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Rose Tutorial

I was looking at some tutorials for flowers (because why not) But I couldn't find any that fit my idea for a rose so I tried to make my own @ w @
The study was pretty fun to do though the shading for a rose is pretty difficult.
Hopefully this Study can help you guys too :)

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I'll try this drawing

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Oh my God THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm crap at drawing sometimes, and I'm so grateful that you made this!

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That looks awesome! Thank you so much for trying out my tutorial! ;;
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Thank you this is going to help me so much!

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No problem at all! ;D
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This is beautiful, thank you very much!
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Glad I could help! :)
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Thank you! It was very helpful for me!
...could you do a dewdrop tutorial too please?
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Thank you a lot!! :clap:
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This is helping me start my flower study. Thank you so much!
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Glad I could help! Goodluck with your study :)
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This is soo good and need!~
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this really helped thanks i couldn't help but make it edgy though X3

Black And Bright Blue Rose With Thorns

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I know this was a while ago but you did an amazing job, this is gorgeous.  
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thank you! i've improved a ton since, i'd love to re-draw it

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Can I not use this on a notebook? I want to use it on a sketchbook. Thanks for the tutorial though.

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Thanks for the tutorial!

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