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Ice Tutorial

Someone asked for an ice tutorial on one of my other tutorials. So, here it is! It was also good to practice this for myself x3
Hope it can be useful for you guys :)

Here are some of my other tutorials:
Lava Tutorial
Water Tutorial
Electricity Tutorial
Fire Tutorial
Wound Tutorial
Cloud Tutorial
Pixel Gif Tutorial
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its really good
MaysThings's avatar
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yes, i could definitly use this
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Okay, so, we draw some blue... then we toss the blue into Narnia... and then we get ice. Got it!
But this is genuinely high-key helpful as F  R I  CC
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Me, drawing: *step one* Finished!
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Thank you so much! I've already searched for a tutorial for ice colors.
Because i need it for my cover remake...
Even if i will only do it by aquarelle, and not digital. ;)

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Wow! Thank You!^^;D
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ooo.... woah, thanks!
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