure Armin would have been upset after finding out you ran off, that is if he was still alive as well. But you were ready to go back now, ready to face the fact that Levi might be dead, that he could never fulfil his promise of telling you why you resembled someone he knew. The birds were chirping cheerfully as you walked along the forest, head hanging low as the memory of Levi’s face still played in your mind over and over. Somehow your sadness had turned into guilt, because you felt as if you should have gone with them. You could have saved Levi, done something to prevent him from getting hurt. But you didn’t, and it was slowly taking you into a deep depression.
 ”I’m sorry” you say in a soft voice, more tears falling down your face as you step over a river, careful not to stand on any wildlife or big sharp rocks
“my fault”
The castle easily came into view, and you smil
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 304 76
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 14
You were scared, no as a matter of fact you were petrified. It had been at four months since your human friends had left to finally solve the mystery about the titans’ existence and help mankind recover and finally be free from its ‘cage’. But not a word came back to you letting you know if they were stable, safe and unharmed. Not even one of those little birds was sent to you the humans would use to communicate with each other. However you had tried to remain positive throughout the days and did various tasks to keep yourself entertained and occupied even though there was a gut wrenching feeling of despair slowly starting to swell in your stomach.
Though one thing that did make you smile was the memory of the day that they left. Armin nearly started crying because he wanted to stay and make sure no other humans would head to the castle and possibly find you, and mistake you for one of the dangerous titans, but you comforted him and reassured him you would be
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 301 79
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 13
A young boy with raven hair was walking along the smooth cobblestone path, a small smile on his face when he spotted a girl with (EYE COLOUR) eyes. She was waving at him, and when he got close enough she ran to him. ''Hey guess what! I found something really interesting!'' she practically bounced around him in excitement and the boy said ''what?'' before being dragged off by the girl, eventually leading to a small forest just outside of the village they lived in. They stopped at some bushes and she quietly moved it to the side, revealing a resting doe with her fawn. ''look~'' she smiled and the boy stared in awe for a minute ''....they're really pretty'' she said softly and his response was ''yeah...but I think you're more pretty'' she giggled and kissed his cheek....but then the happy scene died out and was replaced by another....
The same boy was sat on the same cobblestone path, with havoc and wreckage surrounding him as he held the same girl in his a
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 590 121
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 12
''Do you think that they'll get rid of that titan?''
''I hope so, we don't want that monster to carry on staying at the base now, do we?''
You couldn't help it, as soon as these two humans started talking about you, your instincts and curiosity took over and you ended up eavesdropping on them.
''I don't see the point of it even being here, it's not very useful and all it does it pick flowers everyday'' the other laughed and said in a mocking tone ''Oooh look at me! I'm an ugly little titan that likes picking daises!''
That last comment made you inwardly flinch and frown. You had done no wrong to them, so why were they being so mean?. 
''What are you two brats bickering about? if you have the time to waste on shitty chatter then you both can clean'' Levi walked up to them, interrupting their conversation and in response the two shut up and quickly shuffled back to the castle. Levi 'tched' and looked directly at you, even though you were well hidden.
''I can see you, brat'' he said
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 526 287
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 11
A few weeks had passed, which then developed into a month. The humans had made their home in the castle and often went out beyond the walls to gain information on the titans, sometimes coming back with less soldiers than there was before they set off.  
It didn't take long to develop your friendship with Armin and now he would always sleep with you, snuggling into the crook of your neck. Jean also began to take a liking to you, asking questions that ended in one word answers, or making blunt comments about your hair as it was quite long. You guessed he liked girls with long hair.
Then there was this energetic human named 'Hanji' who had brought the supplies, that literally started screaming and running around in circles when she saw you, before flying towards where you were sat with a crazed expression on her face.
You were on the verge of getting up and running away as her behaviour was quite scary and quite frankly when she flew towards your face, you had thought
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 581 357
Levi X Titan!Reader Chapter 10
Birds were chirping as you woke from your slumber and the sun was shining down on your body, warming you up.  You could hear several of you bones creak and crack from being in-active and you yawned. Surprisingly you hadn't been woken by any of the humans, just how long were they going to take to get here? Maybe they were attacked by that vicious badger? either way you could wait a few hours, and if they didn't come you could walk back.
Staring  at the castle ruins you wondered what to do, you knew they probably were irritated with you as you literally sprinted off into the forest, so doing something helpful for them would possibly make up for it.
Then an idea popped in our head and you started ripping the moss and vines carefully from the castle in an attempt to make it look less like an abandoned ruin, and so far it was working.
It did not take long before most of the plant life was removed and placed on a neat pile and just as you pulled the last bit vine you heard the fami
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 454 122
Levi x Titan! Reader Chapter 9
''Right, listen hear you damn brat''
You looked down to the small human and pointed to yourself as if to say ''Me?'' and gave him your best glare as you were still annoyed that your attempt at sleeping was interrupted.  ''Yes you who the fuck did you think I was talking to?'' Levi stated, not fazed by your scary expression. You quietly growled at him, but he continued speaking. 
''There a city through that gate, and you best make sure you don't cause a panic, or I'll slice your ass, so I want you to be as quiet as you can damned be'' He finished, crossing his arms. You just nodded and mimicked him, crossing your arms as well.
''Carry on mocking me and you'll regret it'' 
Levi turned around, trotting back to his comrades and you stuck your tongue out at his back, which caused Armin to give you a shocked look, but you didn't care.
''Alright then are you ready?'' The blue eyed leader spoke, his commanding, yet calming tone reaching th
:iconprussiasawesomesis:PrussiasAwesomeSis 462 93
Levi x Titan! Reader Chapter 8
A few hours had passed since your grand introduction and you were sat just outside the humans camp. Some their reaction had made you laugh. One of the humans fainted right after you waved, dropping to the floor like a sack of flour, whilst the rest of them either looked at you in awe or confusion. Another with ash-brown hair and a long face attempted to run at you will drawn swords before being tackled by Armin, who quickly explained that you were on their side. However he still wasnt convinced as he said ''What if that thing tries to kill us whilst were sleeping''.
You were staring at the night sky, admiring the stars and the full moon. Even though this world was cruel and undoubtedly terrifying, there was little things such as this that made it beautiful. You let out a content puff of steam through your nose and laid back against the building behind you, arms crossed over the back of your head. Letting your legs stretch you could hear joints cracking as you did this, they were slight
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Hi~! (•w•)/

Anyways i like to draw and write stories! My inserts aren't the best though....=_=

.....AHHHHHHHH!!! I can't believe I'm a member on DeviantART!!
It's super fun!!!

I'm a Hetalia fangirl...if ya haven't noticed already! XD

hetalia ending stamp by Julesie Hetalia flags stamp by natersal Hetalia Nordics Stamp by AkiraNoru Stamp: SwedenxFinland by Janbearpig hetalia stamp by adventuregirl101

Gilbird's my mascot for this deviantART page!!! XD (he can fly so...yeah. It makes sense, right?! Oml I don't even....*shrug*

Stay fabulous, everybody❤


GROOVE LIKE A BOSS ~~( = ^ = )~~

Hahaaa~I'm weird ^^

¦With Love,
Believingtofly <3

Little Mix stamp by LoquePittoo Little Mix by MEGAB00ST :thumb458586956:

Stamp: Transformers Prime by Araktugage Faction logo-checker stamp by daughterofMyou robot crush by meimei-stamps TF Prime Autobots Stamp by Autopunk

OHSHC Stamp by caricaturesque OHSHC - Roses by dream0writer7

Lucky Star Dance Stamp... by Sheepio Lucky Star Stamp by RaeArtworks WTF? LS stamp by Dark-tamaki

Scouting Legion Stamp [Shingeki no Kyojin] by SuzukeAmaterasu Levi stamp by Superpluplush Attack On Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Jean Kirschtein Stamp by DuskyDeer

Banner (Neji Hyuga) by Pinky19295 Neji Stamp by SGStamps Naruto-- Neji Stamp by Golden-Flute Team Gai Chubbies: Stamp by Raphael4ever Neji x Tenten Stamp by 80avatarfan80

Shino stamp by Gezusfreek Laughing Shino stamp by Miyazaki-A2 Shino is love stamp by Osato-kun Shino icon by Iloveyoukisshu

JackSepticEye Gif by DarkRose-chan I Support Jacksepticeye Stamp by Oreleth Jacksepticeye: STICKY BOMB! by Oreleth :thumb440327576:

Love Stage Stamp by SenaIzumi Sena Izumi Stamp by SenaIzumi Love Stage Stamp by Rojithaaax Back Stage Stamp by SenaIzumi

Yumoto Hakone Stamp by MartinRedfield En yufuin Stamp 2 by MartinRedfield Atsushi Kinugawa Stamp by MartinRedfield Io Naruko Stamp by MartinRedfield Ryuu Zaou Stamp by MartinRedfield

Free! Stamp: Chibi Makoto by wow1076 Free! Stamp: Chibi Rei by wow1076 Free! Stamp: Chibi Nagisa by wow1076 Free! Stamp: Chibi Haruka by wow1076 Free! Stamp: Chibi Rin by wow1076

U. t a {P} r i V2 by Queen06Joker
Utapri Stamp - Starish VS AllStar Handsome Rivalry by TenshiNoFuu Uta no prince-sama Stamp by Luxuriah Utapri Stamp - Seniors, Ai Camus Ranmaru Reiji by TenshiNoFuu Utapri Stamp - Maji Love 1000% Concert by TenshiNoFuu
STARISH Stamp: Ittoki Otoya by Luxuriah Ichinose Tokiya Stamp by Luxuriah Stamp: Jinguuji Ren by Luxuriah Stamp: Hijirikawa Masato by Luxuriah
Stamp: Shinomiya Natsuki by Luxuriah Stamp: Syo Kurusu by Luxuriah Stamp: Cecil Aijima by Luxuriah
QUARTET NIGHT Reiji Stamp II by Kabehchet Ranmaru Stamp II by Kabehchet Ai Stamp by Kabehchet Camus Stamp by Kabehchet


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