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Lava Tutorial

Have this Lava tutorial I made! Its kind of a rock type of lava or just a piece out of some flowing lava, this is mostly practice for myself in ways of how its possible to draw lava! I think Im going to do an Ice and Wood tutorial next! :)

Hope you guys find it useful :D

Here are some of my other tutorials:
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I wanna step on it
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This is excellent!~
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haven't thought about how lava looks and this will really help with an idea i've had nice work
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amazing tutorial! it explains the technique good and well, to beginners like me ^^'
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oh. this is helpful. thank you.
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This is very helpful! Thank you.
ConspiracyOfRavenz's avatar
I found this tutorial helpful :D It also looks like a face haha.
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Looks good. I've certainly learned something, so thank you for your part in making me a better artist! :nod:
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Ragnaros: finally an update  'submerges himself into the molten rock' ahhh...
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Your guides are fantastic, I've learned so much from them. Thank you so much for sharing!
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Seems a bit hard but also really cool
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Yeah, its a kind of a chunk of cooling lava but I dont know a specific name for that ^^;

But thank you :)
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It looks like a blob of pahoehoe lava (a more runny type as opposed to a'a lava)
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looks great, thanks for the guide :D
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